OH MY [email protected]# *** HELL AYE YO GOODMORNING LOGANG WHATS GUCCHI A BIT OF A WEIRD HAIR DAY THIS MORNING CHECK THIS OUT I AM STRAIGHT UNICORNING RIGHT NOW HAHAHAA SICK I FEEL LIKE A LITTLE BIT SLOW SO I AM GOING TO GO RIGHT TO THE GYM WAKE MYSELF UP FORCE MYSELF TO DO SOMETHING I ALSO HIRED SOME PEOPLE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO DO MYSELF SHE IS DOWN THERE I DID NOT, I DID NOT WANT TO CLEAN THE, OH MY GOD SHE IS SEEING ANYWAY I AM GOING TO HIT THE GYM BOOM OKAY I AM SO OUT HERE RIGHT NOW I AM NOT GOING TO TALK MUCH AND GET THE DAY STARTED I *music* YO! EASY easy easy, what is up pons guys were taking away from logan’s workout sorry!! don’t distract me from my workout i was just about to- CAN I GET A HOIYAA. HOIYAA alright guys i’m gonna i’m gonna work out now is that cool? yes sir! ok thanks. alright thanks hold up one more distraction, one more distraction.. OH MY IS THIS KID dabbing on the parking garage across the way this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen yeah yeah yeah oh my god of it this is this everything that is incredible i love this kid I’m not gonna lie this is such an intresting start to the day i’m going to try to workout let’s see what happens oh my god i kid you not call from my agent. Hello? whats up man? yo, HOO halfway through the workout I was like O MY GOD MY STOMACH I had fish last night I I had fish last night just said that I suffer from short term memory loss and and I f- I felt it kinda like errr errrr comin’ up yu know but I dug deep, I said to myself I’m a damn savage, and I kept doing it, I kept I did it bro I did it! and then I finished my workout AURGHH someone stop this man, so yes kids the lesson of the day is even if you’re feeling sick feeling down tired whatever push through that [email protected] can do it ok with that said let’s go upstairs HUUUAH ok i’m outside my apartment and check this out seeing all of this the cleaning supply materials this makes me so happy because i don’t like to clean like at all ZERO oh my god it’s so clean they’re cleaning O MY GOD I’m taking my shoes off over here so I don’t ruin their hard work this is amazing dude like people are going to come over to my house see my clean house, and go “YO that kid is such an adult!” but really I just hired adults to do it for me AYYYYE most people choose to spend their money on cars or Girls Clubs all of the above not me bro not me i just i like to have a clean house bye we love you and by we I mean me myself and I if you want to get married and run off and have kids and move to Thailand we can name him issac! oh my god it’s awkward because your highness walked in during the end and she’s still outside yeah haha i come to show you roll through use it you know I know what’s going well yeah yo I’m starting math test again i have been using it out no the ocean to the time would ya party was gone for about like right roll it from staying in charge i have the power that only Demian gods have in my wrist from the river and know that my boy but he’s in this cage because I didn’t want him to attack the mate i don’t know i don’t cut dunno don’t know that’s why I put you in your cage i’m blending you outcall to go buddy be free yes yes yes that’s what I’m saying everybody you get noticed although you’re being an asshole look at the cleanroom you now live in and they clean marks around soon oh my god this is 60 animators and the bathroom through this thing is spotless hot damn I got to break an adult yo mark we think about this clean room I know you like it and they have I know bro i took some initiative have been terrific turnout was Rob broke my left cheek cell that you have a giant but what what what what keep always wait there waiting for my food too cool keep all waiter it Oh guys I’m on that health life what personal chef made me this she’s what she does you put it in a Tupperware and then i set the heat it up again just another one of those things where people think like I do adult things but really I just hired on at night we got some cars in our sweet potatoes healthy cars we got greens and then some biscuit brisket for a protein just biscuit biscuit knowledge it’s just brisket but then again with the risk i don’t know what I know it looks like me everybody has prompted yes i did just use the word ergo this is why you guys need to watch my blog I educate you watch ergo great work ergo you dad a sentence connector therefore or Consequences well-educated it’s like screaming it how you might be allowed what are you doing are you just enjoying the view that nice building view it feels absolutely that you came to me being weird about it a few moments later i ate the meal and it was someone playing emotional scratch senorita sleeping power naps I scared you with a teddy bear personally I gave it to you so you could snuggle bro there is I knew it was too good to be true my man is too cute when he sleeps got made him a snorer sleeping in my bed the last like three days and every time he just had him to wake up I’m losing my mind right now you are you seeing this yeah bro know this shot and it’s so amazing at the same time oh my god sunset right now it’s so beautiful what I can’t see it because it’s damp building i’m losing my mind right and i can i can only go over so far from here till I can’t see it this might be the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen