How To Increase Texture Of Hair | Mens Quick and Easy Tutorial

How To Increase Texture Of Hair | Mens Quick and Easy Tutorial

– So you’re sick of
having flat straight hair. This is something that I
can absolutely relate to. If I step out of the shower and don’t do anything with my hair, it is left as flat as it gets. It just flops down straight forwards, looks like someone’s hit me
over the head with a frying pan. It can be tricky to add
extra texture to your hair. To make it look a little bit thicker and to give it a bit of a rougher and more playful natural look. There are certain tips,
tactics and products that you can use to
enhance your hair’s texture and that’s exactly what I’ll
be covering in this very video. The first step to getting
more texture into your hair is to do with the cut itself. If you’re someone that
doesn’t naturally have quite a lot of texture
in your normal hair, then this can be something
that’s critically important. Because the cut often determines
the way that the hair sits and when it’s cut correctly, it can make the texturizing
process miles easier. Next time you go for a haircut make sure you tell the
barber to add extra texture, this is what I had done
to my hair quite recently when I visited the Slick Hair Studio. If you want to see that video in full, check it on the iScreen above. But while I was having my hair cut, the barber cut vertically down into certain sections of my hair. Not so far that he was
thinning the hair overall, but just enough so that I had hair strands of varying length all the way across. And this meant that when my
hair was sitting normally it had slightly more
texture to begin with. And when using products later on, this just made it a whole load easier. So if your barber isn’t doing this or isn’t prepared to
try something like this, then change barber. The second easy way to
get texture in your hair is to use a texturizing pre-styler. If you’re not already using
any form of pre-styler then I would recommend
it to any guy with hair. Pre-stylers are essentially products that you chuck into your hair right before using a hair dryer. Some of these can help to
protect the hair strands anyway, but also they offer extra effects like, increasing the volume in your hair. Or in the case of sea
salt sprays like this one, they really focus on
adding texture to the hair. One of my favourites is probably the Da’Salt Water Spray from Da’Dude. I’ll link this one, as well
as any of the other products in this video, down in the description as well if you want to check them out. But I like this one because not only do you get a lot for your money, but also the texturizing
effect is really strong. Spray some of this over your
head, then use a hair dryer and you’re left with
really nice looking hair. It stops it from looking
super flat in the first place. But also while you’re using
that with the hair dryer, then make sure you use some type of brush. Tips three and four on this list are gonna be a couple
of different techniques that you can use with your hairbrush to increase the texture of your hair. I’ll link this one from Uppercut Deluxe in the description ’cause it’s
probably my favourite one. The first one of these techniques I like to call the zig zag. For obvious reasons, essentially whilst you’re drying your hair, you just make like little zig zag shapes in the top of your hair. Moving from one side across to the other. Be quite vigorous with this, not to the extent where you’re
ripping out hair strands, but you’ve gotta put some force into this. This basically pushes the hair strands in different directions. This might not be effective
if you have really long hair however, because all you’ll be doing is moving the same hair
strand all the way across. But, if you’ve got shorter hair this works really really nicely. Also there’s the upwards curl motion. This is normally the one that I use to sort of get my hair up at the front and at the side of a quiff. What you can do is use this
on the body of the hair and a variety of different
directions to get it to stick up, especially when you’ve got a
hair dryer on this as well, it really seals it into position and then maintains that level of texture through out the rest of the day. You can go from the front and
then just carry this process on right to the back. Once more incredibly easy,
might be a better option if you do have slightly longer hair. So your hair’s probably gonna be looking pretty good by this stage, but often the texture will
collapse through out the day, you’re gonna have to use some form of decent styling product
in order to maintain it. I’ve got a couple of options here. First one if you’re a
guy with thicker hair, one of the best products I’ve used, in terms of texture at least,
is the BluMaan Cavalier Clay. Not my favourite with my hair. It doesn’t particularly work
very well, it’s quite greasy. Definitely designed for guys with thicker hair without a doubt. But one thing I will say for
it that I noticed straight away this offers as advertised is
extreme texture in the hair. Maybe you’ve got like
a front crop going on, this could be a good option. Smells really nice too,
very traditional style clay, that’s a good choice. Or if you’re a guy with thinner hair looking to get as much
texture as possible, but you’re afraid something like this will weigh you hair down,
which it does for me, you’ll want to use some
sort of texturizing powder. You can get loads of
different texturizing powders, we’ve even got another
one just here as well. All work quite similarly in all truth. But my pick of the bunch
is the By Vilain Blow. This one has a bit of a funny name, but it does have the best
applicator by a mile. This one kind of shoots the
powder onto your head instead. Which I find is great because it evenly disperses the product. Whereas lots of the other
types they just come with a simple dispenser at the top where you sort of tip it onto your head and then often you’re left
with clumps of the powder in your hair which kind of makes it a bit more difficult to style. Whereas this one is the only
one that I’ve found so far that allows you to sort
of fire it onto your head which is a lot better. It also makes it a bit quicker to use. I like lazy stuff so this
my pick for that one. Which ever of those two you use, you’re gonna be pretty
pleased with the results. There are many other products out there that you can use that come with great hold and stuff like that. But really in terms of texture, they’re two of my favourite ones for adding texture specifically. Remember if you want to
grab any of them products, head to the links down there
in the description below. I know that some of them
including the Slick Hair Shop do ship worldwide so wherever
you’re watching this from you can check out most of these products that I’ve mentioned. Hopefully this video was simple
and easy to follow for you. This channel is all about
giving you these tips so that you can make the most of you. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you press the like button. And if you want to see
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