Hillary Is Pissed: Bill Clinton Caught Ogling Ariana Grande At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral(VIDEO)!!!

Hillary Is Pissed: Bill Clinton Caught Ogling Ariana Grande At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral(VIDEO)!!!

Hillary Is Pissed: Bill Clinton Caught Ogling Hot Singer At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral Bill and Hillary Clinton were among celebrities
and music industry legends invited to Arthea Franklin’s funeral. In fact, Bill and Hillary
both sat on stage but not together at the Queen of Soul’s memorial. Everything was
going great until Bill was caught on camera ogling one hot singer who was performing one
of Arthea’s greatest hits, which made Hillary furious. Bill Clinton was asked to deliver remarks
at Aretha Franklin’s funeral Friday morning. So, he and Hillary were seated on stage, but
the former president was given center stage next to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Hillary
sat off to Bill’s left, but she could see exactly what he was doing. We aren’t the only ones who noticed how
Bill Clinton’s leering at Ariana Grande was extreme. The Washinton Examiner reports,
“Why is Bill Clinton still allowed in public? The president took a very public and very
uncomfortable eyeful of teenybopper-turned-superstar Ariana Grande. He didn’t just glance or
bounce the eyes. Clinton appeared to undress her with his eyes on national television while
the singer was belting out an Aretha Franklin cover at that icon’s funeral. The mouth
dropped open. The old man’s eyes ogled.” They add, “And then, nobody did anything
because nobody remembers anything about the old Bill Clinton. Pete Davidson, hasty fiancée
of Ariana Grande, certainly doesn’t know the history of the elderly playboy president.
That’s when Hillary Clinton looked over and started to get concerned. When Bill started
chatting up Grande, Hillary looked furious. Sadly, that part of the ceremony, which was
covered live, didn’t make it to the final videos of the funeral but, trust us, Mrs.
Clinton was thinking, “Oh hell no!” Clinton also turned to Jesse Jackson, as they
both leered at the young woman while probably discussing Grande’s assets, you need to
check out the video below. Clinton’s eyes totally undress Grande. Then, of course, there
were the Clinton defenders blaming Ariana Grande for wearing a short dress. These leftists
are hilarious. When it’s one of their politicians, then it’s okay to blame the woman, right?
Twitter user “Proisls” tweeted, “Ariana…why are you tempting Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson
with your too short dress? Have you never heard of ‘fingertip-length’ ensembles?
This is a funeral girl.” Yeah, these idiots don’t remember who Bill
Clinton is. He needs no short black dress to “tempt him.” Just ask his alleged sexual
assault victims. Another more insightful comedian named John Mulaney correctly diagnosed the
generational amnesia. The kids don’t know that the rebranded president isn’t alright.
Mulaney is right. But, there is no old or new Bill Clinton. There is just the same old
creepy president. The difference is that everybody forgets about that one time he was credibly
accused of rape by a lady named Juanita Broaddrick. Everybody also laughs off that other time
Clinton abused Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. She was a 22-year-old intern, just
a couple years younger than Ariana Grande. One person that will never forget is Hillary
Clinton, though. We wonder, looking back now over her life, if she ever thinks her “grand
bargain” to stay with him, hoping he would help her political career, was a total miscalculation?
I bet days like this make her so furious knowing she is probably the biggest idiot in the world.

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  1. Why should she have to wear a long dress. She should be able to wear a short dress without those men making comments.😕

  2. After reading several of these comments, I want to ask.. WHAT THE HELL R U GUYS THINKING????? Slick Willie is JUST looking!!! YET "BISHOP ELLIS" IS GROPING..IN CHURCH..IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, AREATHA AND GOD!!!! If Areatha had known that people were going to behave like this, she probably would have been created without ANY KIND OF SERVICE!!! PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING STUPID!!!!!!!

  3. oh come on…they probably haven't had sex for a dozen years….at least not with each other

  4. What a gross clip altogether. The commentary, the editing, the subject. Just wrong. Sorry I watched this.

  5. I don’t blame him one bit, I’d be looking too. He might be a ex president but he’s also a man. A man that has to wake up next to that creature called Hillary every day. Quit being stupid, and let the man do his thing. #KeepTheClintonsOutOfOffice2020

  6. men like this will never change
    a young creep turns into an old pervert

  7. I'm sure every human alive has never looked at someone else's ass right? So stfu judge Yousef before you judge anyone else !

  8. Bill wasn’t The only one

  9. How true a statement

  10. Does Hilary Clinton know women have the right to divorce their husband ?

  11. Didn't seem like the dress she was wearing was too "hip" flattering – wasn't tight or revealing at all…I am NOT a Clinton supporter, but this video seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill to me. The libs and the conservatives are at such odds, no matter what any of them do, the other side is going to complain about it. It's a shame we've come to this as a nation. I hope, one day, that things return to the way it was, where we got along without all the hatred towards each.

