How To Wall Tech – Super Smash Bros. Melee

How To Wall Tech – Super Smash Bros. Melee

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  1. Nice upload at midnight lol

  2. Never even thought of the proximity mine! Thanks!

  3. I've always found that I'm reasonably good at teching during edgeguards even before knowing how to do it reasonably well at all because I've had a bad habit of holding R almost all the time :p

  4. Is this even usefull for Marth?
    Nuce tut btw. 🙂

  5. Is this even usefull for Marth?
    Nice tutorial as always btw. 🙂

  6. Never thought of using a mine like this! This looks really useful.

  7. Kira, how about fox neutral game :D?

  8. Thanks for all these, they have been very helpful to a new player like me.

  9. Nice!!!
    Ganondorf Nuetral Game Please!!

  10. Fox neutral please

  11. Are you going to do a tutorial on how to amsah tech? I think it would really help a lot of us!

  12. Hey kira. Any character vs marth  tips? having trouble dealing with his huge range (grab included)

  13. So holding up and in still gets you the walljump tech as long as its "up enough".  Also if I wanna smash DI and still get a wall jump tech is it just a matter of smash di'ing in and then being super fast and holding up by the time the tech happens?

  14. I've been getting better at these. It really annoys my friends!

  15. I love you Dave. Please love me back.

  16. My friend did this to me all the time when I kept landing my FSmashes as Marth. It doesn't seem that hard all things considered

  17. When you say within 20 frames, do you mean specifically within 20 frames AFTER getting hit? Or can it be before OR after (making it a 40 frame target)?

  18. fucking damnit i just cant do it ><. dont really understand the whole c-stick buffer thing.

  19. How about Marth chain grab FD

  20. Tips about mains and secondaries pls

  21. can you guys do a video on fox's neutral game vs falco?

  22. IC's Neutral game please

  23. How to use running shine!!

  24. Kira could you do a video on puff's neutral game I'm trying to learn puff right now. Thank you

  25. i'm liking the tags that were used, Kreygasm

  26. You know they can whitelist the channel

  27. Hey guys I got a easy wall tech tutorial for project m or maybe for melee not to sure but check it out cause it's probably one of the easiest ways I learned experimenting

  28. It's important to note that holding up will result in a wall jump tech with any character, which can be useful

  29. yes! love this! been trying to figure out how to do these consistently. thanks guys!

  30. what is a tech, can you please explain more?

  31. How do you tech in place and how do you make it tech where they jump off the wall?

  32. it still works the same way in the other smash games as well right?

  33. Just a question, I was playing against a friend recently on Pokémon Stadium. I was Falcon and he was Fox. While the stage was in fire mode (or whatever the hell it is) I got hit into the wall, hit R to tech, teched off the wall, and got hit again before I let go of R and teched the wall a second time without letting go of R inbetween.
    Is it possible to tech a wall twice by only holding down R once for the duration of the two techs? I think the most plausible explanation was that the first tech, him nairing me into the wall, and the second tech all somehow occurred within 20 frames of me hitting R, but I'm not 100% sure that would work. Was it just a fluke, or can you actually tech twice with one press of L or R if both tech opportunities occur within 20 frames of the button press?

  34. I can do it every time the second method, sometimes on the first, and almost never on the mine method 🙁 idk what I'm doing wrong

  35. It would be nice if you showed how to set up frozen hitboxes in 20XX, so there's always a hitbox active at the edge, instead of manually having to reset a bomb.

  36. Does this work well with Luigi? Also, would you be able to make a video on Luigi ledge recovery using his down b? I've seen Abate do it all the time and I can't seem to do it. I can send a donation as an incentive if you'd like.

  37. When using the c-stick, do you have to input as you're getting hit or can you do preemptively hold it before pressing L or R to tech?

  38. i can do every fucking tech in the game except this bull shit impossible tech. multi shine out of shield, shine bair, sticky walk/moon walk with every character, but not this impossible fucking bull shit

  39. my hands are in pain from practicing so much

  40. can falcon do this?

  41. How do you get onto the target stage?

  42. does it make a difference if i practice on fox's target practice map?


  44. I keep repeating 1:50 over and over…….
    "If you want to be really fancee-" "If you want to be really fancee-" "If you want to be really fancee-"

  45. Have you considered adding Community captions?

  46. your channel is shit @!!!

  47. Yo! so i'm a fox main and have recently been having trouble with this. Couple questions: 1. is it necessary to hold L/R within the 20 frames or is any input fine (Ive heard that elswhere)? 2. does holding down x/y before hitlag cause auto wall jump? (heard this elsewhere too)? and 3. Is using the claw preferable for wall tech recoveries to get the asdi from the c stick, holding down y/x for the auto wall jump, hitting L/R within the 20, and the sdi on the analog?

  48. For some reason when im teching the mines in FD i can only tech the first one, while the second mine i cant seem to tech it no matter how hard i try (using falco), also it seems im only able to tech from the left ledge, im almost never able to tech from the right ledge, am i missing something? or am i just bad?

  49. For the 3rd wall tech option with the motion sensor bomb, I can only ever tech the first bomb, but after that it's impossible, is it timing? Hitlag? I'm just learning how to do this, and can only tech the first bomb on yoshi's, FD is insanely hard to tech on that little sliver of the stage. Do I have to smash DI? I'm playing Marth. When looking closely it seems like the motion bomb hitbox is so large I can't get close enough to the ledge to tech it.

  50. I turned off Adblock and still got edgeguarded. mad false advertising going on here

  51. I absolutely love your videos I have to say your the best you tuber I've seen explaining how to on smb

  52. Hey Guys!
    are any of these techs possible for puff?

  53. can every character tech or just some of them?

  54. theres like the wall tech where you just fall and the wall tech where you jump away from the stage does anyonee know if theres a difference in the inputs if so how?

  55. Fox is a good competitive main while falco is a great competitive main and marth and roy motherfuckin broken

  56. Had to watch this 6 times before I understood it

  57. I find I've managed to do the tech from the right side of falco's target practice stage, but now I'm uneven because I don't know how to do it from the left.
    I found this video rather confusing honestly.
    I've grinded a tech skill but first of all I don't even know if this is possible for all charcters to wall tech (like peach, puff or yoshi or sheik). Second I have practised it but I'm not sure I'll be ablee to actually apply it.

  58. How to wall tech: Press L or R when you hit a wall lmao

  59. Whats this soundtrack tho

  60. wait I've been pressing L/R at the wrong time. fml

  61. I got no ads without ad block

  62. I don’t have a CRT so it’s hard as hell

  63. 0:06 but… I'm on Youtube Red. I guess you completely ignored Youtube Red users… :/

  64. I did not understood whats this video about lol…

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