How to Build a Shed – How to Frame Walls For a Shed – Video 5 of 15

How to Build a Shed – How to Frame Walls For a Shed – Video 5 of 15

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  1. By far your videos cover the step by step constuction better than any I have seen and beleive me I have seen many.  You take the time to demostrate each step. and give tips when you do not have someone to help you.
    Great videos.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video.

  3. when you are doing the framing why does there seem to be two studs at one end of the wall?

  4. This is the best video I've ever watched, thank for sharing.

  5. You could use a simple plumb bob to square the walls 🙂

  6. Great videos. Thank you for sharing  Cheers…

  7. Love these videos, very helpfull.

  8. If your floor is pressure treated do you need to use galvanized fasteners to fasten the base plate to the floor and into the pressure treated 2×6 joists?

  9. Thank you for such a detailed video, this is really helpful.

  10. Another great video! Even though you have selected straight studs, I would suggest that because some people will invariably use a bowed stud you should plump the wall from top plate to bottom plate with a level and straight edge. 🙂 

  11. Should have left the cripples out of the door and screwed bottom plate down at those points.

  12. vertical is plumb and horizontal is level

  13. sie sind ein Meister

  14. I've been planning to build a shed for over 3 yeas now and your videos are by far the best. Half way done with my 10×12 and it is coming along nicely, all because of your detailed information. Thank you, Henry!

  15. This video was great. I was able to build a 10×12 shed all by myself with the help of this video.  Great detail and taping. Thank you very much.  

  16. Love the videos. What kind of screws are you using. I mean does the bit take a phillips or  ?

  17. How do you like the impact driver compared to a drill driver?

  18. Hi Woodman

    Well, I used a drill for the longest time not knowing how good the impact drivers are. Once I used one… I will never go back to a drill. With impact drivers you do not need to apply as much force behind the screw and this makes it much easier to use, especially when working/reaching above your head. Dewalt and Makita(large driver) are my favorites.

  19. These videos are superb.  At this point in watching I have one question: when you made the header why didn't you sandwich a piece of half inch plywood or OSB between the 2x8s so that when you attached the 2×4 both sides were flush?  Just curious.  Love the tips.

  20. are there any negative results from using treated wood for the entire shed ..OR any negative results from using treated wood for foundation and floor with non treated wood for the remainder of the shed

  21. Hey Henry,

    I am building a small free standing screen room 12×12  ( not sure I did the right thing with the size because of material costs ) I had to build on Decor Precast concrete blocks under 6×6 posts because of unleveled ground 8 inches up on one side and 3 feet on the far side.. Its on compacted soil over clay , tried to auger out some footings with a towable auger rental , but the bit kept lodging in the clay , had to dig it out 3 times , so I gave up and went with the blocks .

    Well the platform sat for a year and had little movement . before I started this screen room it was level , but now I have all the walls up and the truss's going in , it seems the floor is a inch out from the 8 inch side to the 3 foot high side, its not level and seems to have dropped  , I leveled all the walls and braced them ( the build is level the platform is not ) .

    My question is , should I be concerned about this unleveled platform now that its dropped about a inch on one side since my build started ? ( I have a 14X14 platform I squared the 12×12 structure on it center )..

    P:s I hate seeing the bubble leave the designated are on a level and stray over the lines 🙁

  22. This is undoubtedly the best video I have seen on building a shed.  I've learned a lot of tricks watching these.  Great job and thanks!

  23. These videos are phenomenal. Quick question, you had mentioned in a previous video about using coated screws when going into PT wood. I wasn't sure, but did you use them when you put the first 2 walls up and screwed them into the floor? Obviously the studs and ply are normal wood, but the PT is under that, so I was curious as I'm going to be attempting this soon. Thanks, and again, extremely well done videos.

  24. great video – thanks for sharing!!!

  25. Awesome! Many thanks!

  26. I put the siding on while the walls are down. Much easier to install while down…then raise the finished unit

  27. Hi Henry, Thanks for your professionel work. I'd like to know if I can use the same technique for wall framing and trusses that you use for a small garage 14'X20' on a concrete slab that I'm working on ?

  28. I'm three weeks into construction class and I found this very helpful, but I have a questioned, why do you use screw instead of nails? do it make any different.

  29. I'm trying to learn as much as I could.

  30. Thanks now I have a barn

  31. good clear instructions

  32. Fantastic Tips…..Shout out to you for showing how to do this by yourself…and I am by myself. I love to work on my sheds and I get a way better shed made better than the expensive Home depot sheds and at 1/2 the cost.

  33. Excellent tutorial. Thanks

  34. I have been working on a 16×12 shed for my wife for almost two years now, (it's a Summer kitchen) Electricity, heat air and hot and cold water, doing it all myself and I have made many mistakes, I wish I had watched videos like this before I started the work.

  35. An impact driver and a four foot level are man's best friends ( :

  36. What type of clamps do you use to hold that

  37. I learned a lot from this video for building my own shed that's going well. Thanks man

  38. This is by far the best shed construction series on the net, so many excellent tips, top quality and many thanks, going to build a 16×9 shed and you have helped so much, many thanks.

  39. How come the gable ends aren't built first?

  40. Do we need glue each timber?thanks

  41. I am planning to build a 7×17 garden shed. How can I use the plan and change the dimensions? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

  42. I guess you can use screws if you don't have a framing nailer. Good info.

  43. Perfect demo.., thank you. I’m building his one this week

  44. This is incredibly helpful

  45. I worked in manufacturing as a tool and die maker, and never built a shed or outside structure in my life. The way you plan your work using jigs etc, to preclude problems ahead of time and make it all come together easily to GUARANTEE a good result is very much how I did in the shop and these are hands down the finest videos for a woodworking beginner like myself. Your presentation and instructions assume nothing in terms of the listeners expertise level or lack thereof and are clear, concise and thorough. In short, if the viewer carefully follows your instructions, it's impossible to go wrong. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos, I'm pumped and can't wait to start on my project!!!

  46. Why not use 8/16D nails? Screws are more expensive.

  47. Nice video. are you using the drill hammer ?

  48. The best video on building a shed, thank you very much!!

  49. Applaud the use of screws. You’ll get an 85% stronger hold by pre-drilling the holes according to a Georgia Tech study👍🏻

  50. I really like the fact that this video shows how to do it yourself without having a contractor van full of tools. this guy uses very few and small tools that anyone can buy and use safely.

  51. This is so inspiring i love how you just think of things and build it!. Thank you.

  52. First of all, great series and plans. I’m close to raising the walls on mine. Quick question, would it also work to square up the walls before raising them? Would this eliminate the need for pushing and predicting where it should go? I am working alone. Thanks for the videos and plans, they are top notch!

  53. Very thorough and excellent work.

  54. What you are calling a '' Triangle Square '' is commonly called a '' Speed Square '' !

  55. This is the best explanation and brilliant job sir!

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