Heritage Minutes: Emily Murphy

Heritage Minutes: Emily Murphy

But the Supreme Court of Canada agreed, you see. I could not become a Senator because under the British North America Act, as a woman, I was not a person. I, Emily Murphy, author of the Janey Canuck books, pioneer in the war against narcotics, first female magistrate in the Empire, but not a person. So, we took it all the way to London. A group of Canadian women, labouring ten long years, against ridicule, husbands saying, “There there, dear.” Until those noble lords of the Privy Council agreed in 1929. I, Emily Murphy of Alberta, and all Canadian women after me: Persons under the law. So, we could sit in the Senate after all.

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  1. now me first jason

  2. After all these years, not only is this still my Favourite, but I still get choked up w/tears in my eyes & so proud of all The Famous Five. I & all Canadian Women have the rights we do because of these amazingly strong & brave Ladies. Because of them, we can sit in the Senate…& be an MP…&be an Astronaut…& even become butt kicking Combat Soldiers!! It all started w/The Famous Five standing up & winning this right for us though.

    I hope we are worthy of the prize they fought so hard for me, my Niece & the Generations of Canadian Women to come.

  3. This is the reason I vote in EVERY election. To think my own mother wasn't considered a "person" under the law until she had reached the age of five is just mind boggling.

  4. you look so different compared to emily murphy wait are you emily murohy

  5. are you sure this is emily murphy?

  6. its so sad the way women were treated back then!

  7. In those days, women could not even own property. How could they? Strictly speaking under the law, they were property. Once women became persons under the law, all of that changed.

  8. Sad that the efforts of the Famous Five are forgotten because people today judge them from the modern ideal rather than what they did.

  9. See now this is important. Women today are just voting to be more overpowering then men. But we should be happy that we are considered people unlike what they had to deal with.

  10. As long as women in parliament are nationalist

  11. Yesterday's woman . She is anti cannabis and therefore stupid and that is what she will be remembered for.

  12. I thought this was Eddy Murphy. I ended up clicking on to this reefer madness tootsie !

  13. this gives me chills, so proud

  14. I miss heritage minutes.

  15. What she did was amazing, but contradictory. She also thought that women who were considered "mentally retarded" shouldn't be considered a person
    Or women who are Asian or lower class.

    It's ok to love her for what she has done, but you have to accept a historical figure in their entirety.
    Likewise their was a lot of women who fought for women's rights and advocated against eugenics and fought to help the poor. Yet historians strangely tend to forget about them. Emma Goldman is a fine example.

  16. Still astounds me that if it weren't for women like Emily Murphy I wouldn't have the right to vote, hold property, or hold office.

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