– Honest reviews and advice Hello, and welcome to this video. ♫ Whoo hoo Oh, my God! Filming live today in this bathroom and I’m starting to
get sick of being here. At least I’m getting a reasonable
amount of tea and coffee and vin time. Wouldn’t ya say, Donna? Eh, she can’t hear me. She just doesn’t want to talk. So anyway, we can have
a look at how to instal a concealed system. It’s super easy, right? The first thing you’ll do, right, is pretty much measure the
holes for the back of the loo. Okay, now, the way to do that is firstly, get the loo up, so it’s roughly in front of
where you want to put it, okay? Then, get your tape measure
and measure down, okay, so you can’t see your mark. Now, this is 500 across,
so that’s 250, right. So, I’m gonna measure
down there for my mark. But see, your measurements could be slightly different, right? So that’s my centre line. I’m not gonna try and make
many marks above that. Then, what I’m gonna do is, I usually just have a look
and see how far up I can cut my hole. Now, I usually do this
with a angled pencil, but as long as the hole
is lower than the back of this toilet here, so you can’t see it, then that’s fine. So that’s part one. Done. Next, (scrapes on floor) what you want to do is have
a look at the height of your loo and also the width. So you get down here, measure this width here, so that’s 220. I want to measure inside that, but I also want to give
myself plenty of room to be able to work with the
with the multi equipment that’s going to be in the back a here. So, I’m gonna say we’ll probably make that so it’s pretty wide. We’re gonna go for 1800. So, 180 divided by two is 90. So, down there like so, I’ll show ya. My centre line here. So, one mark there, the other mark there, okay? So we’ve got our pencil
marks on there now. Now we know that if I marry this up, I know that that’s enough that you’re not gonna see that or anything. 220, that’s the narrowest point, and that there is only 1800, so we’ve got loads of room. The next thing you want
to do is look at how, where the lowest point
of the hole needs to be, So, we’re gonna say almost 5, but, basically what we’re
gonna do is cut out a rectangular shape, like this, just like that there, and there, that’s the next thing. Hold tight. (tool motor revs) A must if you’re ever gonna be a plumber. A mold-it master. They are absolutely brilliant
for this sort of thing. Right, so now we’ve got a
lovely hole in the back here. Ready to take our toilet a bit to the box. So you should be able
to now marry up the loo, and have a quick look down this side here. That’s lined up there. Absolutely loads of room there
for our couplings to go in. I’m not gonna show you now,
but I’m quickly put on these screws to the floor. Right, so now we can
concentrate on our flush. We know that this flush pipe can go up pretty much this high, which is ahead of the high mark. So, we just mark this
up quickly now, right. So, our maximum flush height we’ve got, we know is pretty much in line with this pencil line here, okay? So, we know then that
we can hang our flush pretty much, always taking to account the actual height of the flush bit, as well. So, what we’ll do here is
again measure out my centre, which I know from here is 25, then I just gonna get this
so this is centred, as well, and once I know exactly where I’m going I can screw this to the wall. I’m gonna try and leave
enough space for the lid to go on afterwards, okay? Right, now, we’ve got that
one we can unscrew these two nuts here and that should pop our flush unit in. Right, so while we’re here we
can just get our flush unit put in, get that all tightened up and in. So, there we go. We’ve got our flush unit in and we’ve also got our fill valve in. We’ve got our braided hose
just down here, as well. Do that up, while I was filming. About as fun as having your
head kicked in by a skinhead. So, what we want to do now is, basically, we need to get our flush
cut off so it’s fully inside our flush unit, but that will only go
that far up at the moment. So, we need to know
exactly how much to cut off this first bit here. So, what we’re gonna
do here is you measure from the bottom of the
loo up to the centre of the hole there, so that’s 350. What I’ll usually do then, is I’ll measure up from the top of here. Mark that as 350 there and then, just line it up. That sticks out 350 there. Then I know exactly where to cut if off. Done that. Then I’ve got my nuts on a slip washer here and then
an actual rubber washer. Push that up and into the fitting like so. So then, basically, you know that this is exactly the right
height to receive the loo. In a minute, we’re gonna cut this back cause this might stick
into the way of the loo. We’ll have to measure, basically, what you do, you measure up until it butts, okay, and then out, and if I was you, I’d add about another 5 mil. This is at 3.5 centimetres, or 35 mil. I’m gonna not take any risks
and cut it off at 50 mil. Cause you do not want it too short, okay? That’s the last thing you want. You can push back, but if it doesn’t ready the loo you’ve ruined the hole
that you’ve cut off. (tool snaps) Right, and then, you’ve got basically one of
these lovely washers here that we’ll push over that. I recommend, if you have any, a bit of fair liquid on these just to lubricate ’em a little bit. It makes your job a lot easier. So there, a bit of a
quick look underneath. You’ll see that we’ve got
our lovely nut on there, we’ve got our water on here, we’ve got our bit sticking out, our pipe sticking out, ready. The next bit we need to do is basically just put a flexible multi-quick in here, push that in and then
we’re ready to actually get the toilet married
up and into position. So, basically now, we’ve come to the fun bit. Flexible multi-quicks
make this job now so much quicker and easier that what they were. Cause this could be a
nightmare back in the day. See that just comes out. It’s really flexible. Really multi-quick. I’ve actually got another small
piece here to extend it out, if I need to, because sometimes the hole down here on the four-inch space doesn’t
stick through far enough. So, it’s just up to you. I could have bought a
straight one of these, but there were none in the
supplies, which is typical. So, that can just fit on there, like so. So, as you can see, it’s always a bit of a fiddle doing this. Let’s pop an all-purpose
piece on first in here, and then I can push this
piece back here like so. And, then if you can see just here I can push my waste on nicely like that, and also back here, my flush in nice and easily. We’ve got our flush in. It’s a good idea now to turn the water on and just test out everything
before you seal everything, and do everything up. Right, so there we go. I’ve got the loo in I have to take out again because that little back there, a little bit of a leak, happens to the best of us. You know what I’m saying? Donna, doesn’t it? – [Woman] Absolutely! – See, Donna agrees. Donna, did I ever call you Donna ka-bad? – [Woman] No. – I’m sure that’s never happened to you. – [Woman] It’s been done. – Anyway, so all I need to
do now is drill a little hole through here to take
my last little button. Pop the lid back on and everything. Then I’ve just got to seal
it up around the bottom obviously to put my little wee
screws around there, as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and that it’s given you
a better idea about how concealed toilet systems work, and how easy they are to fit. If you need anymore help
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plumbing disasters on there. And you never know, you might win yourself a sticker. I’m gonna go now and scrub my cat’s gut and clean up this absolute
mess that I’ve got sitting around here and I’ll see you in
our next amazing video. You know what I’m saying, people? So remember, if you want, what have you got to do, Donna, what have you got to do? She knows what to say. – [Woman] What? – Hold tight. – [Woman] Hold tight! – There. There, proof. Just so you’ll know. Oh, yeah! Honest reviews and advice.

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