In the Race for Life, Which Human Embryos Make It? | Deep Look

In the Race for Life, Which Human Embryos Make It? | Deep Look

What you’re seeing here is a human embryo,
about one day after fertilization. Every one of us started out this way, as a single cell
dividing into two cells, then three, four, and more.
But it takes nature a lot of trial and error to go from this… to this. Only a few embryos
– about one in three – have a genetic makeup that’s good enough to let them to
grow into a baby. Scientists don’t know why, but we humans are some of the least fertile
mammals around. Not long ago, when Stanford University scientists
made this time-lapse video of developing embryos, they noticed something no one had ever seen
before. Up til then, researchers thought that embryos
could grow at many different rates and still be healthy. But they discovered that viable
embryos actually follow a pattern, a precise embryonic clock.
This has huge implications for patients going through in vitro fertilization, for whom each
embryo, carefully cultivated in the lab before it’s transferred into a woman, is an embodiment
of hope. For patients like Laura and Alex Ibanez the
question is: Which of their embryos can become a baby? The stakes are high: transfer too many healthy embryos and you could end up with a risky
twin or triplet pregnancy. Transfer too few and patients might not have a baby at all. So what if embryologists could make more accurate predictions? A company in Menlo Park wants to make that possible. They film the embryos with a tiny camera inside the incubator. A computer algorithm automatically
tracks the development of each embryo. A new ring means the computer has picked up on a new cell division. Embryos that go from two to three cells in
9 to 11 hours, and then from three to four cells in under two hours, have the best chance
of making it to day five – a critical milestone. Because on Day 5, the embryo gets ready to
break out of its shell and attach to the uterus. This test was cleared by the FDA last year.
Today it’s in more than 30 clinics. You often hear life described as a miracle.
And it seems even more wondrous, now that we’ve coaxed nature into revealing some
of its secrets, to give us a glimpse into how it all begins.

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  1. What an awesome video. Whoever takes part in making this video is amazing!!

  2. Extra deep look for this cellular episode !
    Breathtaking channel, all of it !


  4. "Some of the least fertile…" Meh. There are now 7.4 billion of us and that number is expected to reach 9 billion by 2040. Although we don't really breed like rabbits, some couples are a close #2.

  5. This made me cry. So beautiful.

  6. Is it really 1.5x the width of a human hair? I assume they mean hair on your head, so it's visible to the naked eye???

  7. These videos are for general public and are excellent in content and delivery. However, I would like to suggest to maybe cite the scientific content for further reading 🙂

  8. People don't realize that they are killing other humans when the kill these embryos.

  9. These videos are so much fun to watch and give deeper insights on nature and and animals.

  10. 0:33 If I understood correctly, every egg fertilized by a sperm has a 66% of not becoming a baby. Is that correct?

  11. these videos are fantastic.

  12. oddly intriguing this is how we come about

  13. I want to make a 'guess life doesn't begin at conception' comment, but instead I'm gonna say wow. Just, wow. This is cool.

  14. ok let's clear all things up :

    First of all why does some people just straight up go to the comments and type about that "baby being experimented when it could had a better life" without even listening to the video?

    the "embryos failing thing" always happens on the uterus until it makes a perfect embryo….

    they're not experimenting on embryos they're simulating what happens in the uterus!
    if the embryo comes perfect they'll put it inside a woman's uterus so it comes out as a baby!
    for the creator of life's lovely sake!!

  15. Maybe we're the least fertile mammals because we're horrible mistakes of nature.

  16. how is voice formed?
    do we combine the voice of our parents?
    do we just copy the voice of one of our parents?
    do we just make a new voice out of nowere?

  17. Love the video as always! So well made! Such high quality! And super informative and we'll researched! So good!

    But now with more successful pregnancies we'll have more babies and more babies means more people to have more successful pregnancies and basically what I'm saying is shouldn't we find a way to stop overpopulation instead of assisting it?

  18. The baby suck toes CUTE

  19. That seems like such an amazing job, I want to go into the scientific field but I can't decide on a subject yet. Its all too interesting!

  20. what an awesome video! goosebumps!! puts the life into perspective. Every thing on our body follow the rules of nature and there is nothing mystical in this.

  21. that's how it all begins? wow… what a bewildering view.

  22. if there are many embryos that made it to a right stage when it can be transfered to a woman, what happens to the other embryos when, for example, a couple decides they only want 1 baby?

  23. OMG jane doe from roblox!! 2:04

  24. Maybe we have a low fertility rate because we're hybrids?

  25. I love all your videos! It's concise yet very informative and aesthetically put together. And the voiceover is very pleasing to the ears… 🙂

  26. Remember, life is a race, if you don't run fast, you'll get trampled

  27. "Science is a religion"

    -Flat earthers

  28. I love the fact that i was the fastest sperm

  29. The last secret is: Its albout the right timing 🙂

  30. What's the regime before?

  31. At 2:24, majority has 4 cells. I can't tell the difference as in why some are high and some are low. They look similar to me. Anybody can help? Thank you.

