India: the climate challenge – Founders Valley (10/10) | DW Documentary

India: the climate challenge – Founders Valley (10/10) | DW Documentary

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  1. T'langa government says many things, But nothing happening. It's also part of psyche of the farmers.

  2. Help those People ,This is not right when the crops fails He should not stand in Debt ..Whats the point then ..!

  3. Fake news… they use HARP and force them to use thier gmo seeds only they cannot use their own as well as enforce pesticide use. God says the earth will always be sufficient for his people. The earth will NOT fall at the wrong time. Repent and pray…yall can NOT still believe we went to the moon in 1969 LOOK it up it looks like a 5th grade tin foil project… man im unsubbing

  4. going to the moon >>>>>???? what..???? ….. EARTH IS FLAT ..!!!!

  5. till then modi exist climate change issue go on hell because they are (bjp) funding from corporate for his political pesuit

  6. Germans are good they are also come from arya ethnicity but as for indian political system which is on demon's hand leader stabbed constitution everyday it seems our constitution abducted by some politician we pray a third-Reich made soon

  7. How about India decreasing its population size by half. That will help the planet and the climate as well.

  8. I never seen this kind of documentary by an indian Channel…Kudos to German media..

  9. Climate Change affected me and I left the profession as a farmer because of every year a new problem, no good price of crops if the crop has a good harvest, I lost 40 acres corn due to a wind storm and flood so very difficult to leave this profession but I try and succeed.

  10. Sunita Narain crossed her arms when confronted with India's inability to address climate change. Body language suggesting that she is closed off to that idea that her country could be wrong and then blamed it on other countries. The population of India is 1.34 BILLION. If they don't believe in birth control, then at least abstain from sex or use another method to control the population.

  11. 11:30 Answer: Trump

  12. Convert private agricultural land into cooperative farm. The government can provide the resources and the land owners can work for farm estates. Part of the land can be converted into water storage and used during dry season. The farmers naturally turn into share holders.

  13. how they brought idea i wonder thanks for the documentry

  14. Should do more documentary on India๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  15. Good job man bhai tu sahi kaam kar raha he best of luck

  16. About this documentary:
    1) I think that is really stupid to spend billions on making space things when there is such a poverty around.
    2) The main reason of pollution and climate change is the production of animal products, but it's like nobody knows that (but I don't think so…)
    3) A lot of people is poor not because of some casualties, India has an enormous gap between rich and poor. The poor state is useful to maintain the privileged life of the rich part of the country and I think this is very disgusting.

    About the whole playlist of documentaries:
    Really nice job, even if I'm not on the same opinion about some topics, I learned a lot of things and saw a lot of realities out of my little world.
    Thanks for making this, you guided me trough a beautiful journey <3

  17. the lady at 12:05 is very intelligent. I saw her in the documentary "Before the flood" for the first time.

  18. To set the record straight, Western 1st world nations, also Japan, Singapore have been steadily reducing carbon emmission per unit of GDP for at least 20 years. This has been done in a thousand small ways. Electric motors are far more efficient than in the past, with efficiency still improving. Hot water heaters, previously a large tank of hot water kept hot 24hrs a day, are being phased out due to introduction to market of really good "on-demand" heaters. Autos, of course, getting much more efficient. Computers and monitors have reached amazing efficiency with some improvements still coming. Old fashioned lightbulbs are being replaced with led at fast rate. Manufacturing pushes ahead in efficiency every day, just to lower cost, increase profit and remain competitive. Sorting of recyclables at home and business makes it possible to recycle almost all plastics, glass and metals, reducing energy need to make new products. And so much more….

  19. Looking for another planet to Destroy. its better say so rather we need another earth to live on. we dont deserve this planet earth. All we do spread hate and hate .

  20. I hope humans go extinct before colonizing other planets. If we are incapable of taking care of our own home, we should not have the power to invade other homes.

  21. I wish the narration was there like usual from DW.

  22. This is enlightening along with warning

  23. Excellent documentary!
    Climate change is INEVITABLE. And being ACCELERATED by human intervention, the changing climate is challenging us with DIRE CONSEQUENCES. The only way to RESPOND to the climate challenge is to work towards mitigating the impact and prepare for the INESCAPABLE CLIMATE CRISIS. Scientists across the world believe that extreme weather events are going to be 'THE NEW NORMAL'. No part of the world will remain untouched by the climate crisis. And WE NEED TO BE PREPARED. Being AWARE is the first step for getting prepared. There are widespread myths being propagated regarding climate change by the 'climate change deniers'. And this has made climate change and global warming 'politically controversial'. PUBLIC AWARENESS and OPINIONS on CLIMATE CHANGE matter because a well-informed public can influence POLICY MAKERS for a BETTER STRATEGY to cope with the climate challenge.

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  31. We are just destroying the HUMUS built over thousands of years…..plzz make a documentary on it…visit isha foundation. They are doing a great job restoring it. Rally for rivers!

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  33. Global warming cannot be denied without first denying the fact that carbon dioxide has a blanketing effect on infrared radiation. Even if someone states that they believe in the greenhouse effect, but that they donโ€™t believe that the trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could possibly have a significant effect upon the atmospheric temperature, one can only chuckle โ€” because, it was the even smaller past amounts of atmospheric CO2 that has kept the planet from being perpetually frozen over.

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