How to Sculpt Predator: Sculpting Texture & Refining the Pose – FREE CHAPTER

How to Sculpt Predator: Sculpting Texture & Refining the Pose – FREE CHAPTER

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  1. a pretty skinny predator, if you ask me. not trying to put anything in a bad light or anything… just, how I remembered, the predaors where pretty buff and muscular

  2. I love spiderzero

  3. Simon Lee?? Omg, he's just plain awesome

  4. what are the metal base points that you use called?

  5. the master at work

  6. Spider Lee is as good as it gets. A phenomenon. Great Craftsman

  7. Is this Super Scuply? Also what what the freeze stuff? It looked like dust removal spray.

  8. I bought WED water based clay for small scultures such as this one.. it still hasnt arrived do you this it will work for me?

  9. Predator looks like he's going to rip into that puny alien.

  10. Beautiful!:) Check my channel for similiar fantasy creations.

  11. Make sure to always wash your hands after working with clay because that's the easiest way to get LYNKS DISEASE, and that doesn't wash off.

  12. Magnifico
    es todo un
    maestro 😀

  13. you have such a beautiful talent

  14. what clay are you using

  15. looks like shit gj Lol

  16. c est trop beau !!je suis admiratif de vos oeuvres!!!!

  17. great job!
    please tell me what the clock on the hand model Simon Lee?

  18. what is the spray you use? please

  19. dude you sick ! wish i was that sick

  20. What is this spray you use?

  21. you are my senpai my only senpai you give mi dokis spider lee you never notice me but i still love you you're sugoi kawaii desu ne?

  22. Is this soft, medium, or hard chavant?

  23. Is that normal clay?

  24. This is amazing!!
    This is what I wanna do when I grow up!!
    I'm definitely inspired
    Is this just clay form on wires??

  25. Subtitulado al español :O gracias!

  26. Is the blowtorch for drying the sculpture?

  27. 1:20 what is that spray??

  28. what size of armature wire is being used here?

  29. Can you use sculpey

  30. great video but it's VERY quiet


  32. What is the spray used to cool off the clay after using the torch on it?

  33. What's in the spray can?

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