How Skeleton of Woman Ended Up Hidden in a Wall

How Skeleton of Woman Ended Up Hidden in a Wall

it’s a gruesome discovery I didn’t know exactly how to do it but I just moved into this house I’m renting it just moved in a couple days ago and I found between two of the wall I found a human skeleton you heard right human remains behind the wall this is what cops found when they rushed to the house in Houston degraded clothing tattered sneakers a pair of glasses and yes the skeleton of an adult female there’s more than just the head it looks like more than a head looks like a whole skillet it looks like it’s been there a long time because it’s kind of all broken up who was she and how did she end up inside the wall now a year later those questions are finally being answered the belongings are those of the home’s owner Mary cerruti she was 61 years old and lived alone here she is speaking at a local community meeting in 2013 hi my name is Marisa Rudy and I live at 610 Alston neighbors did report Mary missing back in 2015 but she was never found the bank foreclosed on the house and cleaned it out it wasn’t until new owners moved in that the gruesome discovery was made I found a human Pelican so how did Mary wind up dead inside the wall for two years the medical examiner believes she was in the attic when she fell through a broken floorboard and got trapped her death was a tragic accident mark REO Ramirez Mary’s former boss at an art gallery can’t believe what happened to her her sadness we all fishes at peace [Music] you [Music]

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  1. I feel like I lived in a house that may have had a dead body inside the wall. When I moved into the house all the walls had wood paneling. We removed the wood paneling and the wall in my room had a hole that was sealed. In the closet it looked like there was like drops of blood. I kept those thoughts to myself, but this video makes me wonder if there really was a dead body inside the walls.

  2. Reminds me of the guy who was doing work on his own house and managed to enclose himself into the walls of his house in the basement or something like that

  3. Guess I'll think twice before walking around my attic. Best to keep your cell in a pocket at all times. Especially if you're elderly & go down stairs or live alone.

  4. Reminds me of the story of a teen boy, Joshua Maddux, who fell in a chimney of an abandon cabin & it took 7 yrs before he was discovered.

  5. Um I was digging up my parents backyard and I found clothing that looked like that clothing of hers

  6. As soon as. I see that ima skeet out of their

  7. ?? Anyone else wonder what made him look behind the wall

  8. It's terrible when you have to be written down as an accident but don't really know they wanted a closed case please!

  9. Give whole new meaning to houses have good bones.

  10. her death was an accident? nah bruv she was definitely murdered, if you were trapped behind a wall made out of dry wall you could easily bust it open, like you don’t need that much strength to do so

  11. As someone else in the comment said…if she was in the attic and fell through…the attic door would have been open. If anyone was at the house looking for her..they would have went into the attic. I think they would have seen the floorboard all jacked up and look down there and seen her.

  12. So sad for the lady. I feel like it might have been the bank they had an eye on her house. Maybe. they were checking how much the house was worth they went up the attic saw the chance and took it. Pushed her down and left her there. That's my opinion who knows. Sucks that nobody bothered to look for her

  13. I cannot believe being stuck inside a wall.Im so claustrophobic.Poor her 😢

  14. Idk man…Kinda sounds like a murder. That sounds so strange. I mean its possible that she could have fell through but then again…My question is why did it take so long for her discovery? This is so sad.😥

  15. That's extremely sad

  16. That’s so sad , I don’t understand why no one went into her house looking for he when she went missing.

  17. No one heard her scream? No one noticed the missing floorboard? No one smelled her decomposing body? No one finds it odd for a grown woman to fall through such a small hole? I’m not buying it. I sense murder in this case.

  18. A thousand and one ways to die😕

  19. Reminds me of that victorious episode of where Jades dead found a dead blonde women in his closet

  20. That’s horribly sad, to be that alone and no one knowing your missing. Entombed in your own home. Sad 😔

  21. Died by falling through the floor boards? Lmfao ya that's totally believable

  22. This is my nightmare

  23. That’s why you shouldn’t live alone

  24. Not trying to funny but why does this house remind me of the movie Up ?!

  25. Reminds me of the movie “Stir of Echoes” except that she wasn’t murdered

  26. I may not know her, but this is truly so sad. I don't want to ever live nor be alone

  27. If she feel thru that crack then she was probably dead when she feel

  28. I found rat skeleton… no smell

  29. I’m glad I haven’t encountered any jokes in the comments.. good to know people still have empathy


  31. The picture looks as though there is a black trash bag over the top part of her body.

  32. I think maybe her speech see made at that meeting had something to do with her murder.

  33. Investigate the bank that claimed her home.
    Somethings not right.

  34. Reminds me of the book Steal Away 🤔

  35. How did nobody smell her? I can smell a dead animal from half a mile. So sad.

  36. oh my god i could not imagine being in that situation! did she not have a phone or any way of contact? like she couldn’t start kicking the wall or anything? i feel so bad for her

  37. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

  38. If she does went to the attic and fell broken floorboards and got trap inside the wall, why she didn't bring her phone with her to call for help?. I'll bring my phone everywhere I go.

