How Our Creations Change Us

How Our Creations Change Us

This episode of “Shots
of Awe” is brought you by the Toyota Prius. Let’s lead the way. So, I’m fascinated by the extent
to which our environment molds and shapes us, how what is
without, becomes within. And so I recently
discovered this term called ontological designing,
which is essentially this notion that everything we
design is designing us back. We, we, from inside
out, we are designed by that which we have designed. So there’s this circularity,
this meaning making circle, this hermeneutic circle, You know, we’re
like the Ouroboros. We’re like the snake
eating its own tail. We’re like Escher’s hands. You know, the hand
that’s drawing that hand that is drawing it. These feedback loops
are where mind emerges. And it turns out that mind,
that really subjectivity, who we are as life
beings in the world, exists in that feedback loop,
emerges in that feedback loop. We learn language but
then that language molds our personalities. And then our molded
personalities use language to speak out. And then that which we speak
and read in turn changes us. And there’s this circularity. So Marshall McLuhan used to talk
about the role of technology in this space, in this context. So we build the tools but
then those tools build us. We build these smartphones
and these smartphones change how we think and they
change our behavior. That’s why they used to say
that the PC, the computer was the LSD of the ’90s
because the computer revolution literalized
the dream of expanding our minds through the
use of our feedback with these tools
and these computers. Stephen Johnson
takes it further. He talks about architecture. He says our thoughts
shape our spaces. We design the world. But those spaces
return the favor. So we build these
cathedrals and then those cathedrals build
cathedrals inside our minds essentially. We mirror the environment
that we create. So what is our
responsibility then, when we build the cities of
the 21st century, the city planners, the urban
designers, how do we make better systems
thinking, better feedback loops, to kind of like upgrade
how we function in the world, to upgrade mankind
and to understand the city as an organism. And as Geoffrey West says
from the Santa Fe Institute, cities are like organisms. Alleys are like capillaries. And so understanding
these feedback loops, observing these feedback loops,
upgrading these feedback loops, allows us to raise the
stage in which we unfold. And that’s why ontological
designing is an important idea.

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  1. Same idea again, and wow "feedback loop" was said like 35 times. Really a thumb down

  2. Being from Dubai, it was cool to see many shots of Dubai in this video 😛

  3. This is so beautiful! <3

  4. Is this why we are becoming eco-friendly as a species?

  5. Hmm, something is wrong.  I understood all of that.  He also never said the word "modalities".

    Hehe, all jokes aside, good video.  ^_^

  6. What kind of books does Jason Silva read? I need a list!

  7. Is it just me or is this the same thing allover again?

  8. So life does imitate art.

  9. You redefine me Jason, every time… Can't wait for the next mind fock you will give me, thank you!

  10. memo to myself:

    Just listened to a very interesting video on ontological designing. This is a process that describes a feedback loop between the organism and its environment. There was once a time when I felt a certain dislike towards culture for it being such a manipulating and often limiting force. However, we ourselves are the ones that shape culture, and the culture shapes us. This is a loop which is integrated to the very fabric of this reality as it offers a platform for the mind to emerge; it belongs to the duality that provides us with the constant, growth-enabling challenge.

  11. He's getting repetitive now

  12. Well this explains why most people with a desk job are miserable. If the uniform building with no room for creativity or color is designing the workers, then of course they'll be miserable and dull and sad. Clearly we need to revamp the interior of office skyscrapers and all the likes. 

  13. an episode I don't have to re-watch to fully understand. xD still just as interesting~

  14. Sooo … this channel is basically about a guy, who is reapetedly fascinated about stuff?

  15. Thank you for such brilliant and challenging talks.Am addicted.

  16. The environment that we've created in the past influence and created us, and we create and continue influencing the environment and it comes back at us. What we give out is what we get.

  17. Havn't you done a video about this topic already?

  18. Content repeating 🙁

  19. so great to hear Marshall McLuhan's name ~ another great video, thanks JS!

  20. Very amazing. Your videos remain ever inspiring! 

  21. I recommend you take a look on The Venus Project. It's totally worth the time, I promise.

  22. cathedrals indeed and temples were built with specific architecture which influentials our consciousness, that is what an altar is, in a temple. But all the technology we see today just puts us into a lower state of mind, that is why the world is getting fucked up. because people are too focused on creating material things. material is the lower state of existence.

  23. Only 4000 views ):

  24. did god create us….or did we create god?

  25. You are awesome Jason!! Endless inspiration!!!

  26. You are the universe expanding the chain of creation one step further.

  27.  this feedback loop of the creator of the environment and the environment affecting the creator is a totality, one unified living being.. because all of it is perceived within the same space of observation, like one film projecting on a 3D screen.  so if both the environment and the creator are seen… then what are you that sees? 🙂 

  28. Reminds me of a quote by a sick hip hop group Knowmads. "I wonder if everything that created me, will be satisfied by all that I create."

