I’m The One | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

I’m The One | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Holly and I wanted to say a special
hello to our EFAM our extended family around the world hey before we get into
the message let me tell you about available this is a special season for
our church it’s a tradition for the people of elevation every year we gather
we appreciate and anticipate and we also give this is our yearly time for
everybody who receives from this ministry to give so that the ministry
can go forth and this year we’ve themed it around the word available available
that’s all God has ever wanted is for us to say here I am send me use me and you
have the opportunity to do that so if you’ve been blessed through the ministry
it’s good to receive it’s even better to give if you want to make a donation a
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without you thank you for being a part of our family
thank you for being a part of this move of God go to Elevation Church org com
you’re not already there and be a part this is gonna be an amazing amazing
season and Holly and I are believing that your best is ahead we bring you
greetings from the greater Charlotte area where we broadcast this message
welcome to this very special weekend worship experience at elevation Church where today thousands of us will not
only give God our worship with our mouths and with the breath that he put
in our lungs but there are many of us who came today to give God and offering
from what he has blessed us with and excuse us but we’re excited about it I
know it feels funny but we are excited to give back to God because of all that
he’s done for us and just look at the person next to you and tell him I know
I’m good-looking but that’s not why I’m so blessed it’s because of God’s grace
and mercy and that’s the only way I made it through the year that’s the only way
I’ve made it through the day that’s the only way I got up out of the bed come on
let everything that has breath praise the Lord
welcome Columbia Melbourne Florida uptown Greensboro Concord UC Greenville
South Carolina our EFAM around the world go ahead
right now if you’re watching on facebook live or youtube live or the elevation
app or elevation in church org or church sermons com
however you found this just stumbling around looking for something on eBay in
here we are by accident go ahead and put where you’re watching from and what
you’re believing God for today because this is a series called available and
this is the last week and God has made his grace his love his mercy his peace
his joy available to each and every one of us and as we make more of ourselves
available to him we receive all that he is and we’re so excited we’re so excited
here’s what we’re gonna do remain standing for one moment I’m gonna read
you a scripture I’ll tell you why I’m reading this scripture at the end of
this shorter message will worship a little more it’ll be really beautiful nobody’s
leaving until the end many people are here today who flew in just to bring
their offering because they connect with this ministry all around the world
and you don’t even have to be in the building there’s no distance when it
comes to worship connection prayer community thank God for that so wherever
you’re watching in Minnesota I just make up places randomly but somebody’s
watching from Minnesota it’s the law of averages I promise you I don’t want to
be in Minnesota this December how many just thank God if you don’t think of
anything else that you’re not in Minnesota this December some of y’all
are sitting there you didn’t clap the whole time till just now well I’ll
praise him for that that is praise worthy brother Steve and
when we say that people are online all around the world you will participate as
well this will be the weekend that many will go from consumer to contributor
where it’s like oh man I just watch this sermons I love the worship it’s like
then you then you give God worship and it makes all of the goodness of the
gospel of Jesus Christ become flesh in your life and we’ll have time to do that
everybody who prepared an offering as well as even those who aren’t giving if
you never give you’re welcome here I’ve never heard a country-club say that I’ve
never heard a restaurant say that Starbucks will kick you out in 30
minutes just for the Wi-Fi but this will always be a place you could come but
thousands of people we love it we love it we love what God is doing this is a
move of God it’s a miracle and we want to get involved so I know many of you
have have your offering prepared many of you will prepare it you’ll give it
online we’ll explain all of that also we’re gonna give everybody the
opportunity to choose a word that represents what you are believing God
for in the coming year and this is a little unique because we’re setting off
a new decade we’re setting off a new decade and we’ll have our our Christmas
message next weekend and then a Christmas program the following weekend
and then our New Year’s praise party and I’ve already heard from God concerning
the series that I’m gonna be teaching I came in and told Davide and I don’t know
who else was in there Tim Sommers I think was in there I told
