How to Texture a Ceiling : When To Use Texture Compound on Ceilings

How to Texture a Ceiling : When To Use Texture Compound on Ceilings

This is Kevin at Expert Village. The easiest
way to apply this texture is with a roller but you may want to use your hands or other
means to get enough material on the roller or to get enough material up to the ceiling
to roll it out. We are going to work in small 3 foot x 3 foot section and when using our
roller, we are going to completely cover the roller with texture and we are going to move
from section to section cross rolling the edges to avoid ridges. For a fine smooth texture,
we are going to apply pressure to the roller to eliminate the stipple in the ridges. A
lighter pressure on the roller produces a deep heavy texture.

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  1. Are you kidding me!!! It looks like [email protected]!!!! you are soposed to spray this material up!! Dont do this at home anybody buddy sais expert at the beginning but im sure it is in a different trade!!! LMFAO this is too funny!!

  2. You can spray or roll the compound on the ceiling. I have no idea what makes this guy think he is an expert. Expert village needs to find some real experts. Ive never seen a video from them where i didnt say WTF is he doing

  3. Pay someone else to do it. We did

  4. No offense but this video sucks. The easiest way to do it is to mix a little water with some joint compound (drywall mud) and use a round brush. Cover the brush with compound and dab on the ceiling. That is the way we've always done it and it works wonderfully. We also use a roller for larger areas but our mud is a lot wetter than this guy uses and it spreads easier and smoother. Maybe I should make a video instead…

  5. You can actually go to Home Depot and buy the color of paint you want and add a $5.00 box of sand texture to your paint. And paint away. So So easy!!!

  6. Free home remodeling….I guess you DO get what you paid for. Lets see the mess after it dries to see if I can guess where the tape, nailheads and other hidden 'treasures' are located. That stuff isn't supposed to be rolled on, it should be troweled on or flung up there with a catapult. It is wayyyy too thick for the roller.

  7. if you can't even get it on the roller how do you expect to get it up on the ceiling…..evenly?? I've yet to see an Expert Village video that has taught me anything. (and I'm a girl!!)

  8. Bad job. you are not an expert ! ha ha ha

  9. Putting the dried up crap on the roller with a spoon? Roller wasn't even covered. A DEEP HEAVY TEXTURE, Yeah I bet. Man this is the worst I've ever seen.

  10. WTF are you kidding me this is got to be a prank video. I like the spoon for other tools

  11. expert cowboys
    all there vids are this bad

  12. Are you fucking kidding me??

  13. OMG You cannot be serious?… you're just posting this to be a goof right? You're not seriously doing this… are you?

  14. WTF….REALLY???

  15. this is just stupid. I was looking for an idea of how to repair my ceiling but i already know more than this. Good grief.

  16. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! EXPERTS????? IT IS JOCK RIGTHT?????

  17. I love your 70s style shorts…

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