How To Make a Custom Minecraft Texture Pack 1.15 – Custom Minecraft 1.15 Bees!

How To Make a Custom Minecraft Texture Pack 1.15 – Custom Minecraft 1.15 Bees!

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this video I’ll be showing you how to set up a custom Minecraft 1.15 Texture Pack and then we’ll use that to have some fun with our Bees and make some custom Minecraft 1.15 Bees as well. Now if you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support my channel through Patreon, and also don’t forget to Subscribe as well. I do a bunch of videos every single week some of them on graphics programs and some of them on Minecraft Okay let’s get to it The first thing we need to do is to make our custom Minecraft 1.15 Texture Pack so I’ll start off by closing out of minecraft and I’ll go back to the loader screen there’s our launcher right here the loader screen now first thing we need to do is go to installations right up here and then make sure that snapshots is selected that’s checked right there very important you to have snapshots checked we’ll be using that to set up our texture pack because we’ll be getting our texture pack from the latest snapshot right now we’re at 19 w 38b it’s a new one of these each week we’re at week 38 for the year and of course it’s 2019 so there’s our latest natural be using that one now don’t do anything offering here just want to make sure we have that one set you can go back to play and you should see that right down here at the bottom it should say latest snapshot if it doesn’t click on the little drop-down arrow right there and then choose the latest snapshot from your list there should be the one at the top the next thing we’ll need before we start is to go over here and make a new folder in your computer someplace I have my standard minecraft folder right here this is where I build all of my videos in that I put in here a new folder called 1.15 1.15 right there just a an empty folder we’ll be putting our texture pack files in this folder and doing all of our building for our custom texture pack inside of this new folder okay that’s all set and that’s all set next thing we need to do then is to hit the play button and let this go ahead and launch minecraft I’ll just fast-forward through this bits gonna sign here watching this thing for a minute and a half lot loads up I’ll be right back I wasn’t too bad just 30 seconds this little bit here this might be a glitch on this particular snapshot I don’t know looks neat though look you’re at the launch screen right now from minecraft click on options and then go into resource packs right there and an open resource pack folder and there it is now what you’ll want to do is go up here in your address bar and just back up one step where it says minecraft right there okay now come down your list and where it says versions down here open up versions and an inversion scroll clear to the bottom right down here and look for the same version that we’ve just loaded the minutes go ahead and show that so you can see that up here somebody’s there it is at the very top it’s at nineteen w38 be right there so you want nineteen w38 be you want this folder right here okay now let’s open that folder up and in here you want the top file the jar file in this case it’s 19 w 38 B jar yours will be a different number of course because I’m surely be watching this in the next 2 3 4 or 5 weeks whatever yours number will be different but it’s the top one in here again just make sure that you are matching the version that you’ve opened up there and then grab that jar file and you want to copy that over into your new folder that we have already set to go over here I’m going to right mouse drag that over and choose copy there we go ok now I can close this down and we can close this down we’re done in here in all this quit game and we’re now all set the next thing we need to do is we need to uncompress this jar file and the program that I use is one called 7-zip it’s a free program download easy-to-use and the nice thing about it is it works the jar files great and if you right-click it puts in a nice little drop down here making it very very easy I just brought up that website in the background here it’s 7-zip dot org and then just download the version you want for your computer might happens to be windows 64-bit right down there so go ahead and download that and install it on your system once that’s been installed and again that’s 7-zip org I’ll put a link for this on my Minecraft website pages link for that of course in the description once that’s been installed you’ll then have that nice right mouse click option right there ok once this is done let’s go ahead and click extract files and it’s going to automatically extract it into the same location and then give it a folder of that name and that’s perfect just choose ok and let it go through and do this extraction of this jar file into just a folder well then go inside of that folder and grab out the assets part of that which is what we need to create our texture pack it’s just that assets part of this whole big jar file here not the whole thing there’s just an easy way to do that as well we’ll see that in just a second and there it is ok go into that new folder and the one you want is the top one here it says assets all you have to do is right click on that choose