  29. Did anyone else came here to get motivation for tomorrow's exam :/

  30. Saying that our creations create us is a uniformistic view. I feel it's more accurate to say our creations create each other. 

  31. I have always believed people become who they are based on two things. People are a product of their environment, and inspiration. That inspiration is what I believe will get us to that next stage.

  32. As above, so Below.
    Good stuff @Jason Silva!

  33. I feel like this guy has no idea what he's talking about. He's just reading a script 

  34. Perhaps cities should have an hour during the night (let's say from 3:30am to 4:30am) when all lights are shut off to reveal the stars in the night sky. A reminder of our place in the Universe should be exalted once a day…

  35. <3  Love this, Love your energy!  You always get me thinking beyond what is normal for me and I Love that too!

  36. SO true. I am endlessly fascinated – This is SUCH a big topic!!

  37. How to say the same thing over and over again, for 3 minutes. Not useful, not fun, barely interesting.

  38. Had to listen to this again.

  39. Raise the stage in which we unfold !

  40. i feel like cleaning my room would be a good idea then.

  41. This is the most important idea like…ever! Let's upgrade our art.

  42. The feedback loop loops back and feeds.

  43. that's the circle of life for ya'

  44. Well well, one that admits there's a world out there.  :p  *lol*

    But see, it's not just the city, it's culture, and it's not just culture, it's the nation.

    People wonder why the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri in the St. Louis Metro Area of the United States of America get so angry and so destructive.  So, let's answer that question with a question: what makes that rage?  What inflicts that anger on otherwise sensible people?

    We could start with poverty, perhaps?  Add in a near-military police force always in their faces.  Add in a system of perpetual petty fees and fines so constant that you can't even tell if the fines exist to support the bureaucrats or if the bureaucrats exist to support the fines.  In short, people never knowing where their next meal is coming from and they're always harassed over some damned thing.

    That would drive anyone crazy.  Anyone.  Any human, regardless of culture or color.

    My point is:  Yes.  I agree.  For once.  😀

    Catch is, it's a knife with two blades, and it cuts both ways.  If you leave people to rot, they will become rotten.  If you do nothing but hate people they will become hateful.  Starve someone in body or mind long enough and the whole person eventually breaks.

    This, in a nutshell is the monumental failure of the 21st century.  The top One Percent of wealth, the elites, the richest of the filthy rich, they have been SO hellbent on breaking unionized labor and on breaking the middle class (worldwide, but particularly in the United States) that they have no idea what kind of destruction they've caused in their blind pursuit of greed over everything.

    They've murdered the future, literally, for anyone not a billionaire.  They've broken the economy that hard and condemned us all to perpetual warfare, insurgency and division that hard.  You can't turn the world into a sweatshop or a plantation and NOT expect consequences for your Shining City on a Hill, In Space.

  45. Al final, todo se resume a la energía de un toroide!!! :)y es que constantemente estamos creando de dentro, hacia afuera.

  46. "To upgrade mankind"

    " To raise the stage in which we unfold"

  47. @Jason Silva your philosophical espresso shots never fail to stimulate. I love these so much.

  48. If you love these concepts, you have to read Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter!

  49. at 2:25 which airport is that?

  50. This guy is so much smarter and famous than us…not jealous at all…he never killed a president or started a religious financial pyramid,still.,way smarter and happier than the rest of us low brows and un -interesting non genius's….Us YouTubers will just have to follow his shit…bless you ,far greater, master,thank you FIRST, and more advanced than us,normie schlubs

  51. Who else lives in places and with people with shitty,low quality feedback loops?

  52.  Obama's thuggy Black people will come in his ass…sad really…feel for the guy..hope ''interesting'' can keep him away from fated control and abuse…

  53. What are we going to build next, and how will it affect our humanity?

  54. This is why I strive to escape the military industrial complex. I'm creating poison. I will not always create poison. We must all make these hard decisions. It's easier when we're not in debt or have dependents. 

  55. great video i share your videos often and teach feedback loops and i am 111% on board with what you are saying, i totally GET YOU

  56. DUDE! This relates to "Is Google Making Us Stupid" by Nicholas Carr. I just read it for one of the classes I'm taking. I recommended it if this idea of "ontological design" interests you.