him this is what God has given me and I’ll be sharing that with you next weekend what I’m gonna be preaching the new year and I’m excited
about it but today I was selecting God what if there was one thing to say we’ve
talked about saying yes to God we’ve talked about how I’m trying to remember
all of them now Oh last time I was up here I talked about having the right why
and I shared with you how I look at a picture of my kids when I think about
the church that I want them to grow up in and the God that I want them to know
and that helps me as I’m giving like well I invest in them playing
baseball none of them are going pro I just figured that out early but if I can
get them ready to live this life with the assurance of Jesus Christ and know
their identity in him that’s something and so we talked about that I have a
hard time often choosing between different messages I’ll usually prepare
three and then pick one on Saturday that’s how I do it it’s probably the
dumbest way in the world to do it but that’s what I do I had one on Mary
because I thought well she made herself available and God didn’t even ask her
permission just showed up like you’re pregnant congratulations and how she
said how how will this be since I’m a virgin and we often get stuck on how but
God didn’t tell her how he said who the Holy Spirit will overpower you and I
thought we could talk about the who which is awesome and I’ll preach it one
day but then I moved on I was flipping through I’m feeling that one and I said
all right well how about this one with the woman that had the jars and she
needed God to provide for her and she kept saying next vessel next vessel
you know we’re vessels of the Holy Spirit and she kept saying next vessel
next vessel and when there wasn’t another vessel the oil stopped flowing
more oil was available but the vessels ran out and I thought we could talk
about that are you the next vessel that God wants to fill then I had this one other message that
was just kind of I was thinking about it and never preached his passage before
and I was praying God I had three which one this has never happened before
sometimes you’ll hear someone say I was reading the Bible and the scripture just
jumped off the page at me that didn’t happen but something even crazier
happened this has never happened I’ve been preaching since I was 16 years old
instead of the scripture jumping off the page the page came out of the Bible this
Bible has been put to good use and and this is the first page that ever fell
out and look what the scripture was Acts 10 because I’m praying which one which
one look at acts 10:21 it said I’m the one you’re looking for I was like okay
so this is what we’re gonna talk about look at somebody and say I’m the one I’m
the one I’m the one you may be seated God bless you I’m the one more
specifically verse 21 Peter went to them and said to the men I’m the one you’re
looking for why have you come Peter went down and said to the men I’m the one
you’re looking for why have you come ain’t it funny how you
can have such confidence and uncertainty at the same time I’m the one you’re
looking for why have you come see the scripture has a lot to say about the
power of one I used to hear preachers say if we had this whole church and it
was just for one person to know Christ it would have been worth it and I do
believe that but we probably wouldn’t like build this big of a building if it
was just the one we could probably meet up somewhere a little bit more logically
suited to the one-on-one relationship this is a place where thousands get
touched but God is still about the one I can even tell us sometimes when I’m
preaching I can look around and go God probably gave you this part of the
message for them and it’s weird don’t be freaked out about it I promise you I
don’t have some kind of spooky powers or anything you can just tell sometime
like that’s what they needed somebody say I’m the one I’m the one and Peter of
course Jesus had 12 disciples 11 after Judas was kind of moved on but
transitioned you know was transferred but Peter was that one there’s always
the one Peter was the one hey speak up you know he’d be like um you are the
Christ the Son of the Living God he was the one who made the first confession of
who Christ was he was the one he was also the one who just a few verses later
was telling Jesus you don’t need to go to the cross that’s bad for your clout
and then Jesus said get behind me Satan same one but depending on when you
caught him he was either wildly obstinate or obedient and we just
happened to catch him at a good time in Acts chapter 12 because he has learned
the value of obedience have you have you learned the value of doing what God says
even when you don’t fully understand it I think that’s really important as we
give today many of us are giving and you start doing the math and you’re like
well you know I could buy this or I could buy that or and that’s probably
not God telling you not to give to help people but it’s weird because you have
to you have to learn how to discern now now in this particular passage I’m gonna
tell you little bit about it Peter went down and said to the men I’m the one
you’re looking for why have you come I’m the one why have you come who are the