  12. Who cares.Trump wants to fuck Ivanka…
    (If he hasn't , already)

  13. bill don't what to do the nasty with Hillary no more ! and i don't blame him ! would you gegadi gegadi hillary ?all that nasty stuff leaking from her colostomy bag ! dam nasty thats just nasty !

  14. I don’t blame Mr. Clinton having a hot young lady wearing a short skirt in front of his eyes. The eyesight is natural and free.

  15. This shows how hard it is for Bill Clinton to hide the pervert rapist he is. He can not even act accordingly at a funeral. Thank God Hillary did not win the election.

  16. Ariana is a complete moron,who care if Bill ogled her.

  17. Another sick and pathetic funeral like Meg McStains eulogy for her warmongering dad.

  18. Once a pedo perv, always a pedo perv.

  19. Bill and jessie doing some locker room talk.

  20. the most lied about news site on the web… BANNED INFORMATION

  21. Bill Clinton's behavior was quite revealing of his repulsive nature.

  22. Hope the deep state decides Bill has become too much of a liability

  23. Liberal or not, you don’t go to a funeral with such a trashy dress

  24. How come nobody is saying anything about Jessie Jackson. He was more slyly doing the same thing as bill. They both had the best seats in the House.

  25. Clinton is still a pig – Grande dresses like a slut- they are even

  26. He's not the president anymore lol He's a rapist and his wife used to professionally defend rapists for a living, why does anybody pay these people mind?

  27. Omg! 4real, Bill is only human. Hell every guy thought the same thing as Bill, she is hot! And so forth, but bill mouth dropping facial expression showed it 🤣🤣🤣 he did nothing wrong.. he is getting old and remembers girls in their 20’s oh how he miss those days. If she was standing right in front of me, I’d say fuck let people look at me like a creeper.. it’s Adrianne grandi duh!!!

  28. I thought this was a news channel

  29. I thought he preferred blue dresses & she was VULGARLY DRESSED.

  30. How Clinton's have the respect of anyone is beyond commonsense, pure evil

  31. Why would Hillary be pissed? They've had an open marriage for a long time. They haven't even lived together since Bill left office.

  32. Fuck that!! I would stare too!! Those legs tho!! Shyt….😂😂😂😂

  33. So sick…he is almost licking his lips and smiling at a funeral.

  34. What a dipstick he will never be wright he is a sick dumbass enjoy
    him Hillary he is all yours for life…

  35. Eye rape yet the Left do nuffin.

  36. Haha old Willie still doing his thing.

  37. Bunch a OLD hounddogs .

  38. Hillary could give a rats ass,

  39. Ogling is one thing, rape charges and Bill's expulsion from Oxford, because of them is another thing.
    America should be ready to move on from from these self fulfilling arrogant crooks.
    Of course, the media should be consulted since they seem to be deciding on the definition of morality and truth these days.

  40. dude, this is so sad

  41. He is a sexual predator sick sick old man

  42. Somethings never change LOL Go gettem Billy

  43. "Fingertip length ", nope, she never heard of it.

  44. How embarrassing, too old for Bill.

  45. Yeahh… if you were going to lose the kingdom over a piece of ass… that would be the one.

  46. Old guys are just gross in he was are president of the United States

  47. is a shame that he was the president of the United States and Hillary Clinton wanted to bring back Bill Clinton in the white house wow I'm so proud Hillary didn't become president he is just an old pervert 👴🤢

  48. Ariana grande show's to much skin disrespectful she should of cover up a lil she always wants center of attention I really and truly think that she just a ho

  49. Farrakhan was on stage too but I see u cut him out the picture lol


  51. Hilary doesn't care.

  52. It is a travesty to have had these pedophiles, rapists, and murderers on the stage at Ms. Franklin's funeral. It goes to show that some things never change. The Clinton's have been using the black community to enhance their own agenda forever and these foolish people are still thinking that having disgusting creatures front and center somehow enhances their own image and importance. Talk about Uncle Toms. I wonder what Ms. Franklin would think about all this granstanding by these horrids creatures on this platform.

  53. this is f. show of entertainment not funeral…shame o shame…

  54. I hope the American people kick all these old dirt bags out of office. And get some new faces in there so we can get things moving. And Get a wall built. Get immigration fixed finally. And get the American people another tax break. Thank you very much and God bless America 🙂

  55. Can you blame all those old man's looking !! "NO"

  56. Bill looks like a fuckin nut.. he looks like he’s baking muffins, I think he’s a little off his rocker or just doesn’t give a shit anymore

  57. The 2- Zany Bars Hillary took are kicking in . She's not pissed she's nodding out .
    Bills got his eye and his money down for a little somethin' somethin' after the show !!!

