How to Get Grease off a Concrete Driveway

How to Get Grease off a Concrete Driveway

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  1. how do "properly dispose of oil" do they mean car oil or cooking oil?

  2. 11th but highly unlickly when i refresh this page 🙂

  3. the 9th comment said first comment. how stupid

  4. maybe laying plywood AS ur driveway wud reduce stains…

  5. all i would does is spray engine degreaser on the spot and then washit off with water if it doesn work then fuck it

  6. you can also use baking soda and sand with the cat litter it helps

  7. w00t another Howcast video thats actually useful lol

  8. and i subed 2 this bullshit

  9. Lol you guys are funny…

  10. Well that's my useful fact for the day.

  11. Nice it works, two thumbs up

  12. Oooooo, I see why cardboard is one of required item…

  13. next time put cardboard down…..or you could fix the leak dumbass.

  14. So pretty much your gong to scrub it clean 🤔 multiple times

  15. It was helpful for my cleaning business thank you

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