How-To: Apply Behr Premium 1-Part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

How-To: Apply Behr Premium 1-Part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Behr Premium 1-Part Epoxy
Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, is a high-performance interior and
exterior ready to use floor paint. It is a water-based epoxy floor paint
that is available in a satin finish. This product is designed for use on
porous concrete, masonry, stone and brick. Ideal for horizontal surfaces, such as
garage floors, driveways, basements and porches. Before you apply Behr Premium 1-Part Epoxy
Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, it is essential you have a properly
cleaned and prepped surface. If you have a new or uncoated surface,
please refer to the prep uncoated surfaces for paints and stains video. If you have a previously coated or
weathered surface, please refer to the prep coated surfaces
for paints and stains video. Now that the surface is clean, prepped
and primed, it is time to apply the 1-Part Epoxy
Concrete and Garage Floor Paint. Make sure to stir before applying. Apply a thin even coat using a 3/8 inch
nap roller cover, pad applicator or a nylon polyester
brush. Be sure to cut-in using a brush to
coat the perimeter of the surface area, that is next to the wall. If you are
using more than one can, intermix all cans of same product to
ensure color uniformity. Use the appropriate spread rate per
gallon. Use this product when air and surface
temperature are between 50°-90° F. Clean-up is easy with soap and water. 1-Part Epoxy will dry to the touch in
one hour. Allow the first coat to dry for four to
six hours before deciding if a second coat is necessary. For uniformity, apply a second coat in a
criss-cross direction. Do not apply more than two coats. An annual touch-up may be required in
areas subject to tire traffic. Be sure the surface is fully cured
before use. Allow 24 hours for light for traffic. Allow 72 hours for heavy foot traffic
and furniture. Allow 7 days before subjecting to
automotive tires. If necessary, corrugated cardboard may be
placed underneath automobile tires after 72 hours. Premature heavy traffic will cause paint
failure, which will require spot recoating. Be sure to allow 30 days before
rinsing or cleaning with a mild detergent. We have just shown you how easy it is to
apply, Behr Premium 1-Part Epoxy. Enjoy your beautifully coated in
protected surface.

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  1. thanks buddy…sorry for what happened to your floor but it helps me not to waste my money!

  2. Rob,
    You need at least a 2-part epoxy to give you decent durability, but a polyaspartic medium is your best bet, yet it'll require a pro to apply it. We commonly do these types of applications, so when I see videos like this, my head nearly explodes.

  3. Sika has great products and last forever

  4. How do u get the color like that?!!

  5. First off you should use the concrete bonding primer and let it dry over night and the aply the 1 part expoxy paint and let it dry for 24 hours and then apply the second coat after 24 hours and do not walk on it for 72 hours. I painted my porch and walkway in 2008 and never once has it peeled or faded. And it gets heavy traffic. Just let it dry and be patient about it and not rush to walk on it and it will last.

  6. I did my garage a month ago, washed my golf cart and pulled them inside. The next day it peeled the paint off the floor, tire tracks. Not Happy.

  7. Annual touch up might be necessary? FTS!

  8. The paint just comes off even in light food traffic … it even leaves shoe marks … is there something i can use to seal it so i dont get these problems anymore … so far its a trash ass product

  9. I was thinking about getting this doing my basement over and making a video about it but no one has nothing good to say about this and for what it looks like you guys know it and give people back their money almost every video on here about your product is a problem video people complaining about the product telling people not to use it I really can't find one good video about this product on here at all so I'm just wondering are you coming out with a new product if so I may give that a try because I know you know this does not work good

  10. Is this the stuff I should use for a concrete balcony in the North East?. We have freezing temperatures and I wasn't sure if a polyurethane was more appropriate for fluctuating temperatures.

  11. I open the can and the paint looks like slob. So my question is, is it normal that the paint looks like yogurt not like regular paint?

  12. Thanks for let me know
    I was gonna paint my floor tomorrow it that junk.

  13. Aonde encontro para comprar aqui no Brasil !Obrigada.

  14. I used this crap on my garage floor, your product is crap! I’m gonna go with rust-oleum. Don’t bother messaging me back pretending to be sorry for what happened. Not giving you my name & email. Make something that works properly for once. Crap ass company.

  15. I painted our concrete front porch steps with this and it started chipping the day after painting it. I cleaned, primed and waited between coats also.

  16. do not use this pain !!!!! not for floor!!!!!!

  17. wash floor all paint will go away

  18. Used this stuff in my garage, the tires from my car pulled the paint right off , it’s horrible ,,, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

  19. Very Bad product, I did my floor it peeled, home depot gave some more product I went over again, never drove on the floor for ten Days, Now I scraping it all of. BEHR WAS NO HELP. NEVER USE BEHR PRODUCT AGAIN

  20. I used this product on my garage floor and waited 2 weeks Not 7 days as it says on the product and still the paint start to come off from the car tires its weak paint and i deserve to get my money back I spend over 8 hours painting the floors and I spend over $80 for the paint

  21. Why are there no instructions for the other previously painted surface prep methods mentioned on the paint can; specifically, the method involving sanding with 150 grit to remove gloss, followed by priming with the 1-part epoxy, followed by the final coat of 1-part epoxy?

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