Hi Sisters

Hi Sisters

– Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Oh my gosh, it feels so
weird to be sitting here in the studio on camera recording
this video for you guys, but I am so beyond excited
because it is about time, and I am ready to come
back and work so hard, and to see all of you sisters.
(squeals) Okay, okay, okay. I have a lot of thoughts,
and I want to gather them in this intro pretty quickly, because this is gonna be
a bit of a long video. For those of you guys who do not know, I basically just took a
much-needed month-long break from filming YouTube videos,
and also from social media. I’ve obviously been
posting here and there, kind of easing my way
back into everything, but it’s been a very, very crazy month. I’ve worked on a lot of fun things. Let’s be real, when I said that
I was taking a social media break, I kind of just
meant from being so in it. The past three years, I have
been like literally addicted to filming videos and
checking my social media, and it was so much fun, but
it got to a point where it was incredibly, incredibly toxic
for me and my mental health, and after everything that
just went on on social media, I just kind of needed some
time to detox, slow it down. Of course, still do
what I absolutely love, which is just handling business, playing with makeup,
and seeing my friends, but just do it on like a
little bit of a lower scale. I’m really, really excited to
say that after the last month I’ve done a lot of growing and thinking. I’m now able to leave my
phone in another room, and walk out and like enjoy life. Which sounds so stupid, but like, for me, that’s like major, major progress. I’m in a better state than
I was mental-health wise. I am just so blessed to have
the same amazing friends that I have around me,
and it’s been a really, really incredible and
eye-opening last month. I’m very, very excited to
tell you guys about it. Obviously you guys know it
is June, it is Pride month, where all my fellow LGBTQ+
members get to thrive. Literally my favorite
time of the entire year. One of the days I was playing with makeup, I recreated a look by @chloefitzmua. She did this like really
cool rainbow dripping eye, and it was so insane, it was so beautiful. When I posted a story
of it on my Instagram, I got thousands and thousands
of tweets and comments asking me to film a tutorial
on this Pride makeup look, which is exactly what we’re gonna be doing in this video today. We’re gonna be playing
with makeup and just doing a little bit of a chit-chat,
getting ready with me. I have not filmed one in like
literally over a year now, which is is so crazy, but
I’m so excited to just chill, play with makeup, talk
to you guys, fill you in on what’s been going on in
my life for the past month, and just talk about the future, which I am so beyond excited for. So if you guys want to see how I created this look right here, keep on watching. (upbeat uplifting music)
(harmonizing) All right you guys, let’s
just get started and get glam. Usually when I do these
type of makeup looks, I start with my base already done. So I’m just gonna kind of like, go through it kind of quickly with this little chit-chat
get ready with me, because the eye look took
me a long, long, long time, but it turned out so freaking bomb. So I’m so excited to show you
guys how I created it today. I’m just starting off with
my Tatcha Water Cream. My skin has been disgusting recently. It’s really rude, like beyond homophobic. In Pride Month too, how dare it. I’ve been really taking extra
care of my skincare recently. Trying my best to get it
kind of back to normal. I digress, we’re gonna be using very full coverage foundation today, as always. Next I’m gonna grab the
Tatcha Silk Canvas as well, and just put this on my
nose and my porous regions, just to kind of smooth everything out. Next I’m gonna grab a little
bit of the Dragun Beauty, I think it’s the Skin Perfecting Potion, and I’m just going to color
correct my beard region. I have been getting laser hair removal, which has been absolutely
amazing, because I hate shaving. It is my least favorite
thing in the entire world. I think I’m only on like
my fifth or sixth session, and it usually takes like 10 before it actually like stops
growing back for awhile. So we’re still gonna color correct, and get these gray
tones out of this beard, because I do not want it showing through. For foundation as always, I’m just gonna grab my Too Faced Born This Way, and I’m gonna mix together
the shades Nude and Golden. I got spray-tanned last week,
but it’s already kind of like basically gone, so I’m not exactly sure where my skin tone is gonna end up being. Oh, that’s actually like a good match. I’d like to thank not
only God, but also Jesus for this incredible foundation today. While I’m blending this
out, I thought it would be kind of fun to just like
tell you a little bit about what’s been going
on for the past few weeks. I’ve been posting little
stories here and there to kind of keep you guys posted, but it is so weird for me
to not be like literally posting everything I’m doing
at all times of the day. I turned 20. Which is so gross, disgusting. I’ve been really not looking forward to my 20th birthday to be honest. I’m not really sure why, I just really, really liked being 19. It was by far the best year
of my entire life thus far. Obviously knock on wood,
I have many more to come. It was just really dope,
and also, I feel like a lot of my audience is
very, very young as well. So I feel like now that
I’m 20, I’m like old, and nobody can relate to me anymore. Like, is this stupid, I don’t know. Then next year, it’s like 21 when I’m like an official adult, and
then like can drink, which literally does not even
matter, because you guys know that I don’t do any of
those things anyway. I don’t know, I feel like I’m getting old, and I don’t want to get old.
