How to Choose Fall Protection | OSHA Rules, Hazards, Roofing, Safety

How to Choose Fall Protection | OSHA Rules, Hazards, Roofing, Safety

Matt: When it comes to the equipment that
we need for a job, for the safety equipment, price isn’t really the factor per se, I mean,
price is always a thing to take into account for, but usually we look at the installation,
the ease of installation, the performance of the equipment, of course, making sure that
it meets OSHA requirements, but then how the
product is going to look if we’re going to leave it on a house, on a residence, making
sure that it’s not going to just stand out like this Eiffel Tower that’s going to be
there forever. We want it to be low profile, but we want
it to be accessible. We want it to be accurate, and we want it
to perform the way that OSHA wants it to be. We buy fall protection buckets every week
because it’s cheaper to buy the bucket than it is to buy the rope. So, we get a new harness every time, and a
new bracket every time. We’ll take the rope out and give that to the
employee and we’ll save the other stuff for another time. When it comes to your anchors, there are a
lot of options to choose from. Again, you have to choose the right product
for the right installation, and with the right customer, the right project, because you don’t
want to put an 18-inch tall standard flat roof bracket on a pitched roof, because that’s
not OSHA compliant. And so again, you have to match the product
with the project, and then with the customer. One of the other aspects of OSHA that we have
used in our company to enhance our safety program, is the pre job consultations. OSHA will send out a consultant to do a walk-around
of a job with you and to help you recognize hazards, and what the appropriate fix for
those hazards are. And so, it’s a very nice offering that OSHA
gives for no charge and you can work with that consultant to really bring about the
best safety practice for that job, for your company, and for the public as well.

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