How to Build a Small Retaining Wall in a Weekend

How to Build a Small Retaining Wall in a Weekend

Building a landscape wall in a weekend Are you ready to make over your landscape? Check out this weekend project from Allan Block Today we’re going to turn a small overgrown hillside into a beautiful elevated garden using the Europa Collection from Allan Block. You can find installation instructions and the location of your nearest Allan Block dealer by visiting us at click on the videos and animations tab and then on retaining walls to find this
weekend project Tools you will need with include, shovels a hand compactor, a wheel barrow, measuring tape, a level a dead block hammer, a rake, a broom, safety glasses and work gloves Allan Block Europa Collection has four basic block shapes for this project will be working with
the AB Barcelona the AB Palermo and the AB Bordeaux blocks using a two course abbey lite pattern The first step is to make a simple plan draw out the layout of the wall and determine its dimensions. Your local Allan Block dealer will help you get all the right amount of block and materials for the job. To begin we will clear the area of any surface vegetation and organic materials Walls cannot be built on organic materials and they should not be used as backfill starting at the lowest elevation dig a base trench that is twelve inches wide by six inches deep along the length of the wall the scope
of this project allows us to use less while rock in the base and behind the
wall than would be used in a standard landscape wall check the landscape walls guide for
details on the amount of wall rock you will need for your own project If the base trench of your wall steps up a slope, see the landscape walls guide for more information and instructions check the trench for level making
adjustments as necessary thoroughly compact the trench with a hand compactor to build a quality wall use a clean granular rock underneath the base course to create a firm foundation for your project we call this wall rock once the trench is ready fill the trench with four inches of rock after the rock is in place raked the
area soon Wall rock is used as base material, within the block cores as well as behind the block it must be a compatible aggregate
ranging in size from a quarter-inch to one-and-a-half inches in diameter this balanced mix of sizes allows for good
compaction compact the wall rock thoroughly with a hand compactor check the entire length for level adjust as necessary making sure to re-compact any loose material now it’s time to install the first course of blocks beginning at the lowest elevation when using the abbey lite pattern you can use the AB Barcelona for the base course. install the entire base course with the
raised front lip facing up and forward on the base material near the front of the trench check and adjust each block from side to side and front to back for level and alignment on this project were starting with a curve. to build smooth outside curves remove one or both of the wings from the back of the block to tighten the radius of the curve to obtain a clear break hit the back of
the wing with a hammer check the entire base course for
alignment by spanning multiple blocks with a level Fill the area in front of the blocks with soil this will keep the blocks in place while
filling in compacting then fill the block cores and six to
twelve inches behind the block with wall rock up to the top of the blocks use the end of the shovel to consolidate the wall rock in the block cores then compact behind the blocks with a
hand compactor sweep the blocks clean to prepare a
smooth surface for the next course then check for level adjusting as
necessary stack the next course of blocks following
the pattern you’ve chosen or one on the Abbey Lite tech sheet so that the vertical seams are offset
from the blocks below as much as possible Fill the hollow cores and six inches behind the block with wall rock fill and compact each course in no more
than eight inch lifts Use approved on-site soils to backfill
behind the wall rock on the last course you can fill the block cores and behind the block with on-site soils to assist with any plantings above the
wall finishing the wall is easy you can use AB Capstones or simply pull the mulch right up to the raised front lip and there you have it – a beautiful landscape
wall in just one weekend using the AB Europa Collection find hundreds of additional ideas for
your yard from simple do it yourself weekend ideas to big projects that may require the help of a Certified
Allan Block Contractor you can watch videos download free instructions and helpful tips all at

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