How to Change Your Subconscious Story About Love (STOP feeling lonely and single)

How to Change Your Subconscious Story About Love (STOP feeling lonely and single)

We all have subconscious stories. We tell ourselves like, guys, don’t pay attention
to me. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Every person I date is the same type of person
with a different face. Why can’t I attract love? I’m just that crazy cat lady. Every person I date is emotionally unavailable. I feel like I’m always the one to put in the
effort. All of those are stories we may tell ourselves. However, when we take out the subconscious
story we have about love, we become free to really attract love into our own lives. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be showing
you how to unveil your subconscious story, which has been on autopilot, running itself
out over and over and over again, and you might not even know it and understand that
our reality is a direct reflection of the story that we tell ourselves consistently. So when it comes to our subconscious story,
this little thing right here is supposed to be one of those, uh, what do you call it? Glaciers or something where a lot of them
are submerged under the water. Most of our story about love is under the
water and then a little bit of it we are aware of. Now, first off, let’s understand that subconscious. We give it this very esoteric meaning we’re
like, what is this subconscious? It sounds like this very abstract thing. Sub just subconscious just means under sub,
like underwater, like a submarine. The idea is that it’s just, we’re not aware
of it. That’s it. So it doesn’t have to be this really mystical
flying butterfly thing. It’s like what is that? What is that? It’s like it just means it’s unconscious or
subconscious and now you make it conscious and what you do to do this is you go through
and you start to ask questions. You start to unveil the perspectives you have
unveiled some of the perspectives maybe your parents had and the more aware of the subconscious
stories you become, the better. The more that you are then able to change
it. So realize that we have a little stick figure
right here. Now our reality is a direct, it’s a mirror
reflection of the story we tell ourselves on the inside about love. So question things like I always attract this
type of person into my life. Things like it’s hard for me to attract someone
into my life or it’s easy for me to attract them, but it’s hard for me to keep them. These are all stories. Then there might be stories that are parents. We may have modeled growing up like love doesn’t
last. It’s something that I’ve seen divorcing divorce
happen a couple times in my family and because of that, part of me is like, do I even ever
want to get married? That’s my subconscious story about love. And it means that it doesn’t have to be this
esoteric weird thing cause it’s subconscious. It just means it was subconscious. Once you make a conscious, then it’s a choice. But until then it’s on autopilot. It’s like the shadow that is there. So your subconscious story may and most likely
is exactly what is holding you back from experiencing love in your life, from attracting the person
that you want to be with. The one that you would really resonate with
at a deep level. There’s a subconscious story that keeps that
person from coming into your life. Imagine they’re trying to crawl themselves
into your life, but what you’re doing is you have the subconscious story that’s like blocking
them out. You’re like this and then then you don’t even
see them and they’re just crawling, trying to get in. But you got that subconscious story there. And that subconscious story, maybe also something
that might come along the lines of your framework for what it takes for you to be loved. You may believe that you are not lovable. Subconsciously, you may have had experiences
growing up where someone broke up with you and you said, I’m not worthy. So you have these rules in place that many
times may hold us back from experiencing the love that we naturally are and understand
that when it comes to attracting love into our life, it comes due to vibrational resonance. So the key to this is actually feeling the
self love now. And even think of it like this. We have someone else in our life over here
going like, Hey, nah, [inaudible] and all the way over there. Then what happens is we have a rule, a rule
about love and side of our mind that says, well, when I, someone’s in my life, I will
then be able to feel love because every single Disney movie that we’ve ever watched has showed
some miserable person that is lonely and miserable and then eventually they find some type of
a person, someone rescues them, whatever the story is, the story, the subconscious story
that is being shown. And then at the end they lived happily ever
after and they are fighting the wholly complete. Then as we grow up and we’re six years old,
we see this on Disney and we see Cinderella, we’ve seen snow white and all of these, uh,
Latin and all these and we’re like, Oh, maybe if I get that person, that Prince charming,
that a princess, I will finally feel worthy holding complete. This has been embedded in my subconscious
mind that this is what it takes to be loved. This is what it takes. So then we have a rule and that rule says,
when this person comes into my life and shaves me as the princess that she is as the Prince