  57. jason, truly you are my inspiration man , because of you i just take genomics, when i was a 19 i don't know the glimpses of these technologies and i am just confused to choose my carrer path, really after seeing your videos, its really an bind blowing amusement for me, and after that i choose my carrer in genomics, your art of expressing ideas through your stylish and polished talks is some thing viral in this technological age, i am huge fan of you, i really like your way of talking and your way of stressing the words at particular points so that the videos are enjoyable yet contains a beautific message in them, i am really thankful to you, my favourite video among your shots of awe was "singularity" and "radical openness" and "imagination", when i am worried about my life your videos are really an inspirational talks to me, hoping even wonderful episodes in the future, sorry my english was not that good,but i think the context of my message will reach you, i respect you as an artist very muchhhhhhhh

  58. Building a cathedral inside my mind? What an incredible thought!

  59. I wish I lived somewhere beautiful… It's so vital to live in a place that awes us so that the world in our eyes becomes us.
    One day I'll escape my country, one day…

  60. I just started to think off this in a very personal sence, when we desire to become a beater person, ore a different kind of person, it is simply not enough to wish it and work on yourself. you need to put yourself in a environment that will ultimately mold you in to becoming the person you wish to be, the environment will help to mold you in to what you seek to be. It is therefore are reasonability to choose a path that fit that description and stick to it while it molds us.

  61. I love you, Jason Silva!!!

  62. Dear mister Silva I am huge fan of you and loves to watch your videos, but there is one problem.
    I am not a native english speaker and beacuse of that and the fact that my brain is a bit slow I often have problems understanding what you are saying.
    So I have a request, can you please post your manus in the description area of the videos.
    That would mean soo much to me. I know that it is not a small favour I am asking, especially if you dont use a script of some sort, but I still hope its possible. Do know that even if you cant I will continue watching and enjoying your videos. Have a good day 🙂 with regards from T.H.

  63. Remarkable "We shape our tools and our tools shape us", thank you – how can I sit down and get back to work now – mind is racing!!!!!!!!!!

  64. So, IF there really is an intelligent creator, it's actually being redesigned and created by us…

  65. I love it. This is some good stuff. So glad there is this channel.

  66. "Raise the stage until we unfold"
    So basically everything human-centric is good for humans?

  67. 2:26 where is that?

  68. What is the background music playing? If you know please help. Thanks. Also Does Shots of awe come with a List of the background music Played in each video?

  69. what you call feedback is called momentum by abraham hicks, a chenneling entity.

  70. I have been explaining this to my husband and friends for years. I'm not a scientist by any means but if you look at our past and see how we've changed according to our surroundings and tools etc we start to look different and behave differently and seem more aware. Our brains will probably become more efficient over time and more compact we probably won't have big bodies as we do little work since our machines will be doing lots of the work for us and we've been getting taller for a really long time now imagine what we will look like if we keep at this rate in 100,00 years. If we don't blow ourselves up

  71. I feel like this is basically the idea of evolution in the sense we upgrade ourselves continuously.

  72. I feel i have the same mind as this guy he's loves too express and appreciate what we are capable of

  73. The music for this video is the same as 'How we create Serendipity'

    Dexter Britain: "Raising"

  74. The substance of the Universe is Consciousness.

  75. The music is so beautiful. Where is it from?

  76. It is not necessarily "we" … as there is usually one person who invent a device or create something in general and in return that changes the planet and the way we live or in other words :"us"

  77. The filming and effects are just gorgeous.

  78. He's talking about the sacredness of inspiration….

  79. Love you, Jason Silva. Keep it coming.

  80. wow thank you this is amazing info

  81. lets imagine the world what were thinking 😀

  82. The world is progressively crossing simple shapes and systems that we can easily control and relax our brain activity, but has this kind of Mier van der Rohe design-perspective the power to shapes us into dummy minds?

  83. Man, my name is Mohammad Ali from Jordan and am really ready to translate all of your video to Arabic… am really a big fan of your theories! Thanks for the amazing content
    <3 <3

  84. This dude definitely knows where to find some good blow. Hook it up bro.

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  87. I feel like I'm watching someone with bipolar disorder… who didn't take their medication. He didn't really say anything that couldn't have been said in one sentence. I agree with the essence of what he said though.

  88. Odd damn it, Silva. I love your vids man. What a diving board to use to take the plunge into the mind space where I tap… NO.. where I AM tapped by something .. perhaps the universe itself speaks through me in the form of art and poetry. The universe created us so that it might know itself. I guess sometimes it wants to tell itself hello. I am profoundly grateful that the universe… Odd, itself, sometimes chooses lil old me (I mean it, I mean me. I mean it. LoL) to be the pen it uses to bestow these thoughts, these expressions… this art onto humanity. Glory GLORY, The house of Odd!!!

  89. Can anyone help me identify the city shown just after 0:28?

  90. After two bad years where a left the design (as an architect) and now i'm rediscovering myself again and watching these videos again after so many years, i feel the passion again thank you so much

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