#InequalityIs: Gowri Ishwaran on inequality and girls’ education

Mahatma Gandhi said that if you educate a man,
you educate a person. You educate a woman,
you educate a family. I’m a daughter and a woman
from India, and when it came to education my brother was
given opportunities which I wasn’t given and I came from an
educated family. Men and women in India
are treated differently. Very often we are treated as
second class citizens. Food is first served to
the brothers and then you are the leftover. The second inequality in India is when it’s caste based. People who are lower down
in the caste scale get much fewer chances. These kind of inequalities
will only go away with education and
with awareness. So if you want to have an
inclusive society, schools need to be inclusive. Because it all begins from when
they are small children, and they learn to grow up with
people of different castes, different social strata and accept them all as equals. And I hope that out of this
network of kids, we have some Gandhis
and Mandelas and Abraham Lincolns emerging. We need leaders like that. Inequality is something that
kills your soul. And it’s one of the biggest
challenges that the world faces if you don’t want to
disintegrate into conflicts.

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