How to Apply Foundation | Second Skin Foundation Make-Up Tutorial with Max Factor

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name’s Caroline
Barnes, and today I want to introduce to you a
fantastic new foundation. It’s called Second Skin,
and it’s by Max Factor. Girls, this is a
foundation breakthrough. As a makeup artist, I get sent
heaps and heaps of products. But when you find a product that’s
got new technology, it’s even better. So what’s the trick? Well, you apply the foundation
just in the normal way, but this product lightens
the darkness under your eyes, evens out any blemishes, and gives a
really beautiful radiance to your skin. The trick is it’s
virtually undetectable. It’s such a beautiful product. So I want to show this
to you and to show you how easy it is to obtain a
really lovely natural skin. I’ve got three gorgeous girls here. This is Layla, Lena, and
Simone, all very, very natural and bare-faced for me today. And I’m going to demonstrate
how fantastic and easy it is for you to create such
a very natural skin that’s basically undetectable. Now on Max Factor’s Facebook page,
a lot of you have been asking, how do I find the right color? I always get the wrong foundation. I’m wasting lots of money. So I’m going to take Lena
over to the makeup studio, and we’re going to try this out. And I’m going to show you step by
step how to get the right color. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you’re trying to pick
the perfect foundation shade for yourself, what you
need to do is take into account the tone on your chest. And you want to bring the chest
tone all the way up to your face. Sometimes our complexions on our
faces are a little bit ruddier. They might be a little bit darker than
our body or even a little bit lighter. Now in Lena’s case, her skin
is a little bit lighter, because she always uses an
SPF, which is excellent. And you’ll find that
actually, because you’re protecting your face from the
sun, your face doesn’t go as dark. If you apply a foundation colors
that’s the same color as Lena’s face, for instance, her face will
always be lighter to her body. So if she’s wearing a
little top like this, it will always look mismatched and fake. If you can really combine
the two colors together, that’s when you get a really
natural finish to the foundations. So again, just apply the foundation
to the side of your cheek, and I’ve got the three
colors here to show you. Now obviously, the Creamy
Ivory is too light. We’ve got the Golden
here and the Bronze here. Now the Golden is going
to be a perfect color. It’s a little bit
darker than Lena’s face, but if you bring your eye line down,
it matches perfectly with her chest. So that’s the color to go for. Don’t always think, oh, it’s too
dark or too light for my face. Check out the color against your skin. Then match it with your chest,
and it will look much more natural when you’re finished. [MUSIC PLAYING] So now I want to show you how easy it is
to apply Second Skin foundation by Max Factor. Now if I were using
this foundation myself, I would apply it just with my
fingers almost like a moisturizer, so it connects really
well with the skin. But if I’m working with
an artist or a celebrity, it’s always nice to use a brush,
because it feels nicer on the skin. And as usual, when you’re
applying a foundation, just start around the
t-zone of the skin. I’m just taking this just slightly
under Layla’s eyes, around her nose, across her cheekbones, and just
very lightly underneath her chin. And already, you can see a lovely
radiance coming into Layla’s skin. And what’s wonderful as a makeup artist
is that when I put this foundation on, it does disappear, and it just
mimics the skin’s surface. And that’s all to do with
the multi-tonal pigments that are in the product. So it’s really, really
exciting to be working with something that gives such a
natural polished finish so quickly. Did it cover my freckles? Nope. Your freckles are
still there, and that’s what’s really important to Layla. She likes having lovely translucent
skin, so she has the coverage. Everything is just kind of
diminished slightly and beautified, and she’s got naturally
perfect-looking skin. It’s really light. And you can’t see where
the foundation ends. No streaking lines, nothing. And it’s really dewy and fresh. I absolutely love it. Layla, come and join us. I want to show the girls how
your beautiful skin looks. What do you think? I’m actually surprised. It looks so natural. It’s really fresh and glowing. It feels really light. I don’t feel like I’ve
got foundation on. You don’t look like
you’ve got foundation on. I know. Exactly. Amazing. It’s almost like a radiance
to her skin, isn’t it? It hasn’t got a goldy
or opal feel to it. It just looks like a
real fresh [INAUDIBLE]. It just feels really light. Yeah. So I just want to show you
how else I finished off Layla’s makeup just to kind of
compliment that lovely fresh skin look. We’ve used a layer of Max Factor
Masterpiece Max on her lashes. We’ve used the Soft Copper
Miracle Touch Creme Blusher just on the apples of her cheeks and a little
bit of a peachy gloss on her lips. And it’s a lovely way to kind of finish
and compliment such a lovely day look. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. So here I am with my
bevy of beautiful girls, and I just want to go through
with you the kind of shades that I’ve used of Second Skin just as
another guide for you guys at home. So I’ll start with lovely Simone. She’s got a very typical kind
of English rose complexion. She’s got pale skin,
and sometimes pale skin can be really hard to get the
perfect match for your foundation. But Creamy Ivory has not got
much pink or yellow in it, so therefore, it looks very, very
natural to the skin and blends beautifully into her complexion. Just to warm her up slightly, we’ve
used a little bit of Soft Copper just on the apples of her
cheeks and a nice finish gloss to kind of tie in the
whole natural reflective finish. Moving on to lovely Lena, Lena’s
just come back from holiday, so she’s got a lovely golden
finish to her skin tone. So I actually used the shade, Golden. It’s a lovely color that’s
full of kind of golden lights. It really compliments a tan, or
maybe if you love using fake tan, it’s a great option
for you to use as well. Just in the cheeks, I’ve done a little
bit of creamy blush in Soft Pink. Adding a little bit of pink
to her bronze complexion kind of breaks up the tan effect. And we use a little bit of a
nude gloss just on her lips. And lastly, but by no means
least, it’s lovely Layla. Now Layla’s got very, very
dark hair and striking eyes, so you want to use a color
that’s got lovely depth in it. Bronze is a perfect color for that. It really sits beautifully
with her dark complexion, and again, it’s very undetectable. Sometimes if you’re using
a darker foundation, your skin can look a little bit
grubby, and this gives a real freshness to Layla’s skin. We just added a little bit
of Soft Copper on the cheeks and just a very, very natural
lip gloss as with everybody. And I think they look amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] So have you tried your
Second Skin foundation yet? Did you like it? Have you received any compliments? Was your coverage
virtually undetectable? Well, I would love to see your results. Please post a little picture of yourself
or a video on the UK Max Factor profile page on Facebook, and we will be
having a look at the best ones. The best ones will receive an
amazing Max Factor goody bag, including the Second Skin foundation. So good luck, and I can’t
wait to see the results.

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