How to Overlay Formica Countertops With Concrete Overlay | Easy, Affordable Concrete Countertops

How to Overlay Formica Countertops With Concrete Overlay | Easy, Affordable Concrete Countertops

Before you begin overlaying a Formica countertop,
ensure the existing countertop is well reinforced and exhibits no flex. Scuff the surface with a 120 grit non-loading sandpaper. Thoroughly clean all dust and debris from
the surface in preparation for the concrete overlay. Pour the contents of one fifty pound box of
Overlay in a five-gallon pail. Slowly pour one gallon of water into the five-gallon pail. Mix continuously with a drill mixer. For best results, use a “birdcage,” high-shear paddle for bucket mixing. Thoroughly combine the water and overlay to insure the dry polymer is saturated and properly dispersed. The average working time of Overlay is up to 20 minutes. Overlay the vertical surfaces before the countertop
face. To trowel overlay on to a vertical surface,
the overlay consistency needs to be thick enough to stick to the vertical surface. Once the vertical application is complete,
mix the remaining overlay to a thin pancake batter consistency and pour it onto the surface. For a 1/16th to 1/8th inch skim coat, apply the overlay with either a pool trowel or a magic trowel. The magic trowel will allow a less-experienced person to achieve a more uniformly & smooth surface. Dry, hot weather conditions may reduce working time due to evaporation. Mix ice water with concrete to extend working time of overlay for up to an additional 10 minutes. Overlay the surface and allow to dry for 3-6 hours, or until the overlay achieves a uniformly light gray color. Use the Magic Trowel to reaffirm the overlay to the edge and side of the countertop Patch any exposed areas with a thick swab of overlay. Use an 80 grit non-loading sandpaper to grind down rough edges and smooth out the surface. Now your Concrete Overlay Countertop is ready for Acid Staining & Sealing.

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  1. Great video but what products did you use?  Regular concrete?  Ardex Feather Finish?

  2. how long does it take till acid stain can be applied

  3. Have you had any problems with this countertop yet? We are thinking about doing this instead of actually pouring concrete countertops to save money (not that the concrete is expensive but countertop admixture we have to buy does add up). Or if we use this product do we even need to do a countertop admixture to regular concrete? Thanks in advance

  4. Nice peaceful music

  5. Did I miss it . . . what products were used?! Good grief. What good is an instructional video if you don't tell people what you used?!

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