How to Paint Rocks with Textures using Palette knife and Gesso in Acrylic Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Rocks with Textures using Palette knife and Gesso in Acrylic Painting Tutorial

hi everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra and by using limited colors in my palette I am going to teach you on how
to paint this wonderful painting and please don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t subscribe yet okay before that I’m going to introduce
the first of materials that I’m going to use so I still be using limited color
palette and I have we got a titanium white pthalo blue, brilliant red, medium yellow and the raw umber, so I’m using the limited colors because I wanted you to know how to mix and get the desired colors you want okay and this is my canvas it’s just eight
by ten inches it has 3 coats of primed acrylic, you can also use gesso I made it myself and water to thin the paint and water spray if ever we gonna need to wet our canvas and it’s easier for us to blend the colors and I’ll be using one brush only
so sorry I”ll be using this number eight nylon flat brush long handle
I think I’ll use two so I have also here number seven nylon flat brush short handle so I’m using two brushes and gesso I’ll be using the Grumbacher gesso but
you can use any brands then I have here the pallet knife so you can have very
good texture using this one, okay so I think I’m going to start now and so I’m
going to sketch first I’m gonna do the sketching first using the flat brush
number eight here and with raw umber we need a little water so think I’m gonna add a very sharp Rock
here another Rock here a round Rock and also
here a flat type Rock there so I have three types of rock now you can apply the gesso so I’ll be
using the palette knife in the gesso you can get gesso out from the can and you can apply it directly to the canvas okay so I’m gonna apply the gesso directly to the canvas so here on this one Rock
we’re gonna put some textures then I do this one first so here
going to have another little textures here should be very thick there and also here gonna put some more
textures and on this rock here I’m going to add a very thick texture this would be a little flat rock one more texture on this particular rock this one is pretty thick on the top part with a little here on the bottom I’m gonna put some on the bottom there and also this one I’m gonna put more texture on this one this will create more texture on the
rock okay this up to top this one here to create this kind of texture should be around rock there I need to add more texture in this one you can put some cracks or whatever it will make it realistic and also this
one here okay so that’s it so we have now that
the texture for the rocks so we’re gonna let it dry for at least 30 minutes to
one hour so that will be the preferred time or letting it dry
so we can add the colors okay so just let it dry first and I’m gonna go
back adding more details okay everyone so I think the paint is already dry now
and I let it dry for around 30 minutes some are still soft but we can can cover
it with some paints now okay so we can we can touch the paints okay so I
think I start so I am going to make this rock here a light color and this one
will be a little greenish with some moss whatever and it’s gonna be another color it
will be grayish tone so here I’m going to use this raw umber
directly then you can add water on it to make it fluid or wet so here okay I think I’m going to cover it first
with this raw umber color and make sure that there are no white background visible there okay
and so this one we need to cover the holes with the
dark colors so I’m using a fluid paints with water there also here okay
and this one I’m going to add a little white my white is dry so that it will
become not so dark however some parts will be also dark there okay that’s it! now I’m going to do first
the other one the first one and I’ll be using the darker raw umber with some white I’m gonna put some greenish tone here
I’m going to put the light coming from the left side so all the highlights
should be in the left then there is darker raw umber and also here I want to put a little
dark okay I’m gonna have some blue to make
some green blue and yellow to make some greenish tone and a little red my
paints are dry so I’m gonna put a little reddish down
here and of course some dark with blue and
raw umber yeah there it looks like realistic now
even if it’s not yet done I’m gonna use the raw umber again this part on the
bottom on the vase I’m gonna make this darker then I’m gonna spread a little the greens okay even that for me it looks realistic
so we need more retouch now I’ll be using a palette knife here with some white little raw umber and yellow here and of
course red another yellow it should be look like a flesh in color more yellow there I like this you can just spread it
here on the top so do not press it too much just a
little soft so that the paint will just be on top of the textures not on
them not on the light part not on the the bottom part okay that’s it! well that’s realistic already so I’m gonna use more sorry okay that’s it! so for me that looks realistic
I love the result, and also using this raw umber with a little
blue and white so it will be a little bluish gray and
gonna put it here it will be a little bluish gray color just tap it! tap it! tap it! ok there
this looks pretty nice and looks realistic I know I’ll be using more
white with some red here and again with yellow with a little
greenish in color yeah I’m gonna mix it with the green and I guess again the
same technique here we’re gonna spread it on top there there
that’s pretty nice okay I’m gonna spread a little
also some lighter color with lighter okay I’m gonna use this raw umber here I’m
gonna spread a little on this part there and also that the one on the top it’ll
be a little grayish with some it’s dark I’m gonna add some white again the same technique the same technique with the other two except to put it on the top of the of the texture so that you can have you can you
can see the texture on your… it will reveal the texture okay and this one on the other side I’m gonna
make it a little bueish I’m gonna use the blue it should be a
little bluish gray I’m gonna put it here I’m gonna use a lighter color that’s it! okay you know the last part I’m gonna put
some shadings or shadows I’ll be using smaller brush it is
the number seven flat brush I’m going to use this raw umber with some white to make it a little lighter you can add a little blue to make it a blueish gray you can
put a little shade here so that it will become realistic sorry there is a little okay I’m going to retouch… just want to erase some parts everyone there I’m going to retouch more okay that’s it so I think I am done everyone
so hopefully I hope you enjoyed this tutorial it’s just very easy and you can
achieve a very realistic effect using just gesso so I recommend using this one
is very easy to apply and you can actually, there’s a guarantee
that you can create a realistic object or a realistic rock out of this
so with some retouch so everyone my advice keep on practicing keep on painting, the more
you do it the more you will know how to use the brush, the more you will know how to mix the colors that’s why I’m using
limited color palette because I want you to learn how to mix and get the desired colors you want okay everyone thank you so much for watching this video please hit like add some comments subscribe for videos in the
future ok thank you very much have a nice day
and God bless you, all the glory and honor and praise always belongs to the Lord you

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