Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be my skin prep routine not to be confused with my skin care routine regardless of what my board says so I don’t do this very often and Mainly because I don’t leave my house But whenever something is happening like a special occasion an event New Year’s Eve my birthday Somebody else’s birthday an engagement. Whatever you get whenever I’m going to be doing the most with my makeup I also do the most when I’m gonna prep my skin for that makeup I make sure that my skin underneath is Absolutely ready for all that makeup and I want my skin to be as prepped as it possibly Can be because we all know that makeup just sits differently on a really smooth Clean prepped moisturized skin. It’s just it’s just what it is. And like I said, this is for special occasions I don’t do this every time I put on makeup that would be crazy. But I also think it’s important to know I’m not important But it’s nice to know who I never talk about these steps because they’re always things that I do before I sit down to film Or mainly I’m doing these steps before I’m getting ready to go out and I’m not filming that you know what I mean? I’ve never filmed myself getting ready for like the special occasions in my life cuz they’re very few and far between So there’s a lot of things I do behind the scenes that you guys don’t know about and these steps are one of them So I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and show you guys How I prep my skin before a full face of makeup and make my makeup. Just look the nicest look the Smoothest and it’ll also help your makeup last longer if your skin is nice and prepped That’s why I’m not wearing any makeup. By the way. Thought it would be cool to do this video in kind of two parts I wanted it to be like one giant thing like prepping my skin and then doing the full glam makeup But you know I talk a lot So it would have been a 45 minute video. So I thought I would split this video into today We’re just gonna be talking about skin prep and then in another video I can do like a full glam makeup Tutorial if you want to see it part two, let me know Actually, I hope you want to see it part two except literally right after this All right. So let’s get into this. I first want to say if you are prepping for an event That’s why you’re watching this video and you are gonna go full glam I also have a how to overdraw your lips video and then go into it lip prep in that video as well So I will link that video down below because I am currently Prepping my lips with my so juicy plumping gloss So in my opinion step one is make sure your face is clean If you don’t that’s a given but makeup does not apply nicely when you got like makeup Residue on your face. My daily face wash is the Kiehl’s cucumber face wash. I love it It’s amazing for dry skin and I’ll usually use that in the morning and at nighttime whenever I’m gonna do full glam and I want my skin to look as Smooth and as buttery soft as possible I make sure I Exfoliate before I do my makeup I have issues with my skin textures most of the time when something irritates my skin I don’t really get like pimples. I don’t get breakouts. I get really bad skin irritation I get a lot of bumps and it’ll just be a texturing hot mess So exfoliating is definitely the secret to a super smooth looking foundation and personally for me I have found that chemical exfoliator czar the way to go But when I really want to get deep down And clean the absolute crap out of my face and exfoliate the absolute crap out of my face. This is what I use This is the Tasha rice polish and I honestly was always really afraid to use this because I was always afraid that this was gonna dry out my skin and I’m not gonna lie. It’s Not super hydrating her anything I do have to do other things after I use this but this is so great at removing all like the dead skin without being too harsh or abrasive on the skin and it has really Good like non-irritating ingredients I love this and recently I purchased the calming version when I saw this on Sephora because it was targeted towards sensitive skin And so I’ve used this one like two or three times already and I liked it I stopped to test this one out a bit further, but I do like it This one folks to have natural Japanese indigo that calms and soothes the skin So I was super intrigued by that but I truly love the rice polish and they have a few different ones depending on what skin type you have and honestly that is the key to beautiful skin before makeup But regardless my skin needs all the hydration it can get and I also have very sensitive skin So to me It’s very important to go in with a face mask after I exfoliate and I don’t mean like a glam glow mud mask That would be like a double whammy that’s like way too much. I feel like that would irritate your skin I’m talking about a calming face mask and by the way all the products that I’m mentioning in today’s video are kind of high-end brands and you can get these all at Sephora actually by the Way this video is not sponsored, but I just realized you can buy these all at Sephora I want to do my research a bit further and do a drugstore version of this You know what? I lie and like throw in a drugstore product if I don’t really use it These are the products that I use but feel free to do this routine at home Just replace it with whatever products you have like use your favorite exfoliator that you have at home use your favorite face mask you’re not I mean like Do you think but the next step is definitely to go in with your calming face mask or your soothing face mask? There are a couple that I have used in the past that I really like This one is from origins and it’s funny because the other one that I used to use all the time is also from origins It’s the out of trouble 10-minute mask. I’ll put a picture right here. It comes in the white tube. I loved that one forever There’s also another one from Rennes