men and why have they come which takes us back to what pastor Levi Lusko was
sharing last weekend he talked about Dorcas that baby name is available and when he was preaching on Dorcas and
he left us in Acts chapter 10 I realized this is the one this is what I need to
preach about when we bring our offerings in just just a few moments because the
scripture says in Acts chapter 10 verse 1 at Caesarea now that’s not where Peter
is Peter is in Joppa because he just raised somebody from the dead you
thought you had a good week and Peter had been praying but so had somebody
else and see what God is always doing he’s trying to align opportunity with
obedience and there are opportunities that God will give to someone who has
learned to be obedient now peter has learned obedience the hard way but he’s
come to the point where he says I’m the one now what are we doing
God you fill in the blank I’m the one where we going because he knew this was
God but he didn’t know the details I need you to write this down obedience is
letting God set the direction even if he doesn’t give you the details can I
preach like I’m from Moncks Corner South Carolina Moncks corner has like four
stoplights when I came to Charlotte I was lost all the time
I got a TomTom GPS for my dash you don’t know about the TomTom this was a
prehistoric device but now they have Google Maps and maps and Waze but it
always tells me turn-by-turn and then it says beneath that details if you want to
see all of the turns well I never click on the details cause I can’t handle the
details look at somebody and say you can’t handle the details I promise you
can’t so walking with God and listening to the Holy Spirit
I’ve just had to learn to let him take me turn-by-turn and some of us will put
a location in our GPS and trust it on our dash more than we will trust our Father
in heaven come on y’all shot me down before we
give in a minute it’s so important that we learn that obedience is walking in a
direction that God has called you to walk even when you don’t understand the
details so there’s this man right what had happened was while Peter was praying
in Joppa there was this other man who was not a Jew he was not a Christian he
was what is known as a God fearer and he was also a commander of a hundred
soldiers that’s called a Centurion he was posted in Caesarea which is a place
that the Jews hated oh they hated Caesarea it represented Roman oppression
to them and there was a lot of racism back then
and what God is doing in Acts chapter 10 and I believe what God is doing in this
day is breaking barriers breaking barriers God if you need a church to
stand up and show the world what it looks like when we come together from
different backgrounds different battles look up and down your row I promise you
you will see somebody that does not look like you and I’m glad about that
because what God is doing in this day is killing our categories so we can’t be a
black church or a white church or a hispanic church or a latino Church is it
Baptists is it Methodist is a Pentecostal is it nondenominational yes
to all we are the one we are the church we are the living expression of the body of
Christ we are the hope we are the light we are the salt we are the preservative so at Caesarea there was a man named
Cornelius a Centurion in what was known as the Italian regiment he and his
family were devout and god-fearing it means that they they were attracted to
the Jewish ethic and even embraced some of the practices like giving alms and
praying it and 9:00 a.m. or actually at sunrise and then at 3:00 p.m. and
then at sunset but they weren’t Jews genetically and so it gives us that
background to let us know that they were devout god-fearing he gave generously to
those in need and prayed to God occasionally he showed up for Ekidz
every week and the color of the Ekidz shirt didn’t even look good with his
skin complexion he showed up to serve every week even when the temperature hit
under 45 he showed up and served every week in a chat room online had to wake
up in a different time zone he was devout and he was regular and he was
routine you could say he was like the tithers who give at this church who just
do it now one day yeah he was a regular good good good
who said that he was a regular touched somebody say I’m a regular I come to
church on the good weeks and the bad weeks I bless him when I when I forgot
the joy and I bless them when I need some more I’m a regular ask somebody are
you a regular so when you show up regularly like that
one day and you never know when this is gonna be Skinner one day at about 3:00
in the afternoon he had a vision he distinctly saw an angel of God who came
to him and said Cornelius and Cornelius stared at him in fear and so would you when God speaks usually your first
response is going to be fear not me I walk by faith perfect love casts out
fear well you never really heard God tell you to do anything when he shows
you something to do and it’s really him it’ll be so big you will be praying a
prayer of acid reflux and indigestion I always say that I love this giving
series and I do when it’s over but when I’m doing it I’m sitting down and I’m
going alright God what should we give now Elijah we’ve been given in this
offering since you were a baby and then some years God has really stretched us