here in Hollywood and I cannot enjoy it because of urban sprawl specific service for all look when cities expand and take over everything the more you know take doing just fine before I met you I think Russian that is you but I’m okay no are you see are you missing out on this now I see these clouds yeah dude gorgeous probably your everything of mine that I did in class boy what is your thoughts opinions you know she’s going to sunset so much better just think that girls across this depresses me bro you know I blamed it on a the urban sprawl that it’s a oh you heard the expression yeah that’s why we some golden sunsets beautiful dress actually and revenge of gold yeah I love God ah we’re also getting more and more mad as we watched the sunset this frustrates me so much right now oh my gut you can see how it’s almost incredible but not quite because of it around the world my wall send help to evomelyn oh you guys go one it’s not raining so you’re making a minute want to put there now just put evident for the rest of you like having could cover it up he’s a mannequin challenge permanently though we were true i have someone on guard would think we’re not going to do that anybody if anyone tries to come in here mess everything up you stop them you bite them you squawk you make noise got it it did sit in like this who is letting happening down there was no i didn’t know Evan had that much power in his body no no I charted he make it to me you’ve seen it I got it on video that everyone knows a guy who knows a guy yeah to sell cocaine but also fixes driveway we industry but like good-looking girl over it her not gonna come over evil is that true there’s a dent in my life you want you will come over because the debt much wall now if that is all oh snap that have your bathroom work homie just game burned right now I was kind of Martian life a lot originally brought those sorry okay I’m with the boy no one not two but three can someone tell me what to do it when you act like the way I slick my hair that it’s always the same your hair is literally always the way this is the last more than two down what you guys think about my hair I know because of the right today i know i like it just for watching its airplane mode that looks bad guys it’s not color-corrected yet it’s not colored there are no v effects and there’s no sound design it’s like a skeleton movie right now we’re still editing it but it’s time to get some notes on like you’re bringing the boys and see what they think of that movie though how can one human being be so good-looking and cube minus all the ratchetness in kind of discussing this that is Hollywood we actually live like in the center of everything we have the privilege of walking to the theater right now- seven he’s on the longboard left leg well it’s like triple you don’t have sore legs if it’s easily one before that was cute got there is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen do yall got the front seat damn what like the directors champion who guess who wrote the moving started the movie introducing get on specific clothes not going to close the hairstyle to communicate oh yeah so although the movie is not ready at the reason we do screenings like this is to test what works and what does whether it’s the joke the story itself or like certain care are this right here is how we learn if we have a good movie but that was beyond itchy excited assistance to victims and on the street yet very important to you re i don’t know if you noticed but I have a very important scene in the movie in this movie yeah somehow I did miss that sick i remember when i was in the movie i also miss that you know I can’t wait to see the scene where I make out a list of violent what I don’t waste management movie over boys making out with me hey ya know Mark between that girl today and your makeup seen one before ya get in there I hope I didn’t break more of marks wal-mart what all you want your roommate yeah not made by Brown yeah that up owning he doesn’t like I calling my roommate I don’t know and all of Marshall blogs he says my roommate but mark I’m Logan polyhalite a go-go no I am and then so I tweeted today when your roommate bird driver off no tech guys right right fit most sweeping sad but it’s still missing following ad you’re assuming that most of all I want you enjoy it no excuses watch it you’re ruthless you know let us know probably dragged any places got boring some just didn’t hit over for anything from your bones and muscles are a little plug in no shape number 40 movie location Oh the money and we made it traditional version were like making everyone take a test not asking them what they don’t be funny and movies just like pages ok so the thing about the logline due to block life no joke like it is what signal 402 am cuz boys passed out on the couch why am I wait great this is lovely it is it is so real like I cannot get anything which is good in the sense because I mean like we locate the family god Kristen next level our right now but yeah it was doing 30th birthday one of the directors of airplanes oh no haha anyways yeah it’s 4am I need to get to bed i love you guys today’s notification shadows to Christian shop in the Chrissy thank you for having my notifications i will see you guys tomorrow take it easy if you bid

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