Help Improve the World with Bill Clinton

Help Improve the World with Bill Clinton

The real tragedy of abject poverty and terrible healthcare and life being, basically, a roll of the dice, is that it breaks the connection between effort and reward. And life becomes, apparently arbitrary and brutal. You take any nation where the per capita income is less than a dollar a day, you will find that intelligence and ability, aspiration, they’re all evenly distributed across the society. But organization, investment, and opportunity, are not. We have to know where we can make a difference and then concentrate our efforts there. Governments alone can’t do this, from inequality to equal opportunity, from instability to shared responsibility, from unsustainability to integrated communities, where we live in harmony with nature and each other. So we’re there to provide organization, investment, opportunity, to restore, if you will, the connection between people’s efforts and actions and positive consequences. You can’t possibly do that kind of work unless you do it with other people. Unless they guide you. I believe our mission in this new century is clear, for good or ill, we live in an interdependent world. We can’t escape each other, therefore we have to spend our lives trying to build a global community and an American community of shared responsibilities, shared values, shared benefits. What should our shared values be? Everybody counts, everybody deserves a chance, everybody’s got a responsibility to fulfill, we all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more. So I tell you we can continue building our bridge to tomorrow. We have to now find a way to triumph together. Seems to me that’s what this interdependent
world demands of us. A relentless quest for new communities of equal opportunity shared responsibility and genuine belonging. Everyone can give something. There’s so much to be done, whether it’s down
the street, or around the world. And it’s never too late or too early to start. So I encourage you to make your own commitment, to make a positive difference today, and decide what your gift to the world and the future will be.

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  1. I think Clinton is great and the first half of this video is a good example why, but the other half sounded remarkably like he was campaigning for the N.W.O.

  2. 1st of all, I wasn't talking generally about the us people, but about us foreign policy. i definitely don't want to insult anyone personally.
    2nd – usa is undeniably one of the economically strongest countries, so it's quite natural that it gives out the biggest amount of money or aid. though, more relevant it would be, how big part of what they earn it is. I've never seen the numbers, so I can't judge. But as I said, I wasn't talking about this, but the politics, which are two different things.

  3. This speech sounds nice. Lets help others, help the kids, help the poor. But the reason for so many poor countries is because of governments taxing and controlling people from becoming rich. As long as governments don't get involved and people can freely donate money and time to a good cause, its good.

  4. good name. appropriate

  5. He tried to get universal healthcare and was blocked by the other side. At least he tried.

  6. Co2 in the atmosphere has nothing to do with "dry ice". Dry ice i just frozen co2. Its like if you said rain is very very cold, because you can have ice. (or maybe i just misunderstood you (ironically))

  7. How many solar panels do Bill and Hillary have installed at their place?

  8. Maybe not the greatest but definitely the best republican president. Since Lincoln anyway.

  9. Now that's a President! Not like that shmuck currently in the White House.

  10. Well if Bush is a shmuck?What does that make the ppl who voted him into power? Or worse what does make that make the ppl who did not vote at all to prevent this shmuck for being elected?

  11. Amen to that!! Screw the Bush's and the Clintons!! We need a real president!

  12. "How about we worry about the homeless in america before we start helping out other countrys."

    Are you helping out the homeless in America? If not, what's your point?

  13. Go Clinton (and others like him).I agree that the US cannot be an island in the midst of a poverty-stricken world. WE have to reach out. Otherwise, we in the US become "holed up" in our fortress with about as much safety and joy as people located in the "Green Zone" in Bagdhad. Do we want to turn the US into a Green Zone? Or do we want to help transform the world around us into one where prosperity, opportunity, individual drive, and sharing are predominant. We CAN make that choice.

  14. Clinton may have been ten times the president, Bush is. But he would better aim his effort at the poverty at home. A rediculous amount of people in the US live under the poverty line. But it wouldn't make Americans feel good talking about that. So he would not be able to score.

  15. Improve the world with Bill Clinton? What a laugh.

  16. at least he is making a difference in someone's life!!!!!! what about you??????

  17. at least he is making a difference in someone's life!!!!!! what about you??????

  18. people make mistakes. yes clinton screwed up big. but, he's trying to make a positive impact in this world. that's what matters.

  19. clinten is one scary dude. I wouldn't wanna be near him…
    But i like hilirary

  20. fix the poverty in louisana your own country first

    charity starts at home !

  21. what about her idea for using the profits of the gas companies to try to find or make a more effecient fuel? taking that money out of the pockets of the people who earned it? doesn't seem quite right to me… oh wait! that is unconstitutional!!!

  22. damn!!! you did you're research.

  23. Wow, I just checked out their other videos and their website and this foundation is doing amazing work in porviding low-cost AIDS medicine, halting climate change, and ending poverty around the world. I loved him as a President, but may love him even more now as a humanitarian.