to give in in ways that were were sacrificial and then you come to another
year and you’re like oh I did that already it’s time for somebody else to
do it you’re the one this time I was the one back in 2011 but then you
keep on wanting to say okay god I’m I’m available you can use me you can use me
and you come to this point and you feel fear but the angel answered your prayers
and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God this is
sacrificial terminology like the Jewish cult system would have had it rises
before the Lord and the angel answered your prayers and gets to the poor has
come up as a memorial offering before God all right now you know how I said
God doesn’t give the details he just sets the direction listen how little
Cornelius knew and this will make you feel good if you don’t know how to raise
your kids you don’t know how to be a good husband you know what you’re gonna
do next in your business your career your life your college anything like
that all they said was this now send men to
to bring back a man named Simon who is called Peter he is staying with Simon
the Tanner whose house is by the sea this is so confusing don’t even get me
started it’s a man called imagine this
conversation go get a man named Simon but they call him Peter he’s staying
with Simon Simon’s a Tanner I know that Jews normally don’t stay with Tanners
because they touch dead things and it’s considered ceremonially unclean and
Tanners are kept on the outskirts of town so he’s gonna be out of the way so we
get him in an out-of-the-way place because he’s staying at a house of Simon
the Tanner okay so you want me to go get Simon the Tanner no I want you to go get
Simon Peter you’re gonna get Simon Peter the same guy but he
had this thing where Jesus told him you are Simon but I call you Peter because
you’re the rock I’m a build my church on you’re gonna be the one I’m gonna use
you even though you’ve had some shakiness I’m gonna use you even though
you’ve had some trouble I’m gonna use you even though you got it wrong
sometimes somebody shout I’m the one I’m the one
so he tells them who to go get but he doesn’t tell them why the only way you
find out why is to respond God doesn’t show you the reason until
you respond and then you understand in reverse why God did what he did and then
you get to help somebody out of your own pain and you realize maybe that was why
or you’re stronger and you find out that you have character you didn’t even know
until the storm shook away all that shaky stuff and now you know why I had
to go through it so I could see that my foundation was on the rock but you do
not know why God does not give reasons to people who do not respond so when the
angel who had spoke to him had gone verse 7 notice it is not what God says
to you that sets the direction for your life it is what you do with what God
says to you after the angel who spoke to him had gone Cornelius called two of his
servants and a devout soldier who was one of his attendants and he told them
everything that had happened I saw an angel I promise y’all I’ve no I didn’t
smoke nothing I saw an angel I’m a good God fearer and I saw an angel and he said
to go to Joppa now at the but at the time that the men got there
to Joppa Peter was praying when opportunity meets obedience remember up
until this point the gospel has only been for the people who are within the
Jewish community but that was never God’s full intention when God called
Abraham he said go to the land I will show you I’m a give you the
direction not the details and I’m gonna bless you
but the reason I’m gonna bless you is so you can be a blessing that’s why God
gave you your gifts your intellect your capacity so you could be a blessing
that’s the real reason that’s the why but it takes time to realize why at
first you think it’s for you and then you realize that God really just made
you a vessel for what he wants to bring into the world but Peter look at this how
God aligns things as the men are coming to Joppa verse 9 about noon the
following day that’s not even a scheduled time of prayer his sunrise
3:00 p.m. and then sunset Peters getting in a little extra prayer he wants to get
in a little extra prayer and he’s praying on the roof so he can catch the
breeze it’s a good place to pray so he can get out altitude he goes up to Simon
the Tanners roof in Joppa and they were on their journey and he went up on the
roof to pray and he became hungry and wanted something to eat
and while the meal was being prepared he fell into a trance and he saw heaven
open and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four
corners it contained all kinds of four-footed animals as well as reptiles
of the earth and birds of the air then a voice told him when he was in the
position to pray when he was when he was set apart when he when he was above just
you know the everyday affairs of life and just seeking God like like we came
to see God today and he was up there and he saw something and it looked crazy to
him didn’t make sense to him because it had reptiles birds pigs
Peter’s a good Jew and he’s not he’s not eating pork chops for lunch because he’s
not supposed to but he hears the voice from heaven say something in verse 13
