How to hang heavy stuff on plaster walls | Molly bolts

How to hang heavy stuff on plaster walls | Molly bolts

in this video I’ll show you how to hang
a mirror on plaster and lath walls one of the easiest ways to hang heavy
objects on plaster walls is using a Molly bolt this hollow wall anchor will
allow you to hang your frame anywhere without needing to find a stud I like to
start by placing a piece of painters tape on the wall around where the screws
will need to go next I use a level to draw horizontal line on the tape the
mirror I’m hanging has two keyhole slots so I started by measuring the distance
from Center to Center I then transfer that measurement onto my
line making two marks it’s best to use a hard ruler rather than a tape measure
for greater accuracy you’ll want to use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than
the size of the moly bolts you have you want to be able to easily tap it in with
a hammer but not have it floating around in the hole so go ahead and lightly tap
in the Molly bolt don’t forget to remove the tape then tap it in all the way so
the hooks bite into the wall using a screwdriver turn the screw
clockwise until you feel moderate to strong resistance this will require
several turns to show you how a MOLLE bolt works I’ll demonstrate on this
piece of wood as you turn the screw clockwise the both expands in a
butterfly pattern behind the wall slowly pressing up against the back and
sandwiching the anchor into place back to our project you can now back out
the screw a few turns so it sticks out of the wall slightly then repeat the
same process on the other side tapping in the bolt then screwing it tight to
expand the anchor wings and then back it out a few turns now all that’s left is
to hang the mirror on the screws easier said than done right but eventually you
line up the holes just right and it slides into place so that’s all there is
to it please don’t forget to subscribe and
until next time thanks for watching

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  1. A perfect video and description for anyone who has never used Molly anchors.

  2. You are awesome!!!

  3. Very nice! I like how you don't use a drill when tightening the bolt. I've done that and had the anchor just spin around in the hole I just made.

  4. These anchors are the only way to go. I used these to hang my bikes on the wall. 0 studs needed.

  5. Way to go thank you

  6. Nice detailed video. Keep up the good work

  7. Thank you for this! You rock!

  8. I love your videos. You make it look very easy, also you are very precise and clean worker. Very professional work indeed! Watching your videos is like therapy to me. Thumbs up!

  9. This is great, can you use Molly Bolts to mount something to a wall as opposed to hanging something on the bolt?

  10. Can the screw be removed and then be replaced? I'm wanting to hang a plaque flush to my wall.

  11. Can I use a Molly bolts to hang shelves to a plaster wall? Can screw come all the way out or would anchor release behind wall then?

  12. Hi Marie, trade tip for you. When measuring the space between the hanging holes at 00:27 first of all, go to the nearest window and throw the tape out (satans spawn tape measures).
    Take your spirit level and hold it to the mirror as you have done with the tape. Mark the spirit level with a sharpie or pencil at the points where the holes are. Set your level on the wall in the desired position, make it level and transfer the marks to the wall. No risk of measurement error and level as well. If you can use references instead of measurements do it every time.
    Enjoying your video's subscribed a while ago. Retired and laid up tradesman here in the UK. Thanks for the entertainment you do some nice stuff.

  13. Nice tips but the title says “plaster walls” yet the one in your video is obviously sheetrock.

  14. this isn't for a plaster wall. this is for drywall, or sheetrock

  15. Thanks for the video. How much weight does a molly bolt can support? I want to hang a shelf weighing 10 pounds. Is it possible using these bolts?

  16. Great video! I came to see a video about molly bolts but then took a few more notes down about using painter's tape to help keep things clean and line things up. Time to hit up the hardware store…

  17. Super helpful, thx!

  18. That spare piece of wood & reverse angle of the bolt expanding was priceless; a real eye-opener, thanks.

  19. How do I find a stud/anchor into plaster walls? 40s building. I used molly bolts to hang a clothing rod and returned home one day to find it had ripped off the wall. Thanks

  20. Backing out the screw releases the pressure on the 'butterfly' part of the bolt that is within the wall. Without that pressure from screw being tight the anchors will be able to move about and eventually fail. For this application remove the screw before installing and thread on a nut and wider washer, then reinstall the screw in the molly bolt. Now you can use the nut to maintain the pressure on the wall material while backing out the screw slightly to engage the T-slot in the frame.

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