I really like but then one day I just purchased this one and I ended up falling in love with it And this is the one I use now This is the origins. Hello calm relaxing and hydrating face mask with cannabis sativa seed oil and honestly for me this step is really important because it just minimizes redness it kind of calms the skin especially after Exfoliating it just makes the skin feel Really really good that says it’s an ultra hydrating face mask infused with natural cannabis sativa seed oil to instantly calm the skin Visibly reduce irritation and distress the senses and I absolutely agree with that. I feel like this does that 100% I just apply it with my little face mask brush and I leave it on my skin for about 10 to 15 minutes and In silly my skin just feels so calm I don’t know how to explain it, but I love it and I love the way that this smells It doesn’t really smell like how you would think it would smell I thought I was gonna smell like way to herbally but it smells like a spa Oh my gosh, it smells like essential oils It smells so good and I just feel so relaxed whenever I have this mask on the scent is so therapeutic for me I love this thing any tightness I felt from the exfoliating is Completely diminished when I take this face mask off. My skin just feels so soft every time I use it and I love it Okay, so I am a moron and I didn’t replace my eye patches before filming this video So I’m gonna put a picture up of them instead I actually like to do this at the exact same time as my hello. Calm face mask I always go in with an eye mask And I really started to notice a difference with eye masks when I got one in a boxycharm like one month I think I got like a Wander Beauty one. I’m not sure that’s not important but after I had used it the first time I became obsessed with using like eye patches before glam makeup because it just makes the under eyes, so Hydrated and beautiful and the concealer just blends so much nicer on your under eyes when they’re hydrated Can you imagine that when they’re not super dry and crusty? This concealer looks great. And honestly the eye patches I use are so so cheap you can get them at Sephora but they’re the Sephora brand eye ones and Honestly, it’s because I haven’t found one that I’m crazy-crazy Obsessed with in terms of like high-end. I love these two four ones, but they’re 5 bucks You know, we are these Sephora collection eye masks and I haven’t used all of them I’ve only used the cucumber one and the avocado one You’re only spending five dollars and they hydrate my under eyes and they get them ready for concealer and honestly That’s all I can ask for if you swear by some under eye masks or some under eye patches that I haven’t tried I mean in the comments below and I will check it out. Okay? So this next step you don’t really have to do this is just me being extra but I always go in with my little vitamin Nectar water. I feel like this is my little hidden gem I’m not sure if I’ve spoken to you guys about this product in the past like this mainly for the mist I’m not even gonna lie. This has such a beautiful look at that. Oh Wow, my AC is on the lake. Oh My gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh Only a Miss you see in heaven. It has such a fine mist and it smells so incredibly good It’s like the litoris de letras like the litoris like delicious like delicious citrus Okay, but aside from that I just feel like it gives my skin and overall minimal glow honestly feel like this does make my skin Feel more bright and more awake and just more energized this is one of those products that I just love spraying throughout the day because it’s just such a fine mist and it feels so Nice and it smells so good but it also creates a very subtle glow without being too much and then I would say the last step would be to just go in with your Moisturizer your serum or your primer? I give you a very dry skin You might want to go in with moisturizer and then primer, but if you have oily skin You might just want to go in with your primer after doing all of these steps I personally like to go in with a moisturizer or a serum and honestly This has been like my two-in-one for the past couple weeks. This isn’t something I’ve been using for a long time so this part is probably bound to change but these other products I have been using for a hot minute and I love them and These are always the steps I take but usually right now I’ll go in with a moisturizer or what’s a super Hydrating primer or whatever the case But recently I have been loving the far Sally liquid glass radiance makeup skin serum with hyaluronic acid. I have been loving Anything with hyaluronic acid, it’s like the new thing I feel which helps like retain the moisture in your skin But I like this because it’s kind of like a fusion between a serum and a primer is really hydrating It feels super nice on the skin and I like that it has a tacky Consistency like when you’re done applying it if you a little bit sticky not for too long And I have a slight tackiness to it I feel like just lays so nicely underneath the foundation just Meshes really well with foundation and I have been using this as a primer and I have really really been loving it I would say at this point I would go in with my foundation And concealer and then do the whole shebang but these are the steps that I take Beforehand – all of that and I know it may seem excessive It may seem like a lot of steps, but it’s not a lot of heavy steps So I hope this video was helpful in some way Let me know if you try this out at home even with the products you have and tell me how it goes Yeah guys that completes this video. I love you guys so much. Thank you guys so much for watching Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye I’ll link that video down below because I’m kirpan Maybe this part will change in my skin in mice. So maybe this part it. So this part

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