India: drowning in plastic – Founders Valley (9/10) | DW Documentary

India: drowning in plastic – Founders Valley (9/10) | DW Documentary

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  1. Relax forget about it and have a K Cup of Keurig.

  2. Excellent documentary. Plastic is becoming more of a problem these days. Biodegrabable plastic from organic mass maybe the solution. There is a Canadian public company called Bioamber that produces it. It is listed in Canada and NYSE as BIOA.

  3. sad to see plastic dumped at places along the karnataka coastal marshlands like mulki

  4. And they want to be on the Security Council😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Why are the cows so revered. Freggin eat them.

  6. While we all have a big problem going on, India is the big wasteland. I believe we never overcome our environmental, social, and political crisis until WW3 actually happens for the world clearly is on the road to apocalypse. There just isn't any saving it despite all the efforts, great ideas, and most knowing what we need to do to improve and make it right for the kids. Humanity needs a hard lesson of a most severe learning curve on money, greed, environment, politics, and the meaning of life on Earth that only WW3 can teach.

  7. People are idiots! In a country with a billion people no one has enough sense to clean? You have people searching for enlightenment in that filth, no wonder that country is inhuman!

    I appreciate the information, but that doesn’t make sense!

  8. I am moving to India to live in the rat temple.

  9. The main problem India has is of overpopulation. And there is no solution in sight. Overpopulation is the root cause of all problems, one of them is pollution. Amazing to see that no documentary has courage to even mention the root of the all problems that is overpopulation.

  10. He can speak English, why is he using German in this movie?

  11. Should do more documentary on India

  12. Those guys are doing a great job keep it up👍

  13. solution: ban plastics , eat beef and stop animal worship

  14. God I don't like my country but I'm glad that I wasn't born in India .

  15. It was probably cheaper to use the money to perform surgery to buy them food.

  16. Get off the "human caused glogal warming" lie and change the world for the better. Burn the trash (safely) for energy and enforce recycling of plastics, metals, and glass. Cows equal beef. Why so many starving in India?

  17. Year 2020, the Indian population will pass China and become the largest population country, then on track to double the population size @2065, Indian leaders are all hot air talkers, no actions, only talk, eventually, Indian population is going to drag the whole world down, like a heavy millstone…

  18. SAVE the future generation from THIS poison. s.o.s.

  19. This is called documentary – hope this channel grow more and more and insight other aspects of India

  20. the presenter comes of as smug in this episode. asks the manager what would the workers say if he asks them, well then go ahead and frigging do it. also the cinematographer neets to reduce the amount of shots with the presenter looking skeptical around, show us what he is looking at not the poser face he puts on while doing that!

  21. This blaming it all on the consumer needs to stop, consumers consume what is made available to them, nothing is going to change until our governments outlaw plastic and bring the huge multinational corporations creating all this plastic to account.

  22. It is sad humans are destroying nature and it is hard to stop.

  23. didn't they develop a plastic eating bacteria? so some day this could all be cleaned up 🙂 technology ftw

  24. Population and government main reason

  25. we are really in a state of denial.thank u for making this docu.

  26. Alas ! There is no solution in sight for this menace..Every person has to reduce its carbon footprint and live a simple life to preserve our earth from further damage

  27. why is there always something blurry in from of the shot?

  28. The only country where the cow is superior to human? cool!

  29. Really heart touching. i will share this documentary to all my friends and relatives but its really scary to think about our future world full of plastic.thanks for such an inspiring documentry🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. EnviGreen need to target the Indian market first. This will help hugely on the daily lives of the poor. Europe can handle itself.

  31. thanks for the documentary bap

  32. I like your documentaries. Very interesting. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏼🙌🏼

  33. Recycling should be the law in the USA! Americans have become the worst at wastefulness on the planet. I wouldn't be surprised if more than half the trash in the world is somehow connected to the USA's wasteful and unsustainable consumer practices.

  34. Poor cows. Sad, realy sad

  35. Thoughts are very strong and powerful. Thoughts create reality- manifestaion. When to many people think that the rubbish problem grows more and more it grows. When most people think that this problem won' t be there in 10 years, it would be better.
    thank you very much

  36. Sea and street plastic situation is so alarming, think ANIMALS AND CHILREN, around the world that no use to recycle it, cleaning becomes really slow. Top of layer is clean and easy ones , but sea plastic is so polluted dirty and wet that burning it is only way. Would be need to act immediately, not just wonder wander what has to be done. Unlike municipal waste from home is recyclable also from industry. When street ans beach is clean, new trash what comes is fast to pick up and recycle. Perhaps international, global, movement, plastic year when everybody work for this and clean it up. Whit Animals thing is really disturbing because acting against hunting, seems minor thing, drop in ocean, compared to killer plastic. And dont let cows to eat it and turn them awy from waste land, simplest thing to take plastic bag from it's mouth and say hush, go better please. Filming it doesent help cow at all … not that one not next or next to that, some cow at future ….Burning stations can be recycled when plastic ends and all plastic goes back factory.

  37. Hope the only who lives in cities in india and call india 4th richest economy watches these documentary . India as a country might be rich coz of sheer population, the gpd per capita is amongst the lowest. Worships rivers makes it the filthy , worships cows and feed them waste pastic.

  38. Great job dw, it will inspire to stop using plastic

  39. I'm 26 and some of that trash is older than me.

  40. Govt of india should take strict action to band plastic factory & fine to the people who is throwing plastic material on road or streets.

  41. Holy cow ,only in Idian

  42. I have recently wheat to India and was shocked to see how much plastic there was but this is not just India this is a global catastrophe

  43. Indian is to busy scamming other countries so they don’t have time to clean up I don’t get it the most populations county in the world 🌎 can’t clean up their own country.

  44. At least people like srikrishna balakrishnan gives me hope, about my country 🇮🇳

  45. What if you were to make it so if you use a special reusable bag you get 10% off on goods from the supermarket? People will change when money gets involved im sure of it

  46. For all those morons out there who believe that cows are mythical animals whose horns can absorb radioactive energy and that they can eat almost everything and anything.

  47. wow at 16:39 they were discussing plastic problem having two plastic water bottles in middle.

  48. India needs to get it's 3rd world behind into gear. This pollution is disgusting and unacceptable. More birth control and education would be a good start.

  49. We need to ban single-use plastic items.
    100% bio-degradable corn starch bags, and the paper cups do exist.
    We can ban single-use plastic without any loss of comfort.

  50. Amazing documentary…….

    Really plastic is a serious problem

  51. No triggered Indian? Surprised!!!
    Hope my countrymen coming out of deniel mode.

  52. When foreign media is covering the innovations of India…. and our media is fighting over mandir masjid….
    Shame…shame… shame…. shame…

  53. If humans just dissapeared….the Earth is going to be a better place to live.. WE ARE DESTROYING OUR HOME!

  54. they want to go to the moon and cant keep their country better

  55. YouTube comments logic : see a problem find a person to blame or criticise . I hope in real world people see a problem ant think solutions 😔

  56. India is going to be world's biggest problem.

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