How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle – Easy Way

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle – Easy Way

Make sure bottle is empty before use To watch more creative video – go to end of video

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  1. Let's check out website for all major details:

  2. What are the equipments used in making this model?

  3. Hello..sir..can you help i can contect you immediately.?

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  6. Very nice and easy


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  10. plese give me list of materials

  11. I can make the vacuum cleaner and I will win in science model competition

  12. your idea is very good mr Navin but where do we get the net which you put it in the middle of the bottle but it was very good

  13. phatu video . 3rd class

  14. Sir o pepar konsa hai Jara bataoge

  15. Sir we tried to make it but it failed, which battery u have used , it is not suctioning the dust it is needed for college project plz reply..

  16. Cho mình hỏi cái cục pin mấy V đấy ạ

  17. Is this kinetic energy?

  18. Please give me the list

  19. Hi 👋 can you please state the procedure here, yes we saw the video but we need the explanation on how to make a vacuum cleaner. Thank you in advance

  20. Wow … You are Genius !!!

  21. What are the materials? Plz mention with video.

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    Tapi mending pake sapu☺

  23. Anyone knows what is that black box?

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  25. machine name ni bataha

  26. Sir please send me material of this video

  27. Bhai kuch aacha banake dal

  28. bhai aapne jo fan banaya hai uaske liye redimade fan nahi chalega kya?

  29. I don't want to make it.are you gonna sell it.what is the price?

  30. Sir 4:00 Baj ke 38 minut per yah Jo Neele Rang ka kapda Hai yah Aakhir Mein chij Kya Hai

  31. I understand but , how can you conected that vacuum cleaner with switch.

  32. Can you use any type of bottle or it should be like this

  33. Can we use cans like Coke and Mountain Dew instead of spray cans??

  34. Osum man…..ha ha 😂

  35. Good concept but a total waste of materials. It took time to clean those bits of dust. I'll better be using a broom and be done in a second than use this and spend the rest of the day cleaning. lol

  36. Aap apane es video me kaun sa material use kar rahe hai bataye

  37. Which power motor is used for this

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  39. What is the white thing that you used around the bottle?

  40. Can you please tell me what are the things needed for making this 🙏🙏🙏

  41. How many wart motor we have to buy
    Please tell🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  43. seems to work better than my store-bought one

  44. Very nice and helpful

  45. Good day.
    Please what type of electric motor did you use and the rating?

  46. this is very very very good I like it

  47. Ah blue color sheet ethanu plastic sheet or net cloth ooo

  48. How to dispose the dust of the vaccuum cleaner?


  50. Which motor have u used?

  51. Sir plz provide the names of the material

  52. Where did u connecte the switch ..I'm mean from where the supply is coming in?

  53. This man is very talented

  54. I am 1st prize winner thanks so much

  55. Can you tell all the materials used for this??

  56. Sir Can we use simple motor

  57. Is it possible for it to work if you use a simple battery with a high amper because 12V battery sounds super expensive please reply

  58. Which voltage mini motor was used for this

  59. Kya hole krne jaruri hai
    Plz giv me ans fast

  60. Which motor you use

  61. How many 'v' of motor we can use

  62. Bhai mat de yaar marbaiga kiya

  63. Matharchod kam tho nahi kar raha bhosari

  64. It has a removable, cleanable filter, and the motor & impeller are on the clean side of the filter, which makes it already far better than most of the 'diy vacuum cleaner' projects I see, though I'm a bit worried about the impeller rubbing on the inside of the bottle—it might wear through it.

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