(laughs) Anyway, for my 20th birthday,
my best friends and I all celebrated together, and it was a day that I will literally never
forget, I had so much fun. We took a boat ride
over to Catalina Island, which is basically just like a, it’s like a mini paradise
honestly, off the coast of California, and it
was so, so, so beautiful. We wanted to just spend a day on the boat all together, swimming and relaxing and listening to music
and just having fun. We were supposed to go parasailing too, which I was so excited to do. I’ve literally, that’s
like on my bucket list. I want to go parasailing
so freaking badly. It just sounds like it
would be so much fun, but the weather was really windy, so we weren’t able to
do that, which sucked, but instead we got to
have a really, really nice lunch on the water,
which was so delicious. I think I got fish and chips, and then we got to rent a golf cart, and we got to drive
around the entire island, which was so much fun okay. For those of you guys who
have been following me for a very, very long
time, about two years ago, you guys know my best friend Laura, we went to, I think the US Virgin Islands with Benefit Cosmetics, which
was probably the best trip that I’ve ever been on in my entire life. It brought back memories, because
when we were on the island we got to ride around in golf carts. Laura and I one night accidentally drove the golf cart off of the cliff. So yeah, that happened. I don’t really have anything
else to say, but I don’t want to talk about it, dark
memories, we were fine. So getting the chance to ride together on a golf cart again was exciting, but also literally mortifying
for everybody involved. We split into two different groups, and we got to ride
around the entire island, which was such an incredible experience. (group cheering)
(engines roaring) We got to sight-see and see the village, and also go to the top of the mountain and see literally the
most beautiful views ever. Also too, on the way down the mountain, it was around I think
like two or three o’clock, so all of the kids were
getting out of school, and we passed one group
of kids on the way down, and one girl turned and was like, “Oh my god, that’s James Charles.” And within seconds, we literally
had the entire like school running after our golf cart,
which was probably the most crazy experience ever in the
entire world, it was so fun. So we got back, we
returned the golf carts. I think we went to get Starbucks and a little bit of ice cream, then we went to the beach to
take a little bit of a nap and just kind of rest and
get everything together. In the middle of my nap, Drew woke me up, and as soon as I got up, I
looked at the edge of the beach, and literally like 100
different school kids were all lined up, and started
singing Happy Birthday to me. – [Group] Dear James,
happy birthday to you. – Oh my god, thank you guys.