get up Peter kill and eat and then Peter still kind of stubborn you know surely
not Lord Peter replied how are you gonna tell him no and call him Lord come on no
Lord no to your will into your ways that’s the remix that’s the Peter remix
no Lord I know better well I’m supposed to do than you do I have never eaten
anything impure or unclean the voice spoke to him a second time how many are
grateful God will give you a second chance
yeah third chance any fourth chance people fifth chance six chance do I have
a seventh chance go ahead and praise him if he gave you an everlasting chance and
every time you need him he speaks and every time you need him he comes he
said do not call anything impure that God has made clean stop thinking you
know better than God stop trying to live your life by reason and receive the
revelation because God’s trying to show him I’m a barrier breaker I want to
break the barriers of what you thought was possible this is a barrier breaking
weekend so that everything that God is can get into your house in your life and
our community the literal translation here is stop considering it common Peter
thought certain animals were clean certain were unclean certain people were
common the Jewish people were uncommon God said I want to bless the whole earth
through you I want to do something bigger then your little mind can comprehend this
happened three times verse 16 and immediately the sheep was taken back to
heaven while Peter was wondering about the meaning of the vision the men sent
by Cornelius found out where Simon’s house was
and stopped at the gate they called out asking if Simon who was known as Peter
was staying there Simon there yeah this is his house no not that one the one
they call Peter oh yeah he’s on the roof they don’t know
he’s on the verge of hallucination he is somewhere between losing his mind and
hearing from God and he doesn’t know which one yet
while Peter verse 19 was still thinking about the vision the spirit said to him
Simon three men are looking for you so get up
go downstairs do not hesitate to go with them for I have sent them verse 21 this
the one that came out my Bible so I could preach it to you Peter went down
and said to the man I’m the one you’re looking for why have you come well he’s
about to find out why because he’s gonna go back with these men to Cornelius’s
house cornelius has an EFAM house for watch party gathered in Caesarea and
when Peter gets there Cornelius has enough faith to be like say whatever you
want Peter did not know that until he went and here’s what I want you to know
the gospel went to the Gentiles how many Gentiles we got in the house the gospel
came to you because Peter obeyed the voice from God but you don’t know why until you respond
you don’t know why and knowing that God has chosen you is difficult because you
have to know that you’re chosen even when you’re uncertain you have to know
that you’re chosen even when you feel incompetent you got to know that you’re
chosen even when you don’t like how God is using you never Lord I will never
eat unclean animals it’s not about the animals dummy it’s about the gospel it’s
not about the bacon it’s about the barriers that God wants to break can I
tell you something about the offering it’s not about the money
it’s about your heart it’s about what God wants to do through you that’s why y’all come on up here we got to do this
quick but clap your hands these are these are five there’s five I think I
like how much I’ll trust me y’all just clap for people before you even know
they are theirs there’s five I set this up earlier this week I said I want
before we give our offering I want five why’s five people or families to say
here’s my why when you find the why the what isn’t a problem when you find the why
you can trust God with the how and the where and the when when you find the why
and I held up that little picture frame a couple weeks ago and I shared with you
a little bit about my why but there are thousands of people including these
behind me that represents so many of you in the room who give like this regularly
weekly monthly yearly in this offering and I just want them to take a moment
and share one minute each it’s gonna be a Showtime at the Apollo hook bring you
off the stage if you go over a minute Hector
but this is this is just in one minute why I give and I think your faith will
be built as you find your why and think about your act of worship today but give
I know you can’t tell all of it but just give one minute of your why in 2013 we
were living in California and came across elevation online and we were
instantly drawn to the ministry and the impact it was having on people all over
a couple years later we came to a crossroads in our marriage and we were
both sure our marriage was over we but we both agreed if our marriage had a
chance to survive we knew we needed to get to Charlotte we both grew up as PK’s
but that didn’t make us immune to the struggles we faced in our marriage once
we arrived in Charlotte with our four kids we immediately felt God prompting
us to not just tithe like we’ve done in the past but to give above and beyond to
God in this new season if we want it to experience something new in our lives
and in our marriage God stretched us financially and personally it wasn’t
