Hong Kong: urban visions – Founders Valley (2/10) | DW Documentary

Hong Kong: urban visions – Founders Valley (2/10) | DW Documentary

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  1. Very heart warming documentary, it has illustrated the other side of Hong Kong not just the glamour financial city.

  2. Who can I contact at DW about requesting permission to use your documentary as part of my Adult education College class? This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  3. the white guilt is making me noxious. the premise of 90% of documentaries these days. "ohh non white people aren't as stupid as I thought" Now let me tell everyone else what i just found out, assuming erroneously that everyone else didn't already know that. News flash, we don't need your pity, you a are weak beta male. Now go home and take your sad and pitiful narrative with you.

  4. Camera man did very very good job here! Wonderfoul shots

  5. I love the contrast from the beginning to the end. The crazy and innovative ideas of children to professional architects and planners getting constrained by the reality.

  6. You can not fix Hong Kong. The more you build the more people will come. It's like NYC, there's a massive condo boom in Brooklyn, they are demolishing single-family houses and build six story condos and yet prices are increasing by the week as more and more people move in.

  7. When a handful of real estate giants (Mr Lee!) own the whole city and dictate the policies….. Singapore has higher population density than HK!

  8. Episodes from the series will be uploaded weekly and added to the Founders Valley playlist:

  9. Great documentaries on this channel. Loved the low-light shots & the beautiful colour. Could someone let me know what camera was used to film the city night scenes? Looks like maybe an A7S or a GH5? Also was the wide format added in post or was the film shot with anamorphic lenses? Thanks.

  10. If you cant afford to live in hong kong then leave, go to an affordable city.

  11. Is the soundtrack available anywhere? The music is beautiful

  12. The German complains how suffocating the streets are in Hong Kong & it's so called poverty…He hasn't been to Manila Philippines

  13. 23:11 Heyy Kgv my school

  14. What is the point of this docu?

  15. Oh no, there are poor people in Hong Kong.
    As a white leftist liberal from Europe in media, the HK government is heartless, the west must punish HK government for leaving poor people in the streets.

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