(cheering) Thank you all. And I literally started
bawling, it was so cute, and it just made my
day so, so, so magical. I literally could not
stop smiling, oh my gosh. Just the act that all them
took the time to find us and sing to me, just made my
birthday so, so, so special and I got to take photos with
every single one of them, and they were all so sweet. – [Group] Hi, sisters! – It was just a really cool
and heartwarming experience to get kind of a little glimpse
into their world, of like the island life, because it’s
so different than my world, even though we’re literally
like right next to each other. So that was so much fun. If you’re watching this, and
you were on Catalina Island, I love you, thank you for being the absolute sweetest and
making my entire birthday. I’m actually loving how my
skin is looking right now, despite the fact that it is beyond dry and literally crusting off. Somehow it looks smooth, I’m happy. I’m gonna move on and set my face in place using a mixture of setting powders. I think a really long
time ago I did a video about mixing all of my
setting powders together, and it literally made
my skin look so good. I was on set for a photo shoot
and music video yesterday for over 12 hours, and by the end of it, my makeup still looked
like I just put it on. I’m not kidding, that has
never happened to me before with no retouches, and I
feel like, I don’t know, but it could be the powder. I’m obsessed with this
mixture, and I’m never gonna let myself go back to just
one setting powder ever again, because I need to lock this in. Aside from my birthday,
one thing that I’ve been working on a lot over the
past month has been music, which I’m so, so excited about. There was one night that my friends and I were having a sleepover,
and I ended up staying up until like five or six in the morning. I don’t know why, we literally
just could not go to sleep, and when I woke up the next
morning, I opened my laptop to start replying to business emails because it was a Monday, and I realized that we had stayed up until
five or six in the morning working on an acapella arrangement
of the national anthem. I still to this day, like
don’t really remember working on it, but I posted it on
my stories and on my Twitter because it was hilarious
and absolutely awful. (off-tune electronic singing) And so many people were like, “Oh my God, “you should actually try to record this “and make it sound really, really good.” So that is exactly what I did. I invited my friends Zoe and
Gabe over, who you guys know from the acapella group
I was in, Flashback, and we literally just spent the entire day singing the national anthem
and celebrating America, which was so much fun,
and by the end of it, oh my god, I was so, so, so pumped. I posted a video of it on my Instagram. ♪ That our flag was still there ♪ (group harmonizing) – And so many of you guys
were being so supportive, which I was just so excited about. Actually, my good friend Austin
McBroom of the ACE Family, invited us to sing the national anthem at the ACE Family basketball
game at the end of the month, which I am so beyond pumped for. Also really nervous because it’s like, literally the hardest song
in the entire world to sing, but I think it’ll go really,
really well, fingers crossed. It was so funny too, because when the poster for
the game first went up, it just said, “National
Anthem: James Charles.” Then everybody started freaking out. I don’t blame you, but I’m
promising you right now I will never try to sing
the national anthem alone. I am well aware of the fact that it would sound absolutely awful. I don’t have the range
for it, I need my fellow two harmonizers to make
the arrangement amazing, but I’m really, really
excited for the event, and hopefully you guys will tune in. Alongside of the national
anthem, I also got to go to a music studio for a very,
very exciting project, which you guys will be
seeing very, very soon. If you remember at the
beginning of the year I went to Nashville, Tennessee
and met the Cimorelli girls for the very first time,
and still to this day, probably one of the best
weeks of my entire life. Love them the absolute most. We did three videos together actually, a harmonizing challenge on their channel, and then a Demi Lovato
medley, and then on my channel we did our cover of Never Enough, which is probably my
favorite video of all time, and also one of my most-viewed
videos of all time, which is so crazy that you
guys loved it that much. It means the absolute world. After being in a group
chat together and talking almost every single day for six months and not seeing each other,
we were getting deprived, so the Cimorelli girls
flew into LA and we got to spend the week together,
which was so, so, so much fun. (exclaims loudly) They were filming a ton
of different videos, working super hard, as always,
but we definitely made time to just chill and hang out together, and of course create some
really amazing music, which I am so pumped for you guys to see. These videos may, maybe even
be better than the first ones. I don’t know, I don’t want
to put it into the universe. I’m gonna let you guys decide
obviously when they come out, but they are so good, and I am so excited for you guys to see them. Just singing with the Cimorelli girls and being around them
is just like literally one of my favorite things
in the entire world. They are all just the most
amazing and kind people, and they are exactly what
I needed during this break just to kind of raise my spirits. And I am so glad and
so excited for you guys to see the videos that we
have coming very, very soon. Now that my contour’s all
done, I’m just going to bake my face using that
same mix of setting powders. Then we’re going to move on
to (pops tongue) the eyebrows. A lot of times I skip my brows
in my videos just because it’s kind of the same process
over and over again, but, but I’m gonna include it today because I have a fun little new
technique that I want to try out. So I’m gonna grab my Anastasia
Brow Wiz, just like always, in Medium Brown, first and
start sketching them in. I’m gonna try my best to talk
during this brow portion. So if these turn out absolutely disgusting like 2016 James Charles’ brows,
it’s not my fault (laughs). So like I was saying in
the beginning of the video, I was really, really
excited to actually have a little bit of time off this
month because I got to use a lot of it to play with makeup. Now obviously makeup is my job, and I literally love doing what I do, I would not change it
for the entire world, but sometimes when I’m filming
or just going to events, it starts to get a little
bit less fun because I don’t get to be as creative
as I normally want to be. So because I had nothing to
do, I got to really sit down and literally do whatever
look I wanted to do, which you guys obviously
saw on my Snapchat. I did a drag look, and we
did like a whole fun little photo shoot in my bed with my
team, which was so much fun. I’m gonna insert a little bit
of vlog footage right here if you guys want to see some
of that, because it was crazy. (camera flash whining)
(shutter clicking) – Merci.
