Heritage Minutes: Inukshuk

Heritage Minutes: Inukshuk

I’m in trouble and they’re building an Inukshuk. [speaking Inuktitut] You come across them miles from anywhere. Maybe now I’ll find out what they’re for. [speaking Inuktitut] [in Inuktitut] She said, “Now the people will know we were here.” [echoing] Now the people will know we were here. [throat singing]

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  1. That's not an inukshuk THATS A FUCKING INNUNGIUAQ

  2. fuck man why did these dirty white people have to put the inuit into residential schools and completely destroy their culture.

  3. Wit the frisk I'm at school n

  4. Canada is so vast that there are places, especially in the north, where no human being has ever set foot.

  5. this doesnt work bc ppl will only know someone was there. but not specifically who. eskimos yes but not any details

  6. How is Baffin Island distoryed with a diamond pit that looks like it is going to drain the Ocean to the centre of the earth. God Save The Queen. Privy the comparison. Tragic. At least we have this video.

  7. Who was the Mountie?

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