charming he is, then what we say is, okay, the rule has been met checking off the list. Yay. Now I feel love, but here’s the thing. All we did was had a rule. They met that rule, they met that blueprint
and then we feel self love the whole time. By the way, the love is within us. We can feel the love. It’s just that we’ve got these stories that
keep us from feeling the love because we’re like, wait, don’t you feel that love yet? Don’t you feel it? Because if you feel it, then it’s a, the idea
is that we have this rule that says that we can only feel it once they actually come into
our life. And that’s the rule that keeps us from feeling
the love, which would then help us to actually attract more love into our life due to vibrational
resonance. And that’s why I always say the statement,
you find the one you love by doing what you love, because when you’re doing what you love,
you’re in the core frequency and you’re, you’re loving, you know, other parts of your life. And then that person comes in as a direct
reflection of that. And then you’re also kind of putting out this
tune this, it’s almost like you’re in this vibrational resonance where then somebody
can reflect back that true self that you are versus you being someone you’re not. And then attracting someone based on that
reflection. So the keys to really be who you’re meant
to be in life, do what you’re passionate about. Now our subconscious story about love is under
the surface. Now in this video, I’m going to show you exactly
how to figure that out. And for that, I have this which I already
made, which kind of helps this process of the visual presentation. Now, any belief we have, any story, we have
a stories of belief. That’s what it is. Let me say, I’m not worthy of making a certain
amount of money. We may say I’m not worthy of a certain type
of relationship. Whatever the word is. A lot of the most common limiting belief,
by the way, is the belief that I am not worthy. And I am not enough. Most common limiting belief that most people
have add the key to this is this understanding right here. This little diagram. I did it. I did a good job, huh? Huh? Look at that. So it says this is a table. Okay, beautiful. Well, well, draw a table. That’s my story. I’m a real good drawer. I could wet her stuff good too. So you see, he says, I am not enough. That’s the core belief. That’s the core belief. It’s about the fight because this is the thing
people sometimes will look at, uh, I’m not attracting a relationship. I can’t manifest love. That’s not a core belief. That’s a side effect of something else. So people will try to change. I’m, they’ll try to change that says, Oh,
I’m can attract love. And then they’ll find that there’s other things
that also reflecting back to them, that same thing. Maybe if they believe they’re not worthy,
they have trouble finding love and they also have trouble manifesting money. You see, so it’s a core belief thing and the
way you find your core belief is you see what is the emotion you would feel and what is
the fear you have about not attracting a relationship or not attracting money? Well then maybe I wouldn’t be, I’m abundant. And then what would happen if I wasn’t abundant? I wouldn’t be able to, um, have enough. Well then what would happen if I didn’t have
enough? Then maybe I realize I’m not enough and then
maybe I wouldn’t be accepted by friends and family. And then what would happen if I didn’t get
accepted by friends and family? Maybe it all gets tied back to I am not enough. So we have this tabletop, which is the core
belief of I am not enough, which most a lot of people that if they’re having trouble finding
and attracting love, it may be there’s that subconscious belief that says I’m not enough. Now what you’ll notice is that each of the
legs of a core belief are rooted, are rooted in a reference experience. Something that happened in the past now for
example, does that happen in the past? There’s one experience that one time I was
rejected, which for me there was one time when I was rejected more than once, but that
time that I was rejected was that the first time that it was really memorable was when
I was like 11 to 13 years old. Um, I think I was 13 because it was like this
teenager party at this parks and rec place. And what I did is that we were allowed to
go to the school dance and I asked the 18 year old teacher to dance with me and she
just kind of laughed and she wanted to dance with someone else her age and she kind of
passed me off to this other chick I did not want to dance with and that made me faster
rejected and I had this feeling I that then started to wire in. Maybe I’m not enough, maybe I’m not enough. That was one rememorable experience. I also had experiences that weren’t even related
to love experiences such as maybe my next step ex step mom who is a verbally, physically,
emotionally abusive, that really wired in, Oh, Hey, you’re not enough. You’d barely deserve to go to school. You barely deserve to eat. So because I had those experiences, then that
also helped, that also wired in. I am not enough now. There may be other experiences, but the key
is to look through your memory bank. Sometimes we’ve suppressed those memories,
but start to ask your question, the question, what is the reference experience that may
have wired this meaning in this belief that says, I am not enough? Because at a certain time, twine, certain