easy there were times our finances were down
and we questioned if we would move past the difficult days but God challenged us
to keep the sacrifice high we learned that the more obedient we were the more
we saw God blessing us God has blessed my career finances but
above that we have seen God’s blessings by renewing our marriage seeing seeing our kids experience God in
the new and more personal way and watching lives transform right in front
of us every week this past April we celebrated 20 years of marriage oh you’re done I wanted you to keep going he said we moved to Charlotte to be a
part you know that’s just amazing people will move to a city for a job move to a
city for a climate but to really prioritize God in that way and and now
not just people moving anyway I gotta shut up
all right let’s move on to to Jason and Susan elevation church felt so big back
in 2008 when we visited Providence for the first time but we loved it we soon
found ourselves there every weekend initially thought it was was so big that
surely our little contributions wouldn’t make a difference then when Sunday and
December a group of people came out on stage holding cards one side had a word
representing a struggle or pain they had gone through the other word representing
how God had overcome that battle when I remember in particular is a woman that
had written infertility and then the name of her child that one moment
impacted me so much because I miscarried the previous December and was struggling
with infertility that year as a result of that moment we then realized how God
is changing people’s lives at our church and we wanted to give we believe God was
just getting started and have been tithing ever since however at the same time
we still had a private pain of infertility after our miscarriage and
many failed infertility treatments we still had faith in God but when I turned
43 we then started to lose hope after trying for six years we have finally
stopped believing we’d ever have a child of our own and had started trying to
accept this it was then at reflect that same year in 2018 that God broke me down
to start believing for our family again then in December at game changer we both
felt we should write the word miracle on January 1st for no real reason I took a
pregnancy test I was shocked it was positive Savannah’s Faith was born September 4th
2019 we are forever grateful to God for our game-changer miracle which we call
her game-changer miracle we give to God at elevation because we know God is
changing lives at our church and does preform miracles unbelievable you got to
give Flo the mic now y’all know Flo I give because two years ago I lost
my husband due to a heart attack and my church was there for me the news that my
husband was gone was paralyzing and all I could remember is just sitting in the
hospital parking lot and I didn’t know how to drive back home to a place where
I would never see him again it was in that moment that God used our very own
pastor Stephen his sermon about GPS to give me enough strength to put the car
in drive he said wherever you go God has gone before you and every day since I’ve
experienced that truth and he has done so much of it through my UC family
UC the support I received was overwhelming they not only showed up
emotionally and spiritually but financially as well probably the area
where God has shown up the most has been in my son little Omar the summer after
my husband’s passing I sent little O to YTHX thinking
that being with his friends would help him to process the loss of his father
but God did so much more than that because he came home with an orange
Bible after giving his life to Christ and even more than that he made a
decision to get baptized in September so I give to my church so that we can
continue to give hopes to families who are going through the same unbearable
pain she said the orange Bible I don’t know if you know this we just crossed
over for people who have raised their hands to give their life to Christ just
in our physical locations over 100,000 of those Bibles that we’ve given out in
the lifetime of the ministry amazing you better keep living for Jesus
Omar I’ma come chop you down you’re taller than me but I can
benchpress you man of God they got one person on skype from the
United Kingdom I have no idea how to pronounce her name I’m gonna let her do
that but thought you needed to see us just beyond the walls of of what God is
doing but go ahead and introduce yourself and share and share why no not
the United Kingdom my name is Nubuke United Kingdom but from Ghana oh
that’s so confusing I must tell you just stretch your hand toward the sky I think I’m on now you’re on okay my
name is Nubuke I struggled in my life to feel like I had a real connection to
God it was a constant searching for someone who in theory I knew was real
but couldn’t feel in the lots of the spaces I was in more so I long for a
community to share it with so when her friends shared a sermon link with me in
college I didn’t know it would be one of the most important clicks of my life the
sermons were amazing and the worship had me in tears but it was the online
community that kept me coming back each week to think I could be a possible
