How To Acid Washing Concrete (see steps below)

Steps. 1, wet the concrete with water. 2, mix Hydrochloric acid with water. 10 parts water to 1 part Acid. 3, Put on as video shows. 4, Scrub with a broom over entire area, only walking on the areas in which you have scrubbed. Never put the water can, hose or anything go on the concrete before scrubbing with the broom. 5, Rinse with water. 6, Leave to dry. The concrete will be ready to seal when the concrete is 100% dry. This will take no less than 7 hour of full sun. The next afternoon is best. Never seal in cold weather. Please like and subscribe. Thanks for watching For more information phone Greg on NZ +64 21 822 822 Please see more concrete tips in my other concrete videos.

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