How to Paint Tree Trunk with Textures using Gesso and Palette Knife in Acrylic Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Tree Trunk with Textures using Gesso and Palette Knife in Acrylic Painting Tutorial

hi everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra
and by using limited colors in my palette I am going to teach you on how
to paint this wonderful painting and please don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t subscribe yet before I’m going to start this tutorial
I’m going to introduce the first the materials that I’m going to use so I still be using limited colors in my palette and I have it at the time titanium white Phthalo blue
the brilliant red, medium yellow and the raw umber so I’m using limited
colors because I want you to learn how to mix and get the desired color you
want okay and I’ll be using few brushes and
decided just the possible brushes to use so I have here the number 12 nylon flat brush long handle also have here the number eight nylon flat brush long handle number eleven bristle flat brush long handle number seven nylon flatbush short handle and I’m not sure
if I’m going to use this one but I’ll just include this one the number one
liner brush for the details or 0 00, 000 liner or round brush and the this is my canvas it’s 10 by 8 inches it has 3 coats of prime acrylic
you can also use gesso i made it myself and water to thin the paint
water spray if you gonna need to wet our canvas and it would be easier for us to
blend the colors and of course we need GESSO I am using the Grumbacher gesso and we
need this to create textures on our on our painting and of course a
small palette knife so I am using small palette knife because my canvas is small so that will be easier for me to use this one and to create a smaller
textures so I recommend for example if you may I mean smaller palette knife if
you’re using a smaller canvas okay so I think I’m gonna start now and
today I’m going to paint just a simple tutorial on how to use the the palette
the textures or the gesso to make great textures on a tree trunks or in a painting or anything any object on our painting so usually
it’s just the tree trunks the rocks or whatever that will need to have textures
and mostly also if you want to use the acrylic gel you can also use that that’s
actually way better than using gesso because you just have to mix that with
the acrylics and to create textures with colors so this one is really different
from that okay so okay I think I’ going to start now and I’m gonna use this to sketch when I use the number eight flat brush and when I
use the raw umber so here I think I’m gonna put it here
I’m gonna I’m going to create a big teeth trunk where this is our focus
today that tree trunk and also with some beautiful design under on the roots so this will be our guide we’re gonna
put the texture here so we need the guide first I think I’m
going to add some designs here or whatever okay I think I went to do
first the background before I’m going to add the texture so ever some blue and white and some yellow yes I’m going to make this part light so
that I can have a good contrast and put some Reds that’s too much
yellow and red mix and darker greens and I’m gonna need to mix for darker green so blue raw umber blue in red and yellow you can also use the the brush the
bristle brush here so actually better than this one okay so I’ll be back to the flat brush there so you need to have some details here
no I mean gonna put some when I blend this part so I’m gonna have some white
and yellow here I’ll just make this part very light that’s it
and I’m gonna mix some darker green blue and raw umber and yellow I’m gonna put it
here some part will be darker okay we well
add that gesso oh no I mean sorry it’s the raw umber directly okay now I am ready to put the gesso so
I have here a palette knife the smallest one on the market yes we can get some small amount and just do it this way and you can put
it put it on the pallet color palette then we can now use this one
or you can put it directly here then we can create the textures there so since my the texture or the texture
of my tree trunk something like some greens or kinda put there some greens
later and to create a texture from top to bottom then you can also directly get from the can and then put it directly here do not be afraid to apply just put it
directly and also here on the roots part of the roots we don’t need to be hurry to put this
one just take your time there okay
we need more then you can create textures on the gesso itself you can add more textures by slicing it it slice it down
also horizontally to slice it horizontally horizontally and vertically to create cuts that’s it
I’m going to add more more thicker textures so here we also
need to design what we want to what you want for the trunks of the trunk so I
need to do my little crafting here there another one here and here you need to
scatter it a little and also with textures like this okay I want more I’m not really sure if you can see it
from the very bright light not sure about I think you can okay so I’m going to add a
little more the more the better but don’t overdo it should be just enough okay I’m going to
add some slices on the trunk okay that’s it so we need to let it dry
for I’m not really sure maybe 1 to 2 hours before gonna add the color so or
I’m not sure how much time we need to let it try but I’ll just post the add the
time that I need I needed to to let it dry so I just put it put it after and
then out before I’m going to start the second part okay so just let it dry
first or at least I’m not sure whether 2 hours okay everyone so I think the
gesso is already dry and it took it around 1
hour more than 1 hour to dry this one but I think in just 30 minutes
it is already dry and you can you can apply some paints over it but I
recommend 1 hour that’s way better so you can actually touch this one and also the paints on my palette are already dry so… I’m gonna put some okay so um you can still use the raw umber I’m gonna use the raw umber first to cover it with dark
tones here and also some blue yes and raw umber to make it darker so we need to
do it first the dark tones or darker tones we’ll cover it first and some blue so I need to put darker colors first you need to make it a little wet so that
you can and also the red you can use that one i will put more water in it so that
will it will, the cups will suck the paints so we need to cover the whites there so actually even if you just use the flat
colors the textures are really you can see the textures you can
notice it because of the reflections of the light so we can actually notice
or even if we don’t have the highlights for now so that’s a good about… that’s a good thing about using the textures so you
can also use some alternative alternative materials like Versatix, Classitex or the the Permatex you can actually use that, we are using that
here in the Philippines sometimes when we put textures on our paintings
and also for the prime primer you can also use that it’s way cheaper than the gesso and actually it’s made of the same materials so no worries about it about cracking okay
here I’m gonna make this darker because of the reflection again we can actually see the the details of the or the texture of the
tree trunk that’s wonderful there! okay!