  58. He rapped her with he's eyes

  59. Hey Bill: never look at a woman's shoes because THIS IS AMERICA!

  60. This channel is Comment Awards serious cousin

  61. The first black president lol dude is a dogg

  62. Clinton bashing. Dumb bitch brought a short dress to a funeral. That should be topic, not a male looking at a girl dressed in a short dress, trying to get attention, then bash the men for looking. This day and age is so pathetic

  63. Am I the only one that thinks Jesse Jackson looks like a frog with his unimpressed frown?

  64. Seriously though at a funeral you probably shouldnt be dressed like youre at a club , the problem was she was wearing a dress that sort of is easy to slide up especially whiles singing and facing them , she shouldnt dress like that around pervs lol.

  65. Also he didnt abuse monica lewinsky , they were in a relationship. They were both found out nd it became a scandal that got him impeached.

  66. What's a man supposed to look at, a woman in pants suits?

  67. I really don’t think she would want them at her funeral

  68. Sick pedo perverts. They will come down. And they worshippinv Satan

  69. This is not the hillary that was tv. Also bill had really bad red blotches. They changed it.At Aretha death, Her memorial of Aretha.there was really sickly skinny hillary sitting in pants and jacket. Really looked bad. Then bill,he looked sickly to. Red blotched face,really bad. Something is up. To many different videos of her. But the furneral one was so bad. I really dont know,who are the other ones are. Cause here very skinny and sickly. I,dont think she has past. This video is old in 2016. But the one i am talking about,was not to long ago. Very weird!!!!

  70. I dont blame him. Hillary 2020!

  71. Kkkkk babando a menina veio safado

  72. I hate the Clinton's as much as the next guy but this is overblown.

  73. Eww… Then the other one stood up and touched her.

  74. Lol blame her for wearing a short dress? She can wear whatever the fuck she wants, aren't they the ones who preach that shit at rape apologists but when it comes to the creepy Clinton they're hypocrites.

  75. its a funeral your not supposed to dress shortly or sexy, you dress long and look sad.

  76. I can’t believe Clinton is even married

  77. DID THIS VIDEO JUST SAY HE ABUSED MONICA LEWINSKY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Im not defending bill clinton at all, hes obviously a mega perv, but he did notttttt abuse monica!!! She was old enough to know what she was doing and she was the one who initiated all the flirtation and said so herself! This is upsetting and very offensive to women who have actually been raped and abused- consensual sex between 2 adults IS NOT RAPE OR SEXUAL ASSAULT. AND ON ANOTHER NOTE, like i said, hes a perv, but WHY IS ARIANA WEARING THIS AT A FUNERAL!? This girl…. the disrespect, that is a very inappropriate dress to for a funeral, way too short, way too low cut for the occasion. This was ridiculous.

  78. Honestly these guys r sick for treating her like that and there is no excuse but on another note forget about them wtf was Ariana thinking wearing a mini skirt to a FUNERAL? I mean it's disrespectful in my opinion to do that especially since u knew u would b onstage performing. She couldn't just put some longvblack pants on? I am all for women wearing what they want and doing their thing but this isn't about her, we know she has nice legs but she didn't have to dress like she was doing a concert. #disrespect

  79. Oh God! Bill you the worst man in the world! You already had a wife but you wanted another one!? What the fudge!

  80. Hahahahhahahahaha I'd smash her right on stage in front of Hillary

  81. He's to old too date Ariana lol

  82. You can't even woman peacefully.

  83. Crazy old perv guy.

  84. You want it know why Hillary was mad, because no body want to grabbed her pussy

  85. Dirty old man Bill. Once a womanizer….always a womanizer

  86. It’s Illuminati that whole thing looked like a ritual there rituals these celebs perform and have to have sex with these rich powerful white politician or businessmen


  88. First of all when you go to a funeral I really don't think you should be wearing an outfit like that its too revealing and to me it's a little disrespectful there was no reason why she couldn't wear pants suit think about it why would you want to show that much skin at a funeral

  89. And as if Bill Clinton were a living dead, honestly a dead pervert who comes back to life.

  90. biil clinton the old rapist is at it again

  91. Old ass Bill was wishing he had his trusty cigar…

  92. He actually said to Jackson that he would "fuck her right there" or something very similar. Funny how that never made news or anything. Just disappeared..

  93. Ariana shouldnt have weared something like that

  94. Three “great” people in one room, Ariana, bill, and Hillary. One who said she hated America and two that have destroyed it.

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