– That’s a man! That is a man, (laughs)
that is a whole entire man. (woman laughing)
Oh lord Jesus in heaven above.
(shutter clicking) Oof.
(laughing) Oh, that one’s kind of,
oh, the nipple’s showing. Aside from doing my own makeup though, one thing that I have been
dying to do for the past honestly several months now,
has been get my makeup done by a few different makeup
artists that I love the work of. I’ve just been wanting to
get my makeup done, and then look at the finished result
and just like analyze it. Look at things that I love, look at things that I don’t love as much on my face. Spoiler alert, all of the
artists absolutely killed it. I worked with my good friend Eros, my friend Arielle Espana, and
then also Glam Tech Steven T, and I looked so freaking beautiful. It was just really, really
fun to work with some new artists, see my face in a way
that I don’t see it every day, and also pick up a lot of
new techniques as well. You guys know that I have
kind of fallen into the trap of using the same products and techniques a lot.
(laughs) But I feel like I learned a lot, and I’m really excited to
implement them into my routine, because I feel like that’s
what being an artist is really all about at the
end of the day, and try them on for you guys, which we’re
gonna do (snaps) right now. Now that my brows are
all filled in, and I like the shape that they are
kind of going in right now, before I go in and cut it with concealer, I’m gonna grab the Anastasia Dipbrow Gel. Now if you guys remember a few videos ago, I talked about the new
Dipbrow Gel kind of in depth. It is a new product to
the Anastasia Brow line. I’m obsessed with it, it’s basically a mix of Dipbrow and eyebrow gel, duh, hence the name Dipbrow Gel. It’s a very, very full-coverage brow gel. When I was getting glammed by
my good friend Arielle Espana, she actually used this
color, which is blonde, okay, obviously I’m not a blonde, but to set the brow hairs in place after, and it really, really lightened them up and kind of gave them
this like gray effect, and I was obsessed with it looked. I thought it looked so
cool, it was a very, very different look for me, and
I want to try it out today. So I’m gonna grab Dipbrow
Gel in the shade Blonde, and I’m gonna go in and just kind of brush this through the
hairs right in the front. Then kind of like fade it in, and this is gonna kind of
give us that like Instagram ombre brow type of look, look at that. Oh, that’s good, that
looks so good, oh my god. I love that, I love this technique. Thank you Arielle for showing this to me. Thank you Anastasia for creating a really, really bomb product. See this is why I love
working with new artists, because you never know what
techniques you’re gonna pick up and how you could change your routine. I definitely want to keep doing this, because this looks really,
really good and fresh. Okay, I’m gonna do the other
brow off-camera quickly, cut them with concealer, and I’ll be right back to start off the eyes. All right you guys, we are back, and both eyebrows are on and slayed. Now it is time to move
on to the eye looks, where we are recreating this
like dripping Pride look inspired by @chloefitzmua. For this tutorial today, I’m
gonna be grabbing the brand-new Morphe 25L palette, I know shocking, not the James Charles
palette, we’re probably still gonna grab one
at some point later on. But this is the brand-new
25L Live in Color palette, and this is part of
Morphe’s Pride collection. It is a beautiful rainbow
palette obviously, and aside from the white and black, none
of the shades in here are dupes of the colors in my palette. They’re completely unique and different. Both beautiful rainbows, and I am so excited to play with it today. They also launched a
Pride brush set as well, which I’m going to dip into. If you guys want to check this
out, here’s the catch though, you can’t use code James. Now shocking, I know
you’ve heard me say this literally a million times,
but I’m really, really excited because with Morphe’s Pride collection, they actually announced
that they would be donating 100% of the net proceeds
to The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project, in case
you have not heard of it or don’t know, is a charity