Twyman life, certain time in life something happened and when that’s something happened,
we gave it a meaning and that meaning was the core belief, the core story. I’m not enough and then I’m not enough translated
into other things in our life and that just was an unquestioned belief that we had. Now what you want to do is you want to write
out whatever that core belief is for you and then see the reference experiences that you’ve
had that may have wired that in. This is all unprocessed emotion. It’s all unprocessed emotion, meaning you
felt it and it was something that was not really understood from a certain perspective
and therefore it kind of got, it was like an unquestioned meaning that then got integrated. So we have these unprocessed emotion as these
different legs. Now the key to this process of what I’m sharing
with you today is becoming aware of your subconscious story. About love and what it takes for you to be
loved, what rules you have about when you’ll know you’re loved. Cause I’ll tell you what, the harder you make
the rules, the less likely you are to feel love. And remember what I’m talking about, attracting
love. It’s about you putting that love first, feeling
the emotion within you first by loving yourself and then finding someone else that is also
able to love you as well. Plus making your story really easy for people
to to like I, it’s easy for me to attract love into my life. It’s easy for me to exude love cause I am
loved. Those are very easy rules that we can have. But if we’re like it’s very hard to attract
love and I would only feel love when other people have said to me, I love you Heron,
I love you Aaron. And then when you say that enough then I’ll
finally feel it and then you have to buy me nice gifts. If you buy me like really nice gifts and you
tell me you love me like three times a day and then maybe I’ll co I’ll look at that and
I’ll think about it and then maybe I’ll feel love in. The harder we make those rules, the less likely
we are to feel love. But if you make it really easy, it’s like
I feel love cause I really recognize that within myself that I’m more so able to feel
it. You see? But we have these unquestioned meanings and
these unquestioned beliefs with us. So here’s the process. How to change your subconscious story about
love. First off, find your core belief is that I’m
not enough. I am not worthy a lot. I’ll tell you right now, a lot of times most
people have that limiting belief because we grow up in a society where we’re comparing
ourselves to other people. We’re literally made to feel like we’re not
enough, cause then more better consumers. The more we feel we’re not enough, the better
we’re going to buy, the more we’re going to buy stuff. And that’s just the way we’ve been primed
from a cultural standpoint. So when we realized these things and we realize
that we have these core beliefs that the Disney movies, then we start to realize these things
and realize that we’ve been primed in a way prime to give up the dime, to give up the
dime, to give up the money so that we become even more worthy. And that’s just the way it is. That’s the way we’ve been programmed. But we can question these things and that’s
the part of this process. Find your core belief. Find the reference experiences that may have
wired that in and start to ask yourself the question. Now. The first step is always awareness. What does that subconscious story bring? The subconscious out of the dark and into
the light? You do that with asking questions. What would this belief be? What would I believe to be true, to be having
this kind of experience? Understand that the way it works as well is
first we have a belief and a meaning or a story. Then we have an emotion. Then we have that of the action we take. And then we get the result and then that fuels
the story. So emotions come as a result of meaning. I just felt like Sarah [inaudible] sharing
that now. So understand that the emotion we feel anytime
we felt rejected, anytime we felt like we’re not worthy or I feel like I’m shame, guilt,
those come from some story, some meaning of something that happened in the past. And the key to this is having the awareness. And then secondly is once you become aware
of these little reference experiences of some of them, you can then start to doubt them. You can start to doubt them. You can start to look at the story in a different
way. You can start to question those experiences. And here’s the thing too, that neuroscience
shows us every time we remember a memory from the past, we change it a little bit before
we put it back in our memory bank. So by the time we’ve thought about something
hundreds of times, sometimes thousands of times, it’s a completely different memory
that has been over overlaid with the story over and over again until it’s completely
changed because of the narrative we put on it. So for example, that one time I was rejected. What actually happened? Let’s look at that. You could separate the story from what actually
happened. Well, what happened? I asked some girl to dance with me and she
said, no, that’s what happened. That’s it. That’s it. I asked a girl to dance with me. She said, no. Now the story is I went up to this girl, she
was 18 years old and I thought she was going to like me and I asked her to dance with me
