I Ran All the Textures in Skyrim Through DeepDream and Created a Nightmare

I Ran All the Textures in Skyrim Through DeepDream and Created a Nightmare

“Your kind has no place here!” rude So I’ve done something awful to Skyrim and you’re about to see it. First, I want to just give a quick intro to what deep dream is I have this picture of this random person I found on the internet And what deepdream is.. you might have seen it a couple years back Google released this neural network thing that looked for patterns, different types of patterns and images and the most popular ones were all these Creepy animal faces popping out of everywhere so it’s Continued a bit and there’s more things you can do with it. One of the things you can do, which I might actually try using in the future is you could take like an art style from like a painting or something and put it in an image but the one I did for Skyrim today is I just used a random image Database that you can connect to. For example… I Think this is looking for faces? basically the AI (it’s not an AI it’s a neural network) it looks at this image and tries to pick apart where faces are. So it finds a face on this upper lip here and smiles on the creases of these cheeks It can get… It can get very Trippy this I think is like bamboo or something. This is wine glasses, I think it’s so it’s just like random Stuff and I went ahead and extracted all the textures from Skyrim and ran them through this filter I haven’t seen most of them and I might have missed a few but the idea is Every texture in the game is now looking for… look at this It’s like feathers and eyes… just random images to try and find stuff and it creates these Really (Turtle shells?) Really trippy images This is my favorite. Oh Yeah, I did a couple other things too. I made made some edits to the music in the game… also, I shuffled all the sound effects… And All the voice lines. I’m using the old version of Skyrim so the textures are a bit low-quality Here we go I think the horses are saying “pull!” There’s like eyes on their skin, that’s awful! “I say we go down there and clear the place out just like old times.” “Huh, so Sibby finally got the nerve to bear his teeth ay” “All that Blacksmithing… it’s not good for a little girl” “Aint Ladylike” What “We’re taking Dawnstar! get down there and join the rest of the men gathering to the attack, Now soldier!” I don’t think were taking anything… “I Suppose you’re free to frolic with the wenches in the servants quarters. But anywhere else you must have an escort.
Jarl’s orders” “Have you reconsidered my idea?” “Look now is not a good time” “Kill him!” Fair warning if you have trypophobia or anything like that. There’s plenty of textures now that have… creepy eyes and holes, like look at that wood! ugh “pull” “pull” “pull” pull “I’m sure he runs outside with a coin and throws it up in the air so even Maura herself can catch it” “Come off of it Boli” “Take us to Movarts Lari!” “Well this is a nice mess you’ve gotten me into!” “C’mon help us!” Someone’s playing a lute. “Anyway, I’m glad you’re here!” I’m glad you’re here! “??? More so when we took that wagon. But if we work together, we can pull this off!” He’s very optimistic about our situation ♫ “yonoho yonoho the dragonborns come!” ♫ He knows! “let’s just not be too obvious” okay That’s pretty obvious man oh dear “Tah!” Tah! Yeah, so I Was thinking of who we should Roleplay for this game, for this playthrough… I’m not gonna play the entire game just messed around I think the most obvious thing, would be to play a Khajiit who’s on way way too much skooma [reading a comment] Call him Jeff? Jeff’s a good name “Tah!” “There all better!” Thank you “Aw this is not going to end well” What’s not going to end well? also some of the ambient textures just a loop so you hear this footstep constantly “They’ve got archers up along the wall!” I don’t see any archers “Return when you’ve completed the great hunt” “We’re married! I guess we’ll need to decide where we’re living, wont we?” what? “you can always stay with me :)” Oh, no. Dont look! “I thought the festival wasn’t happening this year!” Is this the festal??? “The anticipation is killing me” “WELL! NOW THAT’S SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT!” “??? THERES SOMETING ABOUT, YOU’RE MOVING RIGHT ALONG!” “WE’LL BOTH BE HOME IN NO TIME” He’s very optimistic “What’s all the commotion?” There’s that explosion again… “Forswarn forever!” Forswarn forever! “is that so?” “This can’t be happening!” “Just like always… nobody saw anything useful. The bastard’s escaped again” It’s a dragon! Why’s he not pink? Give me a roar! *chirp chirp* It’s crickets Who’s whistling! Wah! That legit scared me hi “Take a look around i’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for” “If not let me know, I might have it stored away!” “DARKNESS DESTROY YOU!!” Sometimes it doesn’t look too bad like the sky looks nice actually. Oh It crashed …we’re doing this… AH! dog! Couldn’t hear him because the sound effects were like Chickens or something? They have feathers Look at the tanning rack, it’s like rats or cats or something “It is everything I had hoped it would be” “please everyone enjoy” “SPEAK YOU’VE AUGHT TO SAY SOMETHING WORTH LISTINING” “ZALUKAMIR KREE DAHR JUUL” btw the punching sound effect is water All the floors are eyes! “Dwarvin convector.” Can I make a request? “What in the world!” Can you siiing… Ragnor the Red? “You’ve already learned all I can teach you” “My niece died, ” oh dear “things