  39. I knew this was Houston just looking at the pic. Houston always has old homes surrounded by high rises. So annoying for the homeowners.
    What a devastating loss.

  40. that's why you need life alert or some sort of devices that you can use to alert someone specially if you live alone ,

  41. Its that same glasses she was wearing in the meeting

  42. it’s crazy how something can go from 0:53 to 0:26

  43. Damn She must didn't have anybody that cared about her.

  44. Oh, good lord. That’s horrific! That poor lady!

  45. Omg. Just like in the movie Stir of echoes

  46. Looks like a BITC* . HA!

  47. When Europeans came and STOLE this country, was it sad then? Lol GOOD RIDDANCE

  48. she was looking for the tv remote

  49. imagine sleeping standing up definitely not at piece

  50. Time to move out…..

  51. So your telling me that. This woman died without a trace. So people thought well let’s sell the house who cares where the previous owner is…

    Like really how can a house be sold without the owners consent. She’s clearly dead and Been missing for a few years now…

    Has no one looked or no one care?

  52. The walls have ears.☠

  53. Why did the new renters open the wall????

  54. Guess she just couldn't noclip correctly

  55. She was missing? Who looked for her? If the police would've looked through that home for evidence they would've seen that hole in the dang attic and found her. Maybe she'll rest in peace now.

  56. There's something fishy about this.

  57. All in all just another skeleton in the crawl by Pink Floyd LOL

  58. Why didn't anyone go into her home & look for any evidence of her disappearance or foul play. This is disgraceful. Whoever cleance out her home should have checked the attic

  59. This is how horror movies start!

  60. I don't get it? How could people looking for her not smell her decomposing? She truly was alone in the world, very sad, but maybe she created her isolation. Still, I need a lot more info. seems like murder.

  61. Swear I saw a video on YouTube a year ago where the speech she gave was about vaccinations and how she was a retired nurse who was trying to call out the government.

  62. I wonder if her spirit is haunting that house? I hope she did find peace when her remains were found and given a proper farewell.

  63. Could have been murdered. But the fell and got trapped angle saved a lot of work.

  64. imagine if she was in a lot of pain there,for days and days and weeks…

  65. I can understand a closet but a wall🤷‍♂️

  66. Imagine being so stupid that you couldn't get out. She had to fall in and break her neck or back and lay there and die. What's funny is anyone with common sense when they found the house locked up with her purse keys and car not missing and ladder down leading to attic and whole in attic floor at top of ladder.

  67. Looks suspicious; somebody didn't want her talking (complaining) as shown at the meeting.
    Murdered and dumped…not an accident.

  68. This poor woman. Heartbreaking story

  69. So the house never smelled?

  70. Stir of Echoes in real life huh?

  71. How freaky and tragic that must have been for her!! 💔😲

  72. Wow that is sad that no one can to her house to look for her.

  73. God bless her RIP Mary🇮🇪☘🧚‍♂️

  74. If this guy is renting the property, why is he knocking down walls, if the bank already renovated the house?

  75. They have a life time movie like this called secret in the wall

  76. Man …like imagine you falling into the middle of 2 walls then screaming at the top of. Your lungs but no one can here you that would be a horrible way to die I feel sorry for her😔😔😶

  77. That's awful. I always wonder if karma hit these people with such an awful death. What were they like as humans? Did they do something awful to warrant a lonely death?

  78. When they said she was missing I got chills ;-;

  79. Awwww poor Mary when I looked at her photo I felt heart broken

  80. I think that the new owners will sell or already sold the house.

  81. 😭😭😭poor girl

  82. I would kick the wall down

  83. Note to self : Never go to the attic.

  84. Imagine living in that house not knowing a rotten decomposing body is behind the wall! O_O

  85. Sound like edger Allen Poe story
    In real life? Strange…

  86. Very unfortunate. Young ones need to remember to always check on the elderly. Never forget about them . She seemed like a very nice lady.

  87. So the bank owns it, never sends anyone out to inspect it, sells it, again no inspection, where someone would have noticed a hole in the attic floor, and enough space to fall between walls? Never heard of such in a place like this. Mansion maybe, not some mill hill house.

  88. No family or friends, we have to start giving attention to older people.

  89. It's a tragedy and something that happens so rarely. She probably died quickly after falling, we can only hope.

  90. What a slow and terrible death. She went for days and days without food and water and finally shrivelled up and die I think. Also sad is how there was no one who cared about her enough to go to her house and check on her after realising she been missing for even just two or three days. Especially if she is not replying on her phone. If someone went to her place they would hear her shout for help. No one cared enough.
    Looks like the plot of a horror movie.

  91. My Lord how incredibly horrible for her ..i can't imagine no one coming to her house to look for her ! Seems like more to the story

  92. Was she not steong enuff to break thru drywall?

  93. It doesn't make sense the attic was obviously open and nobody bother to check inside and there had to be some type of smell in there i don't think the was an accident

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