Indonesia: food for the future – Founders Valley (6/10) | DW Documentary

Indonesia: food for the future – Founders Valley (6/10) | DW Documentary

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  1. What is the point of travel if westerns simply want the world to replicate all things western? Koreans now in an inordinate amount of beef and are enjoying diseases they didn't have before. Why?

    All because they are beginning to look down on their own food history and want to eat like Europeans and American (who are often not healthy due to excess meat, sugar and refined grain consumption). No wonder our health bills are as high as the Himalayas.

    I can't feel sorry, not even for myself, knowing how we embrace this destructive, greedy, ultimately immoral lifestyle. Thank you DW for bringing these humanitarian issues into the sun. Maybe the young will change before we have reached the point of no return.

  2. Watching the Indonesians smoke, wearing soiled western clothes, seeing images of dead cows, rotting, paints the image of the place being a cesspool. What we don't see are the forces behind this: the palm oil industry, rapid westernization and a morbid pursuit for instant wealth among their leaders and elite. In other words, they are just like westerners. The US of the 19th century. The world is living like this. Too sad.

  3. Beautiful film, thank you DW

  4. it's awesome video, thanks DW

  5. Do people really prefer to eat beatles rather than going vegan? .-.
    And they say vegans are weird…

  6. Great Documentary.

  7. indeed more like these, apartment, remote areas, pretty much everywhere and good bye child hunger

  8. This is because the government is the one taking care of producing food for the people alone. If we start inforcing the community service program, that would make every neighborhood is responsible of providing food for its people through elected management, their will be no major waste of food. Same thing can be applied for cloth production, schooling and other manufactering. The people of one neighborhood are ultimately responsible of their lifelyhood, each one of them would work in one secture to provide forthemselves and their comunity. Can you imagine how effective that can be during war or famine?

  9. Ten years ago DW predicted that it would rain condoms on over populated regions, it is now 2018 I demand compensation for miss leading the world!

  10. this guy looks like elon musk

  11. People doing good things in society.

  12. Americans throw 40% of their food away. Can you imagine why the Americans are fat. They got so much money and good lands.

  13. Hey, if Indonesia is actually the first country to run out of food, then there must be other countries who either allready mostly import their food, other than Brunei and Singapour, or allready dont have any food!

  14. Wow they are such a great inspirators. We do really need a lot of people like them.

  15. What a great project

  16. Milk products are essential in the diet.

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