How to Install a Bottom Plate of Wall to Concrete Floor For Finishing a Basement or Garage for $125

How to Install a Bottom Plate of Wall to Concrete Floor For Finishing a Basement or Garage for $125

I said Johnny you do it here I’m
demonstrating how they attach a bottom plate to a concrete floor
I listen typically be done in a garage when you’re trying to add a wall or in a
basement where you’re trying to finish the basement here this is our basement
floor and this is creating a wall for music studio this wall will be enslaved
attaching it to the floor I apply some OSI f38 glue to the floor
and the exact pattern and put the board on there line it up and then I shoot 20
half-inch ran four miles through the board into the floor now you may notice
that this didn’t happen to me but you may notice that dependent on the level
shot you’re using the nail may not penetrate the concrete all the way you
can ease that up by drilling a pilot hole through the board and you should be
using pressure-treated board if it’s coming in contact with the floor you
could drill a pilot hole that’s slightly smaller than a nail itself and that way
when the nail goes through it’ll have more momentum when it comes in contact
with the concrete here I have add another piece this is an offset wall and
to come alignment with the closet same process just applying some adhesive in a
zigzag pattern and I set the board in place and now using the ran foot so the combination of the nails and a
glue will keep keep the board from moving laterally and up and down when
you have the wall in place the studs in contact with the upper floor and that
will give it some extra strength because it’ll be a force fit now you do have to
be careful with your code because you may have a floating floor and you may
you should use this method for the bottom plate but then you may need a
flippin wall that does not come into contact directly with the bottom plate
in other words the floor can float up and down as much as an inch to three

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  1. Great job! Amazing video! Subbed & Thumbs Up!

  2. Gun plugs quickly and easily!

  3. Rounds for Ramset:

  4. Instead of PT, have you ever used a synthetic or composite lumber for the bottom plate? I've got a slab on grade shop in a high humidity environment and i'm going to frame out some interior walls

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