How To Impress Your Mates On The Trail | MTB Skills

How To Impress Your Mates On The Trail | MTB Skills

– Welcome back all you beautiful people, and today is a cool day. Chris and I are headed
out there for a ride. And this is a few ways of how to impress your mates out there on the trail. Oh, wow. The hell. That’s impressive. – Yeah, we go on the trail, Blake. – Watch this mate. Right look at this thing, here. I reckon’, I’m gonna impress you. I’m’a gap this frickin’ thing. – Yeah? – All the way to that tree. – To that tree? No way, let’s see it then. – Yeah, to flat. – That would be impressive.
– You impressed? – Watch it.
– You done it? – Yeah stay here, watch this. – Whoa! Pretty impressive but
check out this manual. – So when you’re out on the trail and you want to impress your mates, it’s all about speed, if you are fast, if you’re slow it’s all about looking stylish. Chris, on the other hand,
he said he can manual through these rollers. Let’s see if he can. If he does, this’ll be
impressive actually. Oh what? Oh! (claps) That’s pretty impressive, Chris! There ya go. He’s a manual king. Nah, that’s pretty good, I like that. I got- I reckon’ I could
double double and gut to the table top. – Yeah? In these wet conditions? – Yeah, more power I reckon. – Now this is gonna be pretty
impressive if Blake can pull it off, this gap’s huge. It doesn’t look that big on camera, and the conditions suck as well. This is real muddy. If Blake can pull this off, I dunno what I’m gonna
do to challenge this. – Hey, you got it Chris? – That was impressive, seriously. (both laugh) – In these conditions as well.
– I couldn’t see anything. – It’s amazing, yeah, so good.
– Yeah? – I think the power helped. – I thought you were gonna catch that, but nah, we’re all good. – Yeah, impressed. Should we move on to bit of other trail? (rock music) Right, Chris and I are all about tricks. – Tricks and jibbins
is what we do, in’t is? – Exactly, and that’s
how impress each other. So we’re gonna bust out some tricks, like, whose got some impressive stunts. I know you have. – Yeah, I seen you go upside down on this thing quite a bit too, as well. – Yeah, the housewives’ favorite. The back flip. (smooth jazz) Actually, it is. You have the suicide of kings. (techno) – Roll it, let’s see it. – Whoa!
– Oh! My gosh! I tell you that was, ah– – Was that impressive or what? Did you get that? – Yeah that was– – Were you impressed with that Blake? – Yeah if you went over
the bars and crashed, I would be very impressed (claps). (Chris laughs) I would be excited. Wait there, watch this. Housewives’ favorite! Come, Chris, let’s see you, let’s try an’ do a series this time and not go over the bars. It’s chilling, he’s got this, big one comin’ up by Chris Smith. Woo! (claps and cheers) That was def– now that was impressive. I like that, I like that, well done. – Not as impressive as your flip, but. – Determination.
– Determination. – I wanna see a backwards
noserail on this landing, a la Danny Mack, down on the
front wheel, goin’ backwards. – When he does it, it’s super impressive. – Yeah. – Let’s see it. – You got it or no? – Hell no! – You need to fake your mind. – Hell! If you can do it, that’s impressive. I can’t do it. (chill ska) – Tree. – Tree. – Ah. – Tree. – Woo! – The roll was there, that was impressive! Nearly! – Goal’s on high, nah I hate that tree. I hate that tree. Hurts me, hurts me. Go’on, let’s see. Oh! Yeah! (claps) – Now that was impressive, eh? – That was impressive. I like it, I like it. See, now when you wanna impress
your mates on the trail, you don’t actually have to go that fast. You can actually do it in
a little section like this before you even drop into the trail. That was impressive. – Yeah that was pretty good, wasn’t it? – I like that. – Let’s hit the trails, yeah? – Yeah, please. – Oh!
– Whoa, my god! – Now that was impressive! That was an impressive case. – Whoa!
– Ho ho ho! – Now that was impressive! – Oh he’s peddling! That was super (laughs)! – A’right watch this. (laughs) No, no, no, the tracks
down here, wrong way. – Not very impressive mate. – No that was not impressive. I totally sped out of that berm wrong. (chill music) – [Chris] Yo, whoa! Whoa! – [Chris] Now that looks
pretty interesting, Blake. What we got goin’ on? – I want to impress you, Chris. – Right. – Got this whole fallen down tree. – [Chris] Yeah, it looks
really slide-y perfect. – Looks really good. Slide-y, yeah. – What’s goin’ on then? – So my intention is,
I wanna gap from tha’. – From the root? – Like, whip up and land sideways, and try an’ go 50/50 down that. – Yeah? Let’s see it. – And then ride out like a king. You ready? Impress, impress, impressiveness? – Yeah. – Whoa! (both laugh) – That was nearly really, really good. – That was, I was like. – It was that last novel dug in. Really good. Way better than what I thought. – Yeah? Watch it, I’ll do it again. Should I move it this way, then? – Nah, leave that tree, it might
get you this time (laughs). – I don’t wanna get hit by the tree. Ready? Uh oh! Tha’s terrible one. – Bit chain ring-y. – Huh? – Bit chain ring-y. Not very impressive. – Okay.
– Tires or nothin’. – What have you got then? I’m thinkin’ out the box. – I wanna barspin somewhere big. – A’right that would be
impressive, let’s see it. – Chris? – Yo. – You’re planning
somethin’ quite incredible. – I’m planning somethin’ pretty
impressive for you Blake. – Barspin, I see? – Yeah. On that box, and then– – The slippery box of doom? – Yeah. It’s pretty slippy. It’s gonna be impressive though, right? – It’d be very impressive
if you can do it. – [Chris] We’ll see. – We’ll see. I’d take that jacket off of you, wouldn’t want those bars gettin’ caught. – [Chris] Good champ. – Yeah, a’ight. This could be the ending, maybe. If he can barspin this,
I’d be very impressed. (suspenseful music) – Oh (claps and laughs)! What! Now that was impressive! Wow! Nah dude, that was actually really good. (claps) Chris, Chris. I am super damn impressed. I didn’t expect that today. – Questionin’ everythin’. Impressive. – Yeah, yeah. Right, now it doesn’t
matter what level of riding you’re at, from expert to novice, really, it just comes down
to having fun on the trail. From pushing yourself,
going big on a jump. Or going small on a jump. – [Chris] Yeah, clickin’
that trick further, extending that superman. – Yeah, or just going fast on a turn. Sessioning a little spot,
just to impress your mates. And it does come down
to progression as well. – If you want to see us progressin’, be sure to check out Blake’s
trail challenge as well up here, really cool video. Loads of good crashes, my best crash ever. (Blake laughs) – Yeah, it’s pretty frickin’ good. Don’t forget to hit the globe, subscribe, ’cause you’re missin’
out on some cool content. And if you love this video,
give us a thumbs up, like, and we’ll see you next time. See yeah! That was impressive, dude. (high five) Nice.

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