How to make concrete green

How to make concrete green

The world is expected to add more than two trillion square feet of new
building space by 2060. That’s the equivalent of adding another New
York City every month for the next 40 years. Many of these buildings will be made using
cement, a massive emitter of greenhouse gases. But a company in Canada discovered an innovative
way to reduce cement’s carbon footprint. The effects of climate change are going to
happen. We’re seeing it every day. But this is a solvable problem. Our industry can decarbonize. Cement is the glue. It’s the active ingredient in making concrete and is the product that we build modern society
with. People often ask, “What is the difference between cement and
concrete?” Cement is really the chemistry behind concrete. The simple analogy would be if you’re baking
a cake, the flour would be the cement and the cake would be the concrete, the finished
product. To make concrete, you dig up limestone from the ground and then you run that through a kiln. Each pound of limestone that you put into
this kiln, one half goes up into the atmosphere as CO2. Carbon Cure is a technology company helping concrete producers transition into the new low carbon economy. We developed a technology that bolts onto
an existing concrete plant. We’re starting with a greenhouse gas, a harmful waste product and we’re turning
that into value. We add a small amount of CO2 to react with the chemistry from cement that allows you to create a higher strength
concrete. Carbon utilization is not just some abstract
idea. It’s not just happening in the lab. It’s happening in the real world. The concrete industry has worked for years
on sustainability and so now we’re looking for new technology and Carbon Cure sequesters that CO2 into the
concrete, locks it in forever. Then you can actually lower the amount of
cement in that concrete, it’s really taken hold, and it’s building real things that we can
live in and drive on every single day with overpasses
and roads, airports, aquariums, or it could even be tech
campuses. Carbon Cure is on a mission to reduce 500 mega tons of CO2 emissions per
year. That is the equivalent of taking 100 million
cars off the road, or the equivalent of the CO2 reductions from 500 million acres of trees annually. We’re finding in the marketplace, both with our customers and internally, people are proud to work for someplace that is taking care of the environment. I’m doing it for my family. I’m doing it for my daughter. There’s a real human toll to climate change, but absolutely the solutions are there.

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  11. I'm confused, why do you want to reduce amount of CO2 when plants need it to survive and we need Oxygen from plant to survive….???

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  18. Using hemp strands to help as a bonding agent will be a great reinforcement. Our company has created a appliable skin to use as a waterproofer which increases the life span of the brick or concrete indefinately if applied aging and agin. For canadian clinates it prevents water from working its way into the seams and provides a uv barrier to prevent deterioration due to the elements.

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  23. Here is a story on how to make concrete more green than using CO2:

    As a civil engineer, this is something I feel extremely strongly about. Silica fly ash is a byproduct of coal power generation, that gets collected by coal scrubbers. When the Obama Era clean coal technologies came into play early in the first administration, Silica Fly ash was an extremely cheap, efficient, and green, replacement for cement in concrete mix designs. Some mix designs would reduce 50 lbs of cement for every 25 lbs of fly ash used. Fly ash would produce the same or greater strength concrete as cement, but with better flow properties, and faster set times after pour. Fly ash reduced concrete costs across the board by 25% during this time, it was an awesome example of how green technology gave a booster shot to a whole host of different industries. It got to the point where the coal power plants couldn't supply enough fly ash for the demand of the concrete materials industry. It was a huge win for the environment and the economy.

    Then the EPA got a little overzealous, classified fly ash as a hazardous material, making it extremely difficult to haul on the roads or to store at cement plants. The coal power plants had to resort to storing the ash in coal ash ponds, because it became near impossible to transport offsite. A lot of these ponds were hastily and poorly constructed, or not constructed large enough (usually because there is not enough room onsite at the coal plant, groundwater is shallow, etc.) for the fly ash produced by a coal plant. Nearly every time a 50 year storm comes through there are still to this day multiple failures where, similar to the levees during Katrina, the fly ash will escape containment, and overflow into the natural water supply/reservoirs/rivers/lakes and contaminate/kill everything it touches along the way.

    With the coal scrubber technology, they accidentally started a great system that was beneficial for a lot of different industries, then destroyed any progress they made with too stringent rules for the transport, creating even worse environmental problems than what they set out to solve.

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  35. How many concrete plants have adopted this technology? What is the ROI on the tech? How much does it cost to implement into a cement/concrete plant?

    It sounds very interesting. However, there will need to be a ROI for this to come to fruition.
    Or written into design build specs.
    How is this technology being marketed?

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  49. I worked for a concrete plant , I didnt realize how much of an impact it had on the environment. I am happy to see such advancements in technology!

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