elevation from the UK was crazy but it was actually happening
I started tithing and decided to lead an a group and that’s when it really flipped
God showed me that the thing I longed for community and actually create for myself
by being that for someone else I give because this is my family and I want
people around the world to find their home just like I did Nubuke Nubuke yeah
did I Nubuke scale from one to ten how’d I do a terrible one let’s get it right no Nubuke Nubuke okay Nubuke Nubuke Nubuke
come on let’s give it up for our EFAM we love you I’ll see you in a couple hours when
we do this again all right Jim and Libby have been with me forever why do you
give having moved over 20 times with Jim’s career since being married we knew
all along it was God’s hand guiding our steps in each place he led us we placed
ourselves in the local church where we could be fed and also serve although I
always felt inclined in my heart towards living generously I didn’t grow up with
a biblical understanding of the tithe but everything we have belongs to God
already and that we are called to give back to him through the church early on
in our marriage we made the decision that we would give in whatever way God
enabled us to the church that we were a part of we’ve been so blessed to be a
part of many churches around the world each of which God has used in our lives
when we retired and I like to say Jim says that words not in the Bible we
moved to Charlotte we had no idea that we would end up in a church like
elevation elevation though has been our church home since 2010 and it’s been a
privilege for us to continue to give towards the work that God is doing here
we never grow tired of seeing people fall in love with Jesus and being a part
of helping them grow in their faith so I don’t know if you remember telling
me this Libby one time she told me if you ever see me in my sermon in your
sermon and I look like I’m not paying attention I’m praying for you she said
sometimes I just pray for you do you remember telling me that and she is like
just just want to make sure you don’t think I’m bored sleeping I’m praying for
you that God would use you as a vessel and yet the crazy thing about it is it’s
not lectures or music that God uses to touch lives it is the faithfulness of
thousands of people who now believe that I’m the one I’m the one God if you want
to use me you can use me I’m the one and each of you shared beautifully why you
give from your perspective but I want to give you one more perspective real quick
of why you give something that you can’t fit in a picture frame if you either
came to faith in Christ through this ministry or reconnected your faith in
Christ through this ministry at every location I want you to stand for a
moment so I want you to see why you see that Omar
stay standing stay standing if somebody in your family
or somebody that you loved came to Christ or came back to Christ through
this ministry join them on your feet that’s why if you were ever going through a season
of depression that was dark in your life and God used the Ministry of this church
to get you through that season like oxygen for your soul stand up on your
feet and that’s why it’s not for some building we build buildings but that’s
why that’s why I think that’s everybody in the whole church standing but if if
you want to be the one that God is looking for somebody shout I’m the one
shout back at these people who gave to this ministry say I’m the one you were
giving for say I’m the one I’m the one and now in a beautiful turn of events
God allows you to be the one who gets to give to invest into his kingdom
I’m the one now as a church family we get to be a
part of what God is doing right here through our expansion offering the very
first thing we would love for you to do is share the word that God’s put on your
heart with us if you’d write it in the comments below we would love to be able
to come alongside you and pray and believe with you for what God’s laid on
your heart you can also head to my word elevation church org write your word on
that site there and download a background that you can put on your
phone or your computer to serve as a reminder to you to keep it in front of
you every single day what it is that you’re believing maybe personally for or
as a family for the next thing is is we would love for you to give and
participate in the offering itself and to Elevation Church org and then on
that page you can click give at the top of the page and find the options
available to be a part of this offering make sure you select your campus if you
do attend the physical location select that campus and for all of our EFAM our
extended family online select online as your campus you can write in the amount
that you’d like to give to participate in this year and offering and make sure
you designate available year-end expansion offering as the type of
offering whether you’re bringing our your very first time or you’re giving an
offering above and beyond we can’t wait to see what God does through you as we
join together with locations and family all around the world to continue pushing
forward the message of Jesus thank you for being a part of Elevation Church and
we believe the best is ahead

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