I Tried A $75 Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelash Kit | Beauty Or Bust

I Tried A $75 Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelash Kit | Beauty Or Bust

This is “Beauty or
Bust,” where we test out the beauty world’s weirdest products and decide if they’re worth
your money or a total bust. Today, we’re gonna be testing out the MoxieLash magnetic
eyeliner and lash kit. Now, a bunch of my favorite YouTubers have actually tried this product or a version of this product, and, surprisingly, the reviews
have been pretty positive. The idea is to eliminate
the need for lash glue and regular fake eyelashes, which can be really tricky to maneuver, especially once it’s already dry. $75 gets you a pair of magnetic eyelashes and the liquid magnetic eyeliner. But today we will be trying
out all three lash styles. I’m gonna be evaluating
MoxieLash on three things. Do the lashes actually
attach to the liner? Are they actually wind-resistant? And do they actually stay on all day long? For 75 bucks for a pair
of lashes and an eyeliner, I really hope so. So, that actually came out pretty good. The formula is a little bit, like, gloopy? It’s definitely not the same as, like, a regular liquid-eyeliner formula. Now I’m gonna apply the magnetic lash in the style Flashy. I’m so scared. Oh. OK. I guess, like, I can just… Oh, look at that! It is, like, sticking on there. Oh, my gosh, wait. Let me do that again,
let me do that again. This looks pretty good and
it feels really secure. Like, it feels very attached to my eyelid. Like, look, you see the
tugging? The tugging? Since MoxieLash claims to be windproof, we’re gonna test it out with
a little blow-dryer test and see if this lash kit
actually holds up in wind. I think that was good. Now let’s move on to the Sassy lashes. That is one thing that I am
loving about these lashes is that it doesn’t matter
if you plop them down in the wrong place, ’cause
you can literally just, boop! Lift them off, start over. I see it (laughing). Oh no! So now we’re gonna move
on to the Classy lashes, which I think will be my favorite pair. Yep, that’s it. This is literally so fast,
I can’t even believe it. Was that good? OK. Wow. The only lashes that didn’t
survive that fake-wind test were the Sassy lashes, which
weren’t my favorite, anyway. I’m gonna stick with the Flashy lashes. I’m gonna leave these on all day long and check back in with you guys tomorrow to give you my final
thoughts on MoxieLash. I am very happy to say that my lashes actually lasted the entire day. I actually got caught
in a very big rainstorm on my way home. There was lots of wind,
lots of water flying at me, and they are still kicking, and by kicking I mean
still attached to my face. I did notice that the liner
got a little bit crusty. It kind of flaked off
a bit in some places, and it does feel extremely dry now that I’m touching it with my fingers. But it’s nothing too bad,
nothing too noticeable, and I didn’t notice any smudging. But anyway, totally loved this experience. I think I would wear
these again, to be honest. After a day wearing the
MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner and lash set, I can finally
say that I am a huge fan. Even when I first tried it
out on the back of my hand, the lashes did attach
themselves to the eyeliner. It was no different on the eyes. Just a super quick and easy application, and it was so fun to see
all the little magnets, like, attach themselves to my eyeliner. It was so fun. During the wind test we
did have one lash casualty, so I wouldn’t say that
they’re 100% windproof. And since the lashes did stay on all day, I would give this kit a five
out of five for longevity. One problem I did have
with the MoxieLash kit is that towards the end of the day the liner did start to
feel a little bit dry, and I didn’t love the feeling, but it still looked really,
really good on my eyes. I do think that the MoxieLash
kit is worth the money. I’m wearing a pair of
the lashes right now. These are the Classy lashes. You can get so many uses out of the kit, and it also just makes
false lashes easier to apply and readjust throughout the day.

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