  24. Wow, I just checked out their other videos and their website and this foundation is doing amazing work in providing low-cost AIDS medicine, halting climate change, and ending poverty around the world. I loved him as a President, but may love him even more now as a humanitarian.

  25. Too bad the American government keeps propping up these dictators.

  26. I believe his heart is in the right place but I think that 'urban renewal' begins at home. We need a ten year moritoriam on giving American dollars to Anyone in order to rebuild Our Own country. Wealthy people, of course, can do what they want with their own money. Please view searchword wilburjr-thanks.

  27. The video title is self-contradictory.
    >Clinton is a very intelligent good hearted person.
    Probably why he pardoned a lot of criminal campaign contributors by executive order as he left office, reclassified dangerous technology for campaing contributions from the communist Chinese, and had run the economy into recession 6 months prior to leaving office.

  28. Clinton hater! Haven't we had enough of you and your kind…still supporting Bush?

  29. Why Bush will not Listen

  30. I like the part where he's giving a speech in the rain and the audio post production engineer has put an EQ filter and reverb on his voice to make him sound "vintage" and important (think JFK and MLK speeches). Nice spin, Dems.

  31. we may be human but the power….
    The money is the destructor..
    Ja,Ja,JA is The End por the people.

  32. whoever is "approving" these comments is lame…wat ru tryin to do.protect your wittle billy willy from what>> some losers on the internet? lol

  33. This video has lots of fluf but doesn't really say anything new. Let's make the world a better place because, as it is now, it sucks. That's great… woohoo… but it isn't any different than the same crap all politicians spout. But in the end, after they are finished with all their gallant speeches, all they ever accomplish is passing more laws and higher taxes that make the world suck even more.

  34. visit the clinton presidents library in little rock arkansas

  35. That's cool but sometimes you wonder if they're just trying to boost their reputation? Most of these people have got the CHAT but they never DO anything

  36. You're living in a dream world. The Patriot Act has nothing to do with Patriotism and in fact should be called the Un-Patriot Act since almost all of it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  37. the canadian helping clinton is frank giustra, who like me has poverty in the hometown we both spent our teen years growing up, Aldergrove, leading to gang warfare.

    It is all very good to save the world.

    But helping to support the people in poverty in the hometown too costs so little.

  38. If Hillary wins, that is ~30 years

    of a Bush or Clinton at
    President or VP

    in a ROW!

  39. completely true – "terrorism" is being used as an excuse like "communism" was in the 50's thru the 80's. It's the same shit all over again. Wake up and smell the propoganda! The whole goal of creating the fear of terrorism is for us to willingly give up our freedoms…and it's working!

  40. I agree…who's worse? The dumbass we elected or the dumbasses who continue to allow him to be in charge?

  41. We really like what you're doing!

  42. elsa – I am a conservative, and I agree with senorMiguel (to a certain extent). Our country is in serious trouble right now because of Bush's illegal agenda. History will show how Bush is/was one of the worst presidents ever.

  43. Because the President of Iran is Iranian…like many diplomats they arnt subject to our laws.

  44. I forgot, does Bill support abortion and population laws? If not then what are his plans for containing the world's overpopulation issues?

  45. If only we could have another president like Clinton.

  46. So your stance is dont donate money to needy people cause you believe every1 is gonna steal ur money.

  47. elsa – it's comical that's all you have to hold on to…a BJ. And as for 911, Clinton had absolutely nothing to do with it. You have absolutely no proof that he did.

  48. Important message and effective video, kudos to Paul Lynch for the great editing and writing job.

  49. Clinton was Awsome.

  50. Why are they worrying about other countries? people in our country are poor because they choose to be poor. A person for India, Africa, China would sell their soul to the devil to come to America, plus people our country are not dieing on the side of the road like animals because of hunger.

  51. clinton 1000000000 bush – 99999999

  52. clinton is the only president that worries about the world poverty… bush worries about oil… damn president clinton why could'nt you run for a third time????

  53. Why not look at who he is endorsing?

  54. I agree that he was the best president ever and a true humanitarian.

  55. best president there was and there will be

  56. Man, I miss him as president…

  57. I noticed all of my comments are not posted, guess there is no free speech when it comes to Clinton. Typical socialists.

  58. Gore is not telling you what to do. He is only telling you the facts on the global warming that almost all scientists agreed upon. If you disagree with his facts refute them. But how he lives his life should not discourage you to fight global warming. Should I ignore my doctor's warning against smoking because he himself smokes?

