How to Apply Liquid Foundation

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

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  1. this girl doesn't need foundation…her skin is beautiful!

  2. You guys have got to stop putting dese ramdomn facts at the end of your videos!

  3. I would rather watch Michelle Phan…Seriously

  4. @Cyndiii
    hell yah!! michelle phan FTW!
    and bubzbeauty! u shud look her up!! 🙂 she's cool, she's liek michelle phan, she's also asian XD

  5. @Cyndiii && now ima go 2 Michelle Pan vids
    thx 😀 i neva wud've dum it myself

  6. i honestly do not understand the random comments at the end of each vid. but this by FAR is the randomest… reason & calculation. really?

  7. @mexifaith I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :/ btw you look fat aka the girl

  8. Wtf?? I'm not using spongebob to apply makeup. I'm using a foundation brush to do it cus sponge are just cheap

  9. Her skin is oily!!!

  10. I agree with the person below me. That isn't how you wash your face! She didn't even use soap, she just patted water and only on her cheeks. Wtf?

  11. OFCOURSE, they mutherfxcking use a girl who has PERFECT skin to demonstrate foundation application -_____-

  12. when she was "concealing her blemishes" all i could think of is, what blemishes?

  13. She dont need make up her skins fine hella dumb

  14. her skin is pretty and free of blemishes why is she wearing makeup? or maybe shes already wearing waterproof makeup?

  15. …it's kind of annoying when people say people are ruining their face by using makeup

  16. Her skins oily …. Just thought i would say that 😛

  17. Howcast must be VERY embarrassing to British folk. 😀

  18. @Cyndiii How so? It all depends on your preference and skin type. You don't have to use a brush, sponges can be good, your fingers also. Always set liquid with powder, they said that, apply to a clean face, they said that also and moisturize before, they also said THAT. What do you think is so wrong with this method?

  19. @Whereswaldoxx Agreed! Michelle Phan's earlier video on how to apply liquid foundation was very similar to this, I don't know why that person tried to say her method is better. The wet sponge thing really does work

  20. Okay ppl the lady isnt gonna show every little detail. She washed her face, we dont nedd to see how she did it cuz we already know how to wash our faces! And shes just demonstrating how to do it! As long as u get the idea its all good. Those steps were well said.

  21. she has beautiful skin.

  22. You have bad skin,I see redness

  23. Umm foundation brush!!

  24. Wow! i have learned nothing! THANKS HOWCAST!

  25. why not just use a foundation brush????? they give u a flawless finish

  26. people she probally already had foundation on

  27. Looks the exact same. ._.

  28. Out of all the tools you can use for foundation. I would recommend a foundation brush. Sponges, even damp, still soak up much of the foundation and then you will end up using more than you really needed. Also when you use your fingers even though if you wash them, there is still oils and bacteria on your fingers that can lead into the foundation and make your skin break out or oily.

  29. hahahaha im dying because of how she says "squirt" @ 1:02 hahaha XD

  30. Actually, i have found that using a stippling brush works best and setting it with a translucent powder 🙂

  31. LOL she did not wash her face. It was more like she was gently applying water on her face x)

  32. Ok, this was just weird and confusing.

  33. how did I get here I was listening to Guns and Roses……wierd side of you tube!

  34. If nobody's perfect, then Justin Bieber must be nobody.

  35. "How to apply liquid foundation….You will ned liquid fondation" YOU DON'T SAY?! (nicolas cage face)

  36. the funny thing is she already has makeup on lol.

  37. u got a little demi lovato's look

  38. If you need a tutorial on how to apply the most basic makeup, you are gonna look stupid as shit and shouldn't be wearing it.

  39. Was in my recommended and I wanted to see how they screw it up

  40. Nobody gives a shit what you think

  41. She looked. Oily.

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  43. Step 1 apply foundation evenly done

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  45. thats not the back of her hand…

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  47. She looks like a grease ball -_-

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  50. Nobody's perfect but you are to me- Justin Bieber

  51. Anyway I don't think some of you really understood what she meant. She showed the steps, just so we get an idea. You obviously gotta wash your face but she didn't show EVERYTHING.

  52. I see how nicely she washed her face lol

  53. it's a bit shiny

  54. شو اسمو الفونديشن بلعربي

  55. I want to try it, but my skin is beautiful enough.

  56. Can u please tell me which moisture u have used 😇😇 I've oily skin😇 and I'm just 20 .. I love ur skin and wanted skin like u 😇😇


  58. I want to try it but my skin very very beautiful…. I don't need it 😝

  59. is this foundation is longlasting…will u plz suggest me a longlasting foundation

  60. Skin is glowing is there any secret

  61. Is she Demi Lovato ??

  62. আপু এইটার দাম কতো হবে

  63. Feeling bad for watching this video 😧😧😧😧😧😧

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  65. Thanks. This video helped me a lot.🙂❤️

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