copy go back to your back one step on your folder right back here right click and paste it’ll take it a minute to paste this because there’s a lot of stuff in there as you can see about 14 Meg’s of information but it’ll go pretty fast it’ll just copy that into this folder as soon as that’s done we then can go into that folder and I’ll show you where you will find the bees which we’ll use to change their color and give them kind of a nice interesting green effect as opposed to their standard orange yellow effect looks like it’s just about finished in here and there we go okay so there’s the assets go inside that folder and then inside the Minecraft folder come down to textures down here don’t go into log states come down to textures right there open that up just by double-clicking and come down where it says entity right here I’d be inside of that one and then scroll down here and you’ll find B it’s a folder open this one up and there are four different B States in here and the stinger over here on the right hand side there’s the regular be the angry be the angry be with nectar and the bee with nectar we’ll just do the first one here the regular bee so if the bee gets angry or if it has nectar it will then change back to yellow since I’ll be using these for the full job you want to change all of these two different colors maybe even different colors for each one but we’ll work with just this one here the B dot PNG now you can edit this file in any good graphics editor it doesn’t really matter what as long as it can handle transparency because there are transparencies on this it needs to handle transparency I like using Photoshop Elements but a lot of other programs are just as good 3d paint from Microsoft GIMP is a good program if you have the money it’ll be Photoshop as good program you know anything as long as it can handle PNG files and transparency okay I’ll go ahead and open up my photoshop elements with the B image there we go now these are real small files as you can see so I’m going to zoom in on this thing just grab my zoom tool here we’ll zoom in nice and large and there we go there is the B in here our standard B graphic and now we can see it pretty well now let’s pull this out a ways like that now this makes up the whole B there are different parts in here there’s the face is right here there’s the left side right side there’s the top that’s the bottom and they have our wings down here and other parts you know the antennae and so forth in there so that’s the image for the bees now what I did was I made two layers in here you can use layers inside of Photoshop Elements and I used one to show just the light part you hear these two light stripes this these two light stripes this stuff in here and those two light stripes and then a second layer to do just the dark stripes lets me bring those up there we go that is the dark stripes in here ignore the blue part look at the dark stripes in here up now colorize those using a hue/saturation shifts that one is though dark areas and then see it better right there with our layer mask showing and then I brought in like coloration for the top part so I used basically two areas or two layers one color Rises the part that was yellow orange and one color rises the part that was brown this would also changed the antenna and the wings and stuff those are just funnels leave those as is they kind of match nicely that’s all there is to it you can recolor this you know any way you want to change your graphics any way you want to as long as you stay inside of those bounds even you’ll put in diagonal stripes what if you feel like I just went ahead and did a green color shift on this so once you’ve done that you can then save this out so I’ll go up here to file and here we use save for web in Photoshop Elements and you want to save it out as a PNG 24 make sure that transparency is selected right there so we have our transparency PNG 24 click on save and make sure you’re sitting back into the right folder back into the same folder or in there it is there’s our 1.15 assets minecraft textures entity and B and there is a file right there B PNG she’s saved it so I asked you to replace a file choose yes and there we go I’ve now changed the regular B state from a yellow-orange state into this green blue look okay let’s go ahead now and save this one you can save these if you’re working with a PSD file a Photoshop style file you can save this right back into the same folder so you can easily go back and do more work later on minecraft just ignores these PSD files they don’t cause any problem at all and that’s what I like to do it is like to save it back in the same location I can then go back and re-edit in the future change colors whatever I feel like okay so now go ahead and get this out of the way and there we go there is the B dot PNG now in green there’s my Photoshop file Photoshop Elements also uses the Photoshop file format and again this file is just ignored by minecraft so I can just keep this here for easy editing in the future so there is our green B let’s now back up to our 1.15 folder which is right here now I need to take this assets folder and combine that with two more files zip those together to create our custom texture pack let me bring up those files there we go I have these two in a test folder that’s the pack dot MC meta