iAuditor | Level 10 Construction Customer Story

We’re working on a 54 story high-rise in
downtown San Francisco the most unique building in the city or in the nation
and we are yeah we’re building it This building is a true expression of
responding to a major global seismic tectonic event the building is designed
that in the event of a 500-year 8.0 earthquake that the building is reoccupy-able the next day A checklist is just it’s endless
everybody’s got a list everybody’s got a list you have to have everybody manning
their position that have to know the game plan and they have to execute it or
you just lose time or someone gets hurt by far the most effective checklist tool
is the app iAuditor not only for safety but we rolled it into using it for quality
control where our superintendents and foremans are able to track the
progress of the day just yesterday I had a PGE digging a gas line
I had steel flying up in the same location someone working a backhoe to
get some waterproofing done and a concrete pour all going on right there
they’ve got their iPad with them and they’re keeping us up to speed on
everything that’s going on in real-time in that building at different levels
because there’s so much going on if you don’t make lists your gonna fail so we got a 20 by 20 confined space we go through all the steps he’s gonna have
a respirator he’s gonna have a dust mask it all has it in here now we have
everything on iAuditor this helps our field crews our supervisors manage their
tasks more effectively iAuditor helps our guys stay in the field helps
us stay in the field where the action’s at I tell my guys that’s it this is your
rifle you don’t leave home without it – it
sticks to your side 100% of the time the training the culture the thought
process the planning everything that we do is about keeping people safe we have
200 people working on a small footprint 24/7 and with iAuditor that enables us
to achieve that iAuditor is an amazing tool and it’s so streamlined and
it’s so useful everybody’s gonna look back and say how did we do this before
today we work two and a half million hours without any lost-time injury you
don’t work two and a half million man-hours and just be lucky

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