that deals with anti-bullying and suicide prevention and awareness here in the LGBTQ+ community, and the work that they have
done is absolutely amazing, and obviously you guys know I love Morphe and work
super closely with them. So this partnership, I truly feel like is like a match made in
heaven, and I am just so excited and so proud
of Morphe for doing this. Literally they’re making zero
dollars on this campaign. Everything is going to help the community. Check it out if you guys
want to, it’s really, really amazing, and your money is
going to an amazing cause. To start off my eyes today,
I’m gonna grab the brand-new Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer. This actually launched
at the same time as their summer collection and the
collab with Alyssa Edwards, which I from so excited
to check out as well. Definitely let me know if you guys want to see a video using the Alyssa palette. I freaking love her, but for now I’m just going to take a
flat brush, this is the M166, and I pat a little bit of
this primer onto my eyelid so the shadows have something to stick to. I’m first gonna grab my M431,
this is just the pencil brush that is available in my brush set, and dip into the bright red
shade, which is called Life. And tapping off the excess,
I’m going to pop this right in my inner corner to
start off that rainbow ombre. Next we got the same brush,
I’m just going to wipe off the excess on the edge
of my hand, and then dip into the bright orange
shade, which is called Pride, and I’m gonna put that
right next to the red. I’m just really taking my
time in packing those colors on there, and slowly
kind of blending as I go. Blending together matte bright shades is one of the hardest
techniques to do in makeup, and it really does take a
little bit of patience, so. Got to make sure we get
that nice ombre blend. Next with another pencil
brush, I’m just gonna grab the shade Sunlight,
which is the bright yellow, and pop that next to the orange. Oh wow, that is a bomb yellow. Next with another pencil
brush, I’m gonna grab the shade Nature in the
bottom of the palette, it is the bright lime green,
and put this next to Sunlight. For the blue shade, I’m
just gonna grab an M124 and dip into the shade of
Playground from my palette, just because the 25L doesn’t
have a matte blue in it. I’m just tapping this in to
kind of form that outer V shape. Going back on a little bit of Nature to blend those two together. Gonna grab a little bit
of Truth and Love Wins mixed together to create
a neutral purple shade, and use this to kind of
sketch out the outer point. Now I’m just gonna go back
in with the same colors that we used before just to kind of finesse a little bit of
this blending in here. Okay so now we’re gonna move on to the concealer little drips
and creating that 3D effect. So I’m gonna grab my Tarte Shape Tape, and this is in the shade
Light Medium Honey, which is the same color that
I used to cut my eyebrow, and a tiny liner brush,
gonna dip into that concealer on the back of my hand,
and super, super carefully and slowly I’m gonna start
drawing in my little drips. All the drips should kind of
follow this general shape, which is basically just
like a line down, and then a kind of dot at the end
to simulate the paint drip. You all know what a drip
looks like, just follow me. You want to keep dipping back
into your concealer as well because when you go over
these colors, the concealer is going to mix with the
pigment underneath on the brush, and you don’t want the
paint drips to look like light green, or light blue, or light whatever color you’re over. You want them to look like
that nude concealer color, so don’t be afraid to use a lot. While this concealer is still wet, I’m gonna grab the tiniest
little packing brush I can find. This is the E39, and dip
it into the shade Canvas from my palette, which is the
like light bone-color shade, it’s pretty close in color
to the color of my concealer, and I’m just gonna start
patting this over top to set that concealer in place. Okay, so now we need to add
the shadows and highlights to the eye look, so it actually looks three-dimensional and it
looks like it’s dripping. This is where it gets
fun, or a lot less fun if you have no patience.