file and a pack PNG icon file I’m just going to drag this over here and copy those right there so I have those two files let me show you what’s in both of these now you don’t actually have to have a pack dot PNG if you don’t have this file then you’ll just get a default file for that just kind of a gray scale image for that for your thumbnail I happen to like using my own which I’ll just show you right here I’ll bring this up it is just my little panda bear right there I just use that most of the time and in the pack MC Mehta there it is there’s what that says now you can go ahead and type this in and go through a lot of trouble to get this thing exactly right make sure you don’t get any spaces or anything messed up or you can just download this file from my website there’s a link for that again in the description that’s the easy way to do it the important thing in here is this number right now at this point the 1.15 is still working with number 4 version 4 that may or may not change when the final version of 1.15 comes out in the future here but we’ll see what happens but right now it’s still working with number 4 that’s the same number that also work in the earlier versions at one point thirteen and one point fourteen they were also both number four on that the part right here says my resource pack you could put anything you want in there that doesn’t matter let’s just call this one green B’s there we go and I’ll save that okay so you have your pact MC Mehta and again you can get both of these you can download both of these from my website to save you all kinds of trouble on that so let’s now zip up what we need we need the assets folder I’ll hold the ctrl key down we need that packed MC Mehta and the PAC P&G you need those three pieces right click we already have 7-zip installed so let’s bring it back up again there it is and you want to add to archive that’s the one right down there and add to archive click on that you can give this anything you want for your archive I’ve already done a couple of tests on this particular one here some I call this one B’s – three there it is make sure your archive format is zip very very important step right there and make sure that is the zip file format everything else can stay as is everything else is at the defaults so give it a name make sure it’s in the zip file format choose ok this thing going to go through and zip this whole thing together in a brand new zip for it you can actually see the temp file right there as soon as it goes into the full zip once it finishes up that will just become our zip file ok I’ll just do a little bit of video magic here actually don’t need to look at that it finished real fast faster than I thought I was going to ok so there it is there’s our b3 zip now we can go ahead and put this into minecraft and see how we did okay there’s our launcher again make sure you’re on the right snapshot still you should be click on play and we’ll go ahead and launch minecraft once that’s launched will then be able to move our new custom texture pack over into Minecraft into the resource pack folder it’s give it a minute here to load up and then we’ll be all set to get that out of the way that’s goes pretty fast as you can see it loads in pretty quickly and there it is ok click on options click on resource packs open resource pack folder there we go and then I’ll take the new one here that’s our B is three zip and if you right drag this like that you can then choose copy or click on copy click on paste whatever you like so there’s the B’s three it’s now inside of the mind craft resource pack we can now get these out of our way click on done click on done go back to options again back to resource packs again and then you should see your new resource pack right here at the top it says green bees that’s what we just did bring that over there’s our green bees click on done that loads in once that’s done it can then go ahead and click on done and now we can launch the Minecraft let’s go ahead just make this a bit larger here there we go now at this point you should create a new world to test this out whenever you’re working with any of these snapshots always make a new world for your snapshots now I’ve already done that my new world is right there but if you haven’t done that for instance don’t play any of your older games down here make sure you make a new world first but again since I’ve already done that we’ll use this one right up here we’ll launch our new world in here and we’ll see how this works it should look just the same as it did before on my little preview for you even though I redid everything I put it back the same way I had before so there we go there’s all of our green bees there’s a bee that has some nectar in it all the rest of the bees are nice and green just like we made them so it’s that easy to do that’s how you make a custom Minecraft 1.15 texture pack and also you can customize your bees now we have a texture pack we can customize the bees pretty much any color any look you want there you go making custom 1.15 bees now if you liked this video make sure you hit that like button and of course click on share don’t forget to subscribe I think it also helps I put my channel through patreon and there’s a link for that down there in the description [Music]

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