Honest Trailers – The Wolf of Wall Street

Honest Trailers – The Wolf of Wall Street

From Martin Scorsese, the legendary director
of that movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, that other movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and also these movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio Comes the Wolf of Wall Street
…starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Strap in for the last film you’d ever want
to watch with your grandparents… Featuring an average of 3.16 “f*cks” per
minute “F*cking 30,000 f*cking dollars!” “F*cking half-wit!” “Beni-f*cking-hana!” “Absolutely f*cking not!” “F*ckity f*ck f*ck!” But f*ck it: we can do better than that! Leonardo Di-f*cking-Caprio stars as a f*cking
hot young rich guy who hangs out on f*cking yachts and has sex with
f*cking models …basically Leonardo DiCaprio. Watch as he yells his way to an Oscar nomination And watch as the guy who stole Best Actor
stops by to pound his chest right in Leo’s f*cking face. F*ck you! Rejoice at the triumphant return of fat f*cking
Jonah Hill and recoil at the triumphant debut of his
fat f*cking penis. Thrill as he tries to shed his image as the
funny fat guy in comedies… by becoming the funny fat guy in a Scorsese movie. “You’re alright… we all love you…” “Shut the f*ck up!” Experience the film that critics f*cking slammed
for glorifying the lifestyle of a corrupt Wall Street stockbroker… Even though he’s a f*cking miserable wife
beating drug addict who loses his business, family, and fortune. They do make qualludes look f*cking awesome,
though! “Get off the phone!” “Hahaha!” “Jesus Christ, Jordan!” Witness Scorcese break out every Scorcese-ism
in the book, like a f*ck-ton of tracking shots f*ckin’ Voiceover “See that humongous estate down there? That’s
my house.” f*ckin’ freeze frames multiple f*ckin’ wives having a huge f*cking hard on for And an ambitious criminal main character with
a short temper whose pride is ultimately their downfall. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere!” So settle in for a movie that’s all about
f*cking excess, from the 3 hour run time To the f*ckin cursing “F*ck this, sh*t that, c*ck, c***, a**hole” To all the people in suits listening to Leo
talk To shots of those same people going f*cking nuts. Starring: Two-Time Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill F%*k Me How I Divorced Your Mother The director of Iron Man The director of Her The director of The Princess Bride Shane Coach Taylor Dallas Oscar Stealers Club The Artist Formerly Known as Relevant The real Jordan Belfort,
because that guy deserves a f*ckin break, right? F*ck. And Leonardo NoOscarO, which is crazy when you think about all the
other people who have Oscars, like Three Six Mafia Al Gore Cuba Gooding Jr Dean Pelton from Community Sookie Catwoman Marisa Tomei Cher Nic Cage Mo’nique American Idol Quarterfinalist Jennifer Hudson Katniss Roberto Benigni – TWICE! and the movie Crash The Wolf of F*cking Wall Street “Sell me this pen.” It’s the one Dicaprio used in Wolf of Wall
Street. Boom! F*ckin’ easy money right there. Be sure to subscribe for more Honest Trailers.

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  1. 3:12 😂😂😂

    How I divorced your mother ….

  2. Hahahahaha “Tina, come get come ham” at the end had me rolling on the floor.

  3. The thing that sucks about this movie the most is, after all of the movies Martin Scorsese has directed, this film was so poorly edited it was almost like it was one of his first movies. I don't understand how that is.

  4. Django Unchained !!! Django Unchained !!! Django Unchained !!!

  5. “Stars as a guy who hangs out on boats.”
    shows a pic from the titanic
    “So basically himself.”

  6. Haha hahaha, my f* god, how hilarious was that – one of the Best movies of 2010's and probably one of my movies in general 😉 great Job 😁

  7. …. basically Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Me : fuck, I just realize.

  8. Tina doesn't want ham

  9. That moment when ur grandad has more oscars than dicaprio

  10. How I divorced your mother

  11. This movie was thoroughly entertaining

  12. starring- Leonardo OneOscaro.

  13. I watched this film with my dad haha

  14. Watched the movie with my dad and he loved it lol. He likes to put it every so often when he cooks or tries to fall asleep lol

  15. Say, Canada rules.

  16. What the fuck ru saying ru fukin out of your mind 😂

  17. Leonardo Nooscario. Nailed it.

  18. how much for that pen?

  19. Say Do I feel Lucky Today , well do ya PUNK ! ! !

  20. The movie was great tho

  21. Leonardi nooscaro

  22. If Snookie really has an oscar then oscars are meaningless.

  23. Nicholas Cage deserves an Oscar

  24. Do the Hangover please

  25. Best honest trailer video you ever made dude!!! Makes one love that movie even more

  26. I watched this Christmas day when it came out with my brother and my mother. I sat in between them. It was my brother's idea and I was so surprised my uber Catholic mom didn't get up and leave.

  27. Best f#@king honest trailer ever!!!!

  28. chyronoble honest trailer

  29. I love the movie crash though

  30. Can anyone count the number of times the arrator says f**k? only the narrator.

  31. "F%*K ME!!"
    Is damn right lol 😁✌️

  32. Please say "Complex Made Easy

  33. lol this video had a lot of swearing…

  34. *This will be irrelevant for people unfamiliar with East African history but,

    Pause at 2:29 and look at name number 10. Kinda interesting to note that someone's actually called Kenyatta😂😂😂…

  35. zigooooooo boooooooooooooost

  36. Snowy entertainment inc

  37. Honest trailer: do American Pie

  38. how i divorced your mother LMFAO

  39. I Fuckn love this movie lol

  40. Leonardo No Osacaro😂😂

  41. No mother fucking wolves on no mother fucking streets!

  42. Can we get a family guy honest trailer

  43. How I divorced your mom >>>>

  44. Looks like a fancy version of Project X.

  45. This is the craziest movie that i've ever seen

  46. 6.66M subs on Halloween?


  47. 1:09 Fun fact: Matthew McConaughey auditioned for DiCaprio`s role in Titanic and almost got it.

  48. Wait what
    Cat woman

  49. Leonardo Noascoro Iam deadddd

  50. People complaining of leo not winning an Oscar for this should consider watching Dallas buyers club. Leo had the toughest competition that year

  51. i can't stand this movie its one of scorsese's worst.

  52. that fuckin bastrd sookie has a fuckin oscar???!!!!

  53. btw, pls do true blood. or metalocalypse

  54. And thinking Scorsese once wanting be a catholic priest

  55. The movie Crash! Hahhahaaa so true worst fucking "Best" Picture ever

  56. Such a great trailer on such a stupid film

  57. What's the problem with Roberto Benigni winning an oscar?

  58. You know what I dont get about american censorship, they say FUCK. Everybody knows it, you lost the game. Stop fucking beep its anoying as fuck

  59. It was like Caligula for the 2010s… only much better.

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