and she sent me to somebody I did not want to dance with. That’s all a story. What actually happened? I asked to dance with the girl. She said, no. Now the story is emotionally charged. What happened is not emotionally charged when
you’re able to see and doubt the old story. And I could even add a different story to
what maybe she was having a bad day or maybe she, I was just too much of a 13 year old
stud and she was just worried and like not confident around me cause I was so confident
as a little 13 year old guy. Maybe that was it. Right? But when you start to see it from a different
perspective, it starts to doubt it. You start to relate to it in a new way. Also, you can have fun with it. That’s why I’m kind of saying it in his fun,
lightweight. Maybe I was just, she was just, I dunno, I
could, I could go all day with, with coming up with little creative things about it. But in general the idea is that then you’re
able to see it in a different way. You’re able to relate to it in a different
way and you’re able to doubt these different reference experiences. One thing with my ex step mom, I realized
that she was treated the same way from her dad when she was a kid. And that’s the only way she thought she could
feel powerful. So I could imagine it like she’s um, you know,
like tearing down people’s sandcastles. She’s going around like I’d make a case out
of council and she would read it like this and just kick it like, like this, and then
I’d feel sad. You see? So it’s like I’m able to see it in a funnier
way. It didn’t relate to it a different way, but
really she was just afraid because she didn’t want other people to build really nice Sam
castles. And she felt kind of threatened if somebody
did have good sand castles. So that’s why she tore down people sand castles. You see, that’s a metaphor. But that’s the idea as the idea is you’re
able to see them and then doubt them and kind of relate to them a new way. So it’s awareness than doubt. And then the third step to changing your subconscious
story about love or really anything is reframing it with your new identity reframe. So that was the reframe. See in a new way and seeing that these couple
of reference experiences that built up this core belief, it’s only a couple. Many times if you look through your past about
love, you can find many exceptions or many instances where you were actually loved. I have other experiences when I went up to
someone and I asked them out, they said yes, but y’all focus on that deal yet because they’ve
got these core beliefs is I’m not enough. You see, so the key is then focusing on these
other part. That’s something I found actually helps as
well. A scenes is seeing some of these old belief
as the old identity as an old identity and seeing that as the old way of going about
things and you start to relate to it in a different way. It’s like, Oh, that was like AA run a Ron
was sad of it. People would kicked out his sandcastle. A rod got rejected by that 18 year old that
one time. Who was afraid that he was going to, that
he was just so confident. You see that’s a story though. I’m not saying necessarily the best thing
to do is to build another story, but it’s to realize what happened to the story we tell
ourselves about what happened. You see, so this is a three step process to
love and to really just hear if there’s one other thing I could tell you as well that
really helps is, is understanding that you are the star of your own movie. You are the star of your own movie. You’re not the cameo. The more you realize you are the star of your
own movie, the more you show up in the world as the star and the more that then people
respond to you in that way, you would literally are the star of your own movie. And anytime it’s been difficult for me to
attract love into my life, it’s because I’m trying to be cameo in someone else’s movie,
not understanding that I am the star of my own movie. And you are the star of your own movie. And that’s also when you can make powerful
choices. You can make new choices about who you are. And when you make these new choices, you find
that then you feel empowered. And when you also make choices and you’re
doing what you’re passionate about for a living and you make it a choice to just go for it
and you focus on things like that, you’ll then be in a more powerful state. So realize that we may have a subconscious
story that we tell ourselves about who we are and the subconscious story is running
our life about love. But what you can do is become aware of that
subconscious story. And as you become aware of that subconscious
story, you then bringing out of the dark and into the light, and then guess what? You do whatever you want with it. You can then choose a new story. You can then be the best version of yourself
and you can question those old beliefs about love, that you have realized that anybody
on the outside that loves you back, you’re giving yourself permission. They’re meeting a rule inside of you. And then because they need that rule, then
you give yourself permission to feel love. But the love is inside you the whole entire
time. Now, if you haven’t seen, there’s a meditation
I have where a lot of people have attracted love based on listening to this meditation
for 21 days. It’s in the top description box below. Uh, read the comments just to see what’s possible. Other than that, hope you enjoyed this video
piece for schlub and Nama stay.

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