How To Install a Bath Exhaust Fan

How To Install a Bath Exhaust Fan

Is this what you do after every shower? Then
you need a new exhaust fan. And since we’re renovating everything else
in this bathroom, there’s no better time for us to replace the old one. The latest fans are so cool. Some have lights,
some have heaters, and for the ultimate fight against mold, some have automatic humidity
sensors like this one. It turns on when it senses too much moisture. When you’re picking out a new fan for your
bathroom, there are a few things you need to check out before you buy. Pay attention
to sones and CFMS. Sones will tell you how loud a fan is —the
higher the number the louder the fan. 2 is considered quiet. And CFMs—which means cubic
feet per minute—is a measure of airflow. The larger the room, the larger the CFM number.
For a powder room, 50 to 60 CFM should be enough. For a medium-size bath, 70 to 90,
and for a large master bath go with 100-plus CFM. Also, if you want to make life a little easier,
make sure your new fan will fit where your old one already is. Remember, you can always
pull out your old one and take it with you to the store. So to do that, first cover the work area with
a drop cloth. Then turn the power off to the old fan, pop off the cover, and double check
that the electric is off. Next, remove the motor, and take out the mounting screws. Slide
the housing to the side and disconnect the vent duct. Then, pull down the housing, disconnect
the wires, and remove it. Once you have your new fan, be sure to read
the directions. Now, if your new one is not the exact size of your old fan, it’s ok. You
can make some adjustments.If the new fan is smaller, you can patch the ceiling. You can
see how patch drywall at If the fan is too big for the ceiling, hold
it up to the hole, mark it, and cut with a drywall knife. With the hole squared away you can start hooking
up the new fan. Set the duct connector in the ceiling, hold
the housing up and slide the connector into the slots. With the housing level and perpendicular
with the joists, drive screws into the joists. Now head up to the attic. If you need to, you can lay a board across
the joists so you can kneel down. Attach the brackets to the joists. Then connect the brackets
to the body with a screw. And then attach the ducts to the connector with HVAC tape. On to the wiring. First take off the junction
box cover. Then connect the house wires to the fan wires. Replace the junction box cover, and turn on
the power. If it sounds loud like something’s not right, turn off the power and make sure
everything’s mounted securely in place. When it’s all good, add the mounting springs
and push the cover into place. Another project off the list. For more videos
from this bath remodel series, visit

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  3. Couldn't agree more with previous comment. Home Depot's tutorial is absolutely horrible. Plus they even have the audacity to use a completely finished luxurious bathroom as their stage. People don't have bathrooms like that if they are looking to YouTube for their home repair. Thank you Lowe's for the good "How To".

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  6. What if our old 50 cfm fan upgrade to a 100 cfm requires a larger diameter duct? Is it ok to use the existing smaller duct?

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  15. I have heat lamps currently in the bathroom, do you think the current wiring will work with the new ventilation fan?

  16. nice and simple …… not.! All of the "printed in China instructions" are based on installation with access from above. They do not work for the harder "from below" installation. You have to rip out the ceiling and fit in sheet rock around the installed fan. Not sure why the Utiltech fan only had a partial slide bracket on one side. Might be easier to build a 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 frame for the fan to sit in. The box store "simple" is never simple and staff seldom have the experience on the install.

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  28. life hack: fog on mirror? no problem. use a hair dryer

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  37. Installing and replacing are two different things.

  38. BEWARE! These instructions are probably not applicable to the majority of retrofits. The video shows 2×6 ceiling joists with very wide spacing (greater than 20 inches by my estimate). If you insert the fan into the ceiling through the opening, you will not be able to insert the metal brackets (that nail into the studs) into the fan housing, as the brackets will not clear the studs. My advice, insert some 2×4 cross bracing and screw fan into that

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    Hopefully anyone following this guide will turn them more then the quarter-turn shown and notice them not getting tight and reverse the direction… Righty tighty, lefty loosy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Compadres also used a 3" pipe, so it took better part of a Saturday.

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  57. What about the vapor barrier that is not present in the attic space? This is an unrealistic representation of the task to change out a fan. There must be a vapor barrier installed, and then the insulation is replaced. Secondly, the attic space is typically a dusty mess with insulation everywhere. Use a dust mask rated for asbestos, white suite and tape your wrists and ankles. CAUTION – THERE MAY BE ASBESTOS IN YOUR ATTIC. Get it tested to understand the materials used in your home.

  58. in washington, a label shall be affixed to the control that reads "Whole House Ventilation (see operating instructions)." do you have any ideas how to do that?

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  60. "How to Replace a Bath Exhaust Fan"

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  62. I have never had a fan in my small bathroom, only a window to open…and now I am dealing with attic condensation. I was advised to install a fan, however, I am understanding that the exhaust should NEVER be routed to the attic but needs to be vented outside the house, otherwise unnecessary humidity will be a problem (once again). Also, the fan will need to be insulated to make a tight seal within the attic. I don't think this installation is as simple as it sounds! This video also states in the disclaimer that the information is "general."

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