(laughs) I’m gonna grab an E35 brush, this is just a super,
super tiny flat brush, and I’m gonna use a mixture of the 25L and my palette just to
grab some darker shades. I’m first gonna grab
Boutique on this brush, which is just a dark maroon red, and a little bit of Benny as well, and very, very carefully
I’m going to use this color right up against those
lines that we created with the concealer to form shadows. Okay I’m not using this
brush, that was a bad idea. I’m actually using the M250-0 inside, which is a liner brush. If you make any mistakes along the way, just grab you a tiny
little dab of concealer and you can easily fix it up. Next I’m gonna grab a
little bit of 10% Off, which is just a deep burnt orange shade, and use this to shade right
underneath the Pride color. Next I’m gonna grab a little bit of Tea, and use this to shade the yellow. Next I’m gonna grab a little bit of Daddy, which is the deep green color, and use this to create
the shadow in Nature. Then a little bit of NYC
and Parade mixed together to shade in that Teal region. Spooky and Cola for the blue section, and then Spooky and Escape
for the purple finally. Once your shadows are all done, it is time to add the last
step, which is highlights. To add in the highlights,
all I’m gonna do is grab a tiny little bit of white
concealer on the back of my hand, and that same exact liner brush. I’m gonna add in tiny little reflections on the bottom right edges
of all of the bubbles, and you just want to keep in mind that all the reflections
should be on the same side. You can also add in tiny little highlights to any of the like, little droops, just so it looks a little bit more real. Yes, guide my way.
(clicks tongue) That was disgusting, that was gross. I regret that, I’m sorry. So that is pretty much the whole drip technique, all complete. Like I said, obsessed with how this looks. I’m now gonna move on
to the lower lash line, but first I want to grab
a tiny little brush, and I’m going to highlight
my brow bone using this bright gold shade in the 25L
palette called Stonewall. Now we’re gonna do the lower lash line. Just gonna grab those same
colors going back in the rainbow, so first gonna do Playground. Connecting that up to the
little wing that we created. Then Nature, then Sunlight, then Pride, then last but not least, just a tiny little bit of Life on the inner corner. With that same brush from before, we’re gonna grab a little
bit more Stonewall and just put that right in the inner
corner over top of Life. That’s like too bright,
okay hold on, let me grab a little bit of Literally
from my palette instead, which is a little bit
more of a muted color, and layer that over top. Never thought I’d be saying a
highlight would be too bright, but I guess there’s a first
(chuckles) for everything. All right you guys, and that
is one eye all complete. Definitely a lot of steps
involved with this look, but not too complicated if you
have a little bit of patience and a very, very steady hand. I’m gonna go ahead and do the
other eye off-camera quickly, and try my best to kind of match her, or at least get relatively close. Obviously the drips don’t have
to be perfectly symmetrical, and I’ll be right back to
finish off the rest of the look. All right you guys, we are
back with the other eye done. I just popped on mascara and false lashes. These are the Lilly Lashes
in the style So Extra Miami. Literally my favorite pair
of all time right now. They out beat Miami by
like, kind of a lot. I like how dramatic they are, and you guys can use
code JAMES for 15% off your purchase if you
want to check them out. I already went ahead
and wiped off my bake, so I’m gonna give my face a quick spritz of the Morphe Prep & Set setting spray. Then I’m going to grab the 25L
palette once again actually, and dipping into that
Stonewall shade once again, I’m gonna use this to highlight
and see how this looks, ooh. Oh my god, that is so pretty. Wow, I really like how that looks. Little bit above the
eyebrow bone, as always. Then I’m gonna use that color
to highlight my nose bridge. Now that that highlight
is all placed on there, I’m just gonna grab that same exact brush and dip into Literally from my palette, and use this to blend together
the blush and highlight. This is literally my favorite trick to do. It looks so oh my god, it looks so pretty. So actually in real life as well, you can really see that pink
shift to the highlight and, oh my god like, yeah. Since the eyes are very,
very intense on this look, I definitely don’t want
to take the attention away from this area, so I’m just
gonna apply a nude lip, and use my favorite combo the ColourPop iluvsarahii lip liner in Curvii. Then just adding a tiny little
bit of gloss in the center. Then last, but finally not least, finishing off this look with a spritz of the brand-new Anastasia
Dewy Set Setting Spray. ♪ Why do I need to be good all the time ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ I’m wrapped around his
finger but he is mine ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Don’t care what they
