How to Import a Google Map into Sketchup

How to Import a Google Map into Sketchup

Hey Design Nation today we’re going to
learn how to import a Google map location into your sketchup model. So currently I have open and
if you want to search for a particular location you can type in and that will bring you to a particular
location so if there’s a site that you want to bring into Sketchup and you sort of want to
browse around for the site or see what it looks like in Google Maps you can do
that so that’s actually what I’m going to do today. For instance if you know the
location of the address of the site that you want you can type that in
to this portion here, hit ‘search’ And it will bring it up. This little icon down here
will bring up a satellite view so you can see the site that I want to import
into Sketchup it actually isn’t this it’s a little bit over… it’s right
here. This site here. so if you right-click on this you can hit ‘what’s
here’. So let’s say you’re just searching around a city or something and you find
a location… If you hit ‘what’s here’ it’ll pop up the address. So my address is a
little off so I’m going to copy this and we’re going to import this into
Sketchup now. Once you have Sketchup open if you go to file let’s scroll down to
geolocation there’s an option for add location so if you click on that it’s
going to pop up essentially Google Maps this is actually I think Google Earth
this is where this is taken from and you can actually easily import from Google
Earth if you use that so I’m going to paste in my address looks like I need a
little bit more information so I’m going to hit Search it brings up my area so
what you do now is you can zoom out and you select the area that you want so the
further in that you zoom the more detail you’re going to get further out you zoom
the less detail you’re going to get but the more information site information
you’re going to get so I’m not going to go all the way in here I’m going to just
sort of leave this here but I’m going to select this region just move these
little pins and then hit grab and it’s going to import into my Sketchup file
now if you go to file and scroll down to geolocation now there’s an option here
that says show terrain so if you hit show terrain it’s going to add contours
to the site which is really helpful for you if you’re modeling it’s rough on the
systems accurate as a survey would be but it gives you a decent quick overview
of sort of what the site contours look like if for any reason you might want to
add on to this let’s say there’s a I don’t know what’s over here but I want
the next your neighbor’s house you can go back to file geolocation add more
imagery and it’ll let you you can sort of rotate around let’s say I want this
blue house you can select this region hey grab and it’s going to add that to
my site so if you toggle you can see this is contoured right now if you want
to show terrain you can turn that off depending on how much you add this can
really slow down your models so you want to be careful with how much information
you are importing but this should help get you started modeling your site or
modeling your building on your site and it actually is really simple from this
to import into Google Earth so you can show clients what their building looks
like in context we’ll go over that in another session if you have any
questions feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to see the full write-up
of this tutorial head on over to WWE Tag Team
forward slash Sketchup Google Maps until next time happy hacking
there’s anything in here so they click I can’t find anything it’s going on but if
you whew I’m gonna hit job tree so there’s
all these little things

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