How to Frame Pictures : What is a Synthetic Frame Mold?

How to Frame Pictures : What is a Synthetic Frame Mold?

My name is Amitavh Bhattacherji and I am speaking
on behalf of Expert Village. And I represent my company Abstract Frames and Supplies Private
Limited. This is basically the frame. It comes in nine and one half and ten feet long sticks
and it is synthetic mold. First we start by measuring the picture and then we cut the
longer side of the picture first because if we make a mistake we can use the longer side
for the shorter side. So after we have measured all four sides of the picture, we first cut
the stick into the long side with the cutting machine. The cutting machine is basically
a foot operated or hand operated cutting machine that cuts a 45 degree angle in the frame.
As you will notice when the two 45 degrees add from two sides it makes a corner. Once
we have put the long side and the short side together we clamp it. It is recommended that
you use a synthetic glue to the two corners. Then clamp the two corners. After we have
clamped the two corners, we bring the two corners under a wedge machine. It is basically
it is a stapler like we staple paper. You can staple the frame from underneath and the
wedges bring the two corners together. And the two corners then constitute a part of
half of the frame. Similarly, we do the next two corners and finally we do the remaining
two corners so you have a four-sided frame. Thank you.

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