say too late anyway ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Why do I need to be good all the time ♪ – All right sisters,
and I think that is this dripping, rainbow, Pride Month
makeup tutorial all complete. I am literally obsessed with
how this look turned out. Oh my gosh, I am so glad that you guys asked me to film this. Literally the first time that
I posted it on my Snapchat, I started getting comments right away, and I was so annoyed, because I’m like, “Oh my god, I just
spent six hours on this, “why did I not think to film it?” But I’m so glad that I got to
sit down and play with makeup and do this look again today. Thank you once again to @chloefitzmua for inspiring this look. All you sisters, make
sure to go check her out and show her some love and support. I’m sure she would really,
really appreciate it, and she’s the genius behind this original concept and
this Pride makeup look. I really hope you guys enjoyed
this video today as well. I really don’t film chit-chat get ready with me’s kind of ever either. Honestly I’ve always been a
little bit scared to do them, because I feel like we
do so many crazy things on this channel, that
people don’t even care about these type of videos anymore, but I really hope that you
guys enjoyed this video. I definitely had a lot of
fun sitting down today, talking to you guys one-on-one, giving you a little bit of a life update, but most importantly, taking some time and doing what I love doing the most, and why you guys are all
here on this channel, which is playing with makeup. So, I loved filming this today, and I really hope you guys liked it, too. If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below,
and show your love and support. It would mean so, so, so much to me. Also leave me a comment and let me know what type of videos you guys want to see now that I am back here on
YouTube filming once again. I am so pumped to get back to work. The last month has been a
much-needed mental break, but I’m also going crazy. You guys know I’m a workaholic,
and a sister is ready to get back to work, and I
hope you guys are excited. If you have not already,
make sure to click that big gray Subscribe button down below, and come join at this sisterhood. I would love to have you in the family, and also click that bell icon
so you get a notification every time I upload a brand-new video. If you’d like to follow
me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on
Instagram and Twitter, they’re both just jamescharles. My Snapchat for more
behind-the-scenes type stuff is jamescharless, with
an extra s after Charles. One last quick thing before
we end off today’s video, I’ve been getting a lot of
questions about Sisters Apparel, so I thought I’d give you
guys a super quick update. We did have to switch our
merchandise partners, but we have a new company that I am very,
very excited to be working with, and we should be up
and running very, very soon. Obviously I will keep you guys posted. We did have a summer collection
planned for the middle of May that has a ton of
items that I am so pumped for. The Sister Slides that I
showed you guys months ago, that I’ve been getting
so many questions about, literally like to this day,
Sister Slides is like one of the most searched terms on
the Sisters Apparel website, and they’re not even out yet. We have water bottles as well, perfect for the summertime or working out. Also Sisters swimwear too, swim trunks, and a one-piece bathing suit,
they are so beyond cute. Then for June, Pride Month, we had our Rainbow Artistry Collection
coming back as well with a few new added pieces that I am so pumped to show you guys. With everything that has gone on, we did have to push
both launches backwards, so the first thing that will come out will be the summer collection, and then after will be
the Pride collection, even though it’s not Pride Month. One thing that I do want
to tell you guys is that I was planning on donating a huge chunk of the Pride Month proceeds
to The Trevor Project, just like Morphe did with
their Pride collection. When it does launch, I
will still be donating a huge chunk of the proceeds
to The Trevor Project. Just obviously, a little bit later on. Since however, the donation
wasn’t able to be made right now, I do want to do something
special for Pride Month, so I’ve decided to donate
all proceeds from this video on AdSense directly to The Trevor Project, so we’ll add those together,
and I will keep you guys posted with how much we were able
to raise for the foundation when the Pride Month
collection launches later, so. Lots of fun things. All right you guys, this has been a very, very long video to film,
but I had so much fun, and I really hope you guys did as well. I love you so, so, so much, Happy Pride, and I will see you on the
next one, bye, Sisters! ♪ Why do I need to be good all the time ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ I’m wrapped around his
finger but he is mine ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Don’t care what they
say too late anyway ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Why do I need to be good all the ♪

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