so we need to cover everything like the white spots between the cracks you can actually use the pure raw umber there! so I think we need to let it dry first and while letting it dry I’m gonna add a little details on the background
that’s it in there since this is a painting so then I’m gonna add also
details on that okay so I think I’m gonna refill some colors
on my palette I’m gonna need some yellow then of course the blue just little amounts and the red and a little amount of white there you go you know we gonna use I’ll be using this um
bristle brush so that I can put some details on the leaves so I’m gonna use
some blue yellow and raw umber also red or yellow so here
it’ll use again the tapping a pouncing technique there you go that’s it!
and also need some brownish color brownish green not just… so I’m
gonna put it here so that I can have a variety of plants on the background this actually a basic tutorial and
easy basic tutorial everyone can do it so here I’m also adding some more
textures and then also some highlights we’ll be
using the yellow and white let’s get some put some highlights here there okay and here also like the yellow color here okay so we cannot see clearly the light
so that the center of the painting and I’m gonna add some browns
or orange so I just add red or… like lighter green and I’m gonna add some
grasses here there so you can create some stroke like this
like you are just brushing it we create a little curves to create the little
details on the ground on the mean on the
grasses there you go maybe I’ll just leave it I just wanted
to be like dark hey so I think this one is not that dry… but I
think I can add details on here… on this trunk okay that’s pretty nice and I’m going to
start adding the details so I think I’m going to add some white no I think some
little orange trunk I’m gonna use this orange color red yellow and white and
let’s put it on the center of the cracks it’s actually too wet that’s why you
almost can’t create or add the color and maybe we just have to okay maybe I just need it to dry completely
but I’m going to add more highlights using the blue and the raw umber I’m going to put this color on the backside of this part here because I’m gonna put the
light on the on the left side so it was right the light here so we’re gonna put
the reflection on the on the back I’m gonna use this color it’s a bluish color
with raw umber gonna put raw umber here then easily carefully little put some
highlight there you just do it little lightly you can use the tapping or pounching there you go a little pounching technique we’re just you just create those
textures do not overdo it do not cover everything
it’s like you’re adding in a normal without textures okay now you
can now see it some some light is bouncing in there okay now I am ready to
add the highlights on the left side so I think I’m gonna use some brown color so
yes this raw umber the red yellow and white and yellow and I’m gonna put it here you can also
use the pouncing or tapping technique do it a little soft there and also here I get a little soft there…
more red I wanted to put a red and of course here there
so I think I’m gonna put more more red between two rocks
when I used to the pure red almost pure red here it’s actually the color of the inside
of the tree trunk it’s actually a little reddish other colors like brown bu I like this one
it would create contrast there it’s pretty nice I’m going to add
more highlights by using smaller brush number seven flat brush and the
white and yellow so here I’m gonna make it this lighter actually we can use the
texture here to put some highlights okay let’s try that so I’m gonna use the
gesso again here to get a little amount of gesso and then gonna use this color here which
is the brownish I’m gonna make the gesso it’s just like we are having a
heady body paint and I think I’m gonna use a palette
palette knife now they’re.. another yellow then you can apply it here actually way better than putting it
directly this one is better I think it’s too
much highlights I’m gonna add more red and
yellow in there and some raw umber that’s it you just put it on the top of the
existing texture just like you you’re putting on top of
it! that’s it! this is way better than using
the brush you can add a little yellow there you can also put some greens so I’m gonna
use the yellow and the blue and red so we can put some greens in there also it’s dark
we can add a little gesso on this with more yellow still dark, I need more gesso there adding some greenish tone on the on the tree trunk with a little brown
and blueish on the back part some yellow there
and for the last part I used smaller brush and use a lighter green and let’s
add some highlights here for the for the grasses, just a little and also here okay so I think I am done yeah so I hope
you learn something out of this you can can apply your own textures on
your painting so it is way better than just ordinary textures in your
painting so I recommend this using gesso
if you don’t have any if you don’t have the acrylic gel to create the textures
and mix it with you paint you can use the gesso or any other alternative
texture of medium for textures like the versatix, permatix, classitix okay
so I say thank you everyone for watching this video I hope you get something out
of this and learn something and my advice is to keep on practicing keep on painting the more you do it the more you will know how to use the brush the more you will know how to mix the colors that’s why I use limited colors in my palette because I want you to learn how to the mix and get the desired colors you want okay once again thank you have a nice day and GOD bless you all, all the glory and
honor and praises always belongs to the Lord Don’t forget to hit subscribe!

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