won’t be the same without her” ♫ “Trinkets odds and ends that sort of thing” ♫ ♫ “you never should have come here” ♫ ♫ “Well, I did hear that the Argonians have been banned from living inside the walls of Windhelm” ♫ ♫ “You should tell him to mind his own business” ♫ That doesn’t rhyme… ♫ “break him out then run. This isn’t a suicide mission” ♫ ♫ “Don’t risk combat if you can avoid it. if you can’t then give ’em hell” ♫ ♫ “Fight well and I’ll make sure your corpse is not dishonored” ♫ *clap clap clap* It’s beautiful Also, all the guards have like Buildings On their cloaks, it’s amazing. “I think it’s better off in your hands.” Hi! …and bug eyes “things won’t be the same without her…” “This isn’t over ??” That face is awful “alright then” “Nightingale, luck has shined down on me.” “Come see me and Windhell when this is all over” “exactly” exactly “Heard you broke out a signal mine with those forsworn. Do you have any idea how many died?” No “someone’s gonna get hurt” Well, yeah someone died “It’s good to talk to a fellow Bard.” I’m not a bard” “Now we have to pin all these recent murders on you.” Good Man, the textures in the original Skyrim when you look at them like this.. they’re pretty low res “Must…. Kill….” Look at this throne Hi. “ROAR” Hi. “HUGH” None of these punches are connecting *splash splash* Sounds like they’re waterbending “yes love?’ Yes love, can I join? “If you want to embarrass yourself I won’t stop you.” Mean! Let’s go to Riften. Let’s try the thieves Oh dear lord, what is this? All the taverns are awful “Odfel fell I’ve told you time and time again. I’m not interested in a relationship with you.” Oh, okay Hi “my kinswoman died it won’t be the same without him.” This is a depressing tavern Is this an actual dungeon or a castle? Oh, yeah look at the moon “EW EW EW it was the only way EW” “it was the only way it was the only way” That texture it’s like owl eyes *horse whinney* *horse whinney* There’s also like a horse in here??? All right [reading a comment ]He looks like mud, oh look at this outfit! It’s like a lizard scales Look at those eyes He’s so cute! Hi! “Hi men!” “This should be good” “Not quite good enough are you?” “You you should probably put that away before you knock something over” okay There we go the selection sounds is like a Boat creaking [reading comment] I Think you need to turn on subtitles. If you care even a little bit of making sense of the nonsense NPCs that’s cheating I’m not a cheater Look at this entrance, it’s like leaves Are those chipmunks? Look, there’s a fish You see that guy? That’s definitely a fish I’m petty sure that since the voice lines are all mixed up that this shout it’s gonna be something different which could be funny because I think this swinging is Like the grunts that you make when you swing and it’s replaced it with this voice line “It was the only way I could make sure it wasn’t a Thalmor trap” “EWW” Oh I forgot even to show this! “DIE BEAST!” “fine by me” “EW” “The only way… we have nothing to talk about, I can’t believe what you did to me” Nice “Tell me again why I’m wasting men chasing after a fairy tale” “Mother died. Things won’t be the same without her” “Next time one of my shields deflects a killing blow. They’ll change their tune” “You’re meddling above-ground reminded me of how removed I’ve been from the struggle. my men and I should be in the Hills fighting” “Imagine blowing up an entire town, damn college” “Winterhold will never be the same” “I’m originally from Cyrodiil, but I left there after I had a falling-out with my family” “No, this is it man. It’s time to make the city ours” So, does that mean i’m a bard now? “the legions always looking for strong capable warriors” What in the world “Look at the size of this place. Have you ever seen anything like it in your life lass?” no~ “?? looks dangerous keep your distance!” I’m pretty far away! I did it! I’m a bard now “YOU MORTAL, you are worthy of speaking to.” ok “You have claimed the pieces of my razor” Let’s go check it out There’s the rat texture again or like cats or something They are on the door I like these feathers Markarth was always my favorite city So many voices! all right. Oh my gosh What is this texture! It’s like people My eyes hurt just looking at this “I saw you do that you know” Saw me do what? Your the Jarl? I’m looking for work “Yes?” “Last mistake” “We’ve got an assassin! Check the shadows!” I’m not an assassin *tons of random sounds* “This is kindgrove” “ot much to look at” What was that? ” but the innkeeper aught to be able to tell us if there’s any dragon mountain nearby” “You have quite the bounty on your head in Falmar” “DIE BEAST” “well now that’s a question” *too many sound effects* “Are you new around here? You should check the inn if you need a place to stay” “Thanks to you” I did it This is a good game. I like this game so brings an end to the nightmare oh, I had god mode on!

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    Also, I'll record in higher quality next time! (It turns out YouTube's compression isn't a fan of multicolored intricate patterns everywhere)

    A link to the texture mod is in the description as well as the script I used for shuffling all the sounds/voices.

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    Break him out then run this isn't a suicide mission don't risk combat if you can avoid it if you can't then give him hell
    Fight well and i'll make sure your corpse is not dishonored

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