  59. Even if I live in Norway, I whis I culd vote for him.
    I don't really agree whit bush.

  60. the man is gettin' old…but i like him

  61. Not quite true ^^ The standard of living in Europe is in general higher than the United States in many countries.

  62. What your saying all makes perfect sense and is very good. However the last 3000 years has been filled with poverty, war, this and that. One man cant fix it all. Besides, us Americans are to selfish and stupid to fix anything. Its good you fix some of the world. Its better then nothing. But in the grand scale of the globe we are all fucked, and we will all forever be fucked because there will always be that bad apple in the group. That apple tends to rot the other apples.

  63. We have poverty in Oklahoma – homeless, poor, hungry children – I don't want to see poverty anywhere but shouldn't we start here – in the USA. If we paid more for coffee, bananas and other tropicals – instead of having so many addicts paying more for drug plants – maybe the farmers could make more in those countries legally and feed their own children.

  64. How did we go from a leader like Bill Clinton to what we have now….???

  65. Bill Cllinton seems pretty good now, doesn't he?

  66. He seems pretty good now, doesn't he?

  67. all of you justifying not helping by saying "well we don't help our own people" or "well the problem will never go away" etc are idiots. seriously. idiots. as in low IQs, poor reasoning skills, irrational thought processes. if anyone can post a comment with a REASONABLE argument against 3rd world aid (and there are many), i'll choke.

  68. why he still tryin to do something if i was him i wud just sit back and enjoy life

  69. The money spent on weapons in America alone could pay for EVERY social program in the United Nations for 300 years. That's a fact. North Americans are struggling with their own shit. I'd rather see people ask their government to cut so called 'defence' spending, and put it to use in this world that will help us all live in harmony. Only when the suffering is removed from the world will we stand a chance not needing weapons. Cause and effect.

  70. i love president cliton he was way better than that thing we have now i think we should listen what he has to say he and al gore have the world in sight not corp greed

  71. ummmmmm bill clinton….help the world? CFR help the world u mean. Council on foreign relations look it up

  72. subscribe to me and i will subscribe back
    just send me a message telling me u subscribed

  73. You believe too much of what you hear and read in the biased media. Take a stand. Do you own research. You'll have a somewhat different opinion. What was it the Bill was good at….give me some specifics.

  74. I love Bill! He also had an international program to eliminate nuclear weapons, which Bush reversed. I've felt so strongly that the world needs to come together and strengthen every country's economies, then we all would have what we need to live happy productive lives, which would then expand all economies enormously and cut crime, etc. The list goes on. End the greed that is holding this world back from making real progress.

  75. As usual you liberals are full of ignorance. Have you heard of a document called the Constitution of the United States. Read it before making dumb comments!

  76. Wow, at least I found one person who sees things for what they really are… my hope was dwindling as i read these comments. Wake up, America.

  77. heres the problem – ignorant people who go out and add another mouth to feed without thinking about the human need thats on the way and then cry about it later. If any unwanted children are given a good loving home – what does it matter. Thats one less angry lacking soul in the world who will want to lash out and create acts of violence in the name of any fanatical cause. Get a grip!!

  78. Where's the State? It's implied when Bill Clinton talks about "shared responsibility" and "we". Get with the program, nevrdull101.

  79. drug reps bribing the clinics with free lunches to get them to buy their drugs from them. ultimately we pay for it. with higher insurance premiums. and since we let it continue without recognizing the cause. no we're trying to screw the gov't by getting them to pay for it. wait… gov't money is my money…

  80. CLINTON is the man! heh

  81. 4thecure: 'Childhood cancer kills more children than all other childhood diseases combined."

    Perhaps in the US, though it surprises me. However, easily preventable and treatable diarrheal diseases are the #1 kid killers worldwide.

  82. I love Bill Clinton!

  83. Good effort, but it's not going to work because his foundational principle is wrong. "The tragedy of poverty is that it breaks the link between effort and reward." Wrong. Poverty is CAUSED by "the link between effort and reward." That concept legitimizes economic equality. Get rid of that "meritocratic" idea and we have no excuse not to END poverty now. Can't do it any other way.

  84. I grew up idolizing Bill Clinton. He is truly the most humbling, down-to-earth, captivating speaker in the world. His enemies hate him because he is the only undefeatable figure on the planet with unquestioned authority granted to him by the people, not Congress or some panel of judges… they are frightened to death of him. GO BILL GO!!! Go CGI!!! Hillary '08!!!

  85. clinton's favorite pastime: getting photographed with poor black kids…

  86. Bill Clinton is not even president anymore but hes doing More than the Current President.. Bill Clinton is an amazing man.. I wish to see him as secy general of the UN one day

  87. He already had the plan in place for Africa before Katrina happened… Also check your facts… he was an instrumental part in raising funds for the restoration of louisanna after Katrina. This man rocks!!!

  88. It is a good initiative.
    Some people are good, when they are in positions of power.
    Some people become better, when they get out of it.

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