  32. music was awesome

  33. We are the least fertile because even biology knows we need too die. Honestly im scured.

  34. I wish modern humans had never evolved. The Earth would be in a much better place had we stayed on the African Savannah.

  35. It would seem that my only great accomplishment was becoming an embryo…

  36. Very nice video !!

  37. 0:12 awe its so cute!!

  38. Ew a human baby

  39. All life is a miracle. It can only exist thru reproduction of existing life. Life is supernatural because it cannot be created by any natural method known from non living materials.

  40. Looks at first name and last name >.> Jane doe………

  41. I can't even remember that far back. Great video guys.

  42. Maybe we are less fertile because we stay with our parents for a very long time.
    And having only spend time on 1-3 babies the babies are more likely to get strong and enough care and attention.

  43. wait… so there are embryos that don't make it and just… die!? I never knew that!

  44. Y have in vitro if u can adopt.

  45. what a magnificent !

  46. I'm so happy to be alive now omg

  47. I…feel really special now and I always knew I was awesome lol 😂

  48. Very fascinating topic but the advertisement of the IVF procedure without any mention (that i could see) of its immorality ruined it for me.

  49. Under natural conditions, as many as 75% of all pregnancies end with the death of the blastocyst, embryo, or fetus. Proof like no other that God is definitely not Pro-Life.

  50. One of the most infertile and yet overpopulation occurs

  51. what I learned…
    babys can put their feet in their mouth

  52. Calling life a "miracle" does a disservice to the millions of chemical and biological processes that contribute to the creation of a new life form, and it's developement. It'd be like me saying, "It's a miracle that you got that new job!". No, it isn't a miracle. It's a result of the hard work and effort you put in. The fact that life continues to exist is no miracle. Life is a product of every individual's struggle to sustain itself, and reproduce. All we needed was a little help from abiogenesis, and the struggle to survive did the rest. We did the rest.

  53. But what happens to the low chance embryos do they die of or just simple arent given a chance? What if they did make it but were never 'inserted'; is it preventing what could've been? Just questions i have i dont want a debate just an answer

  54. These videos have so much quality in them. Thanks deep look

  55. And this society is killing this miracle

  56. humans are the least fertile because of modern medicine. thanks to it not just the fittest survive and get to reproduce.

  57. 🙁 why do babies make me sad

  58. It’s always menlo

  59. For those of us who have been trying to conceive for a long time (10 years in my case), this research gives us more hope. IVF is in no way a sure thing so anything which helps improve our chances, even just a little gets a massive HURRAH from me!

  60. Talk about hox gene.

  61. Maybe this is how Barry Allen became the flash. He raced to get a life…

  62. those are people!!!!
    and they are experimenting on it!!

  63. 0:39 umm my foot tasty I wonder what it tastes like with some salt

  64. weird.. i dont remember doing any of these things when I was a embryo

  65. So that was me?

  66. I feel like doing tests on unborn babies is wrong because then they will never get to live a life as a person

  67. If you believe in god and Jesus and a miracle then like this comment.

  68. It makes me incredibly upset that there are people who think that this groundbreaking technology that has the potential to change so many lives is unethical because of a couple of embryos.

  69. Lol, are these babies end up being alive being in this experiment? (Pardon my English 😅

  70. Dividing into two cells then three four… wait what?!😁

  71. Wow. Absolutely amazing! My sister and I were the last two eggs in our mother, and we both made it through this stage… Makes me appreciate my life even more considering how easily we could have been non-viable embryos.

  72. 2:16 Olympics logo. Haha

  73. keep it up……awesome…..

  74. The only race I'll ever win

  75. Do science makes us weird think which is not natural !

  76. Considering all of these low odds…

    That's definitely rarer than an Eliminate battlestone. Maybe two or three.

  77. Every human born from their parent, except adam and eve.

  78. Last name: doe
    first name: jane

  79. The fact that I was once a pulsing mass of cells, sorta freaks me out.

  80. How far human have fallen to believe it's nature's work…..can't u see there must be a designer an intelligent being making all this happen??????????? It's not nature…it's God handiworks…..all this should help a clear headed human being to marvel at works of God and ask….. why are we here??were we created to live on earth eat drink beat this one kill that one and die and it's over????? There is a purpose…a higher purpose…we sure are headed somewhere.we r from a super creator and he will ask us on the favors he gave us….can't we see that he subjected everything to create a good environment for man to live in? Blessed is he in whose hands is the Dominion and he is able to do all things.God is great

  81. "least fertile mammal around"
    Wow that would mean small population..
    Hmm.. 8.5billion
    Really smmmmaaaaall

  82. The only time I ever won in something. Being born.

  83. Baby cats, baby dogs, baby chickens

    Me: Aww

    Baby human

    Me: Ewww

  84. the only race i won was this and i regret it

  85. Ayyy i live in menlo park!!

  86. I'm sorry if I'm late but I'd love to see a video on the effects of a miscarriage for a woman

  87. No wonder we are smart but there will be a time when we are close enough to see nature secrets,then boom a mass Destruction will take place , just a prediction…

  88. Sorry, but it's not 1, 2, 3,4 … it is 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on


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