How To Use A Brush To Apply Perfect Liquid Foundation Youtube

Hi this video is about how to use a
brush to apply perfect liquid foundation my name is Melissa van Dijk and I’m a
professional makeup artist and you can also join me every Sunday on my Facebook
page because I’m doing live makeup tutorials and everything is down below
in the description box but without further ado let’s get right into this
video an easy way to apply a foundation can be using a foundation brush and I’m
going to show you how you can use a brush to apply a liquid foundation
because most people have troubles with it but it’s actually really easy and I’m
going to show you step-by-step how you can do it just a quick tip using a
medium dense or full dense brush can help you to get a flawless look and I’m
going to choose the one from zoeva because this is a medium dense brush and
it’s also a roundish foundation brush the first step is priming your face start with a primer that’s suitable for
your skin type smooth it over your face with your fingertips and choose for
example a mattifying primer for oily skin and a moisturising one for dry skin now we are moving on to step number two
place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand or onto your
mixing palette make sure that you are using a foundation that matches your
skin tone and your skin type step number three dip the brush into the foundation
and then apply the foundation to your face dip the brush into your foundation
and be careful not to load it up with too much product then apply the
foundation to your face using circular motions also be light-handed and avoid
dragging the brush instead gently buff the product to spread it evenly over
your face the last step is keep buffing and
blending until you get the coverage you want keep puffing and blending until you
get the coverage you want and remember to blend into your hairline jawline for
a natural look and don’t forget it to drag it down towards your neck so that
it has an even finish if you want that your foundation gets a
long-lasting foundation make sure that you’re using the correct primer and
foundation texture for your skin type because otherwise it can melt off or you
will have dry patches and you don’t want that you just want to have a flawless
finish and so it’s really important if you are reading on the back of the
packaging for what this foundation is used and if you have the right skin type
for the right foundation you’re ready to go this was the video on how to use a
brush to apply perfect liquid foundation and if you want to know how to use a
Beauty Blender to apply a liquid foundation this is right here and if you
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