#GRWM + LIFE CHIT CHAT (all gender friendly) | imgihou

#GRWM + LIFE CHIT CHAT (all gender friendly) | imgihou

and you catch Thundercats welcome back to my channel I missed y’all so much let me get home alright so today I decided that you know I don’t know I look like I’m homeless I know please don’t judge so I’m going to be doing my makeup and talk about stuff about about life about the world about whatever the fuck comes to my mind just a quick disclaimer I am NOT like a professional I’ve been playing with makeup for like two or three years I’m just a huge makeup fun and I also happen to be a broke makeup fan and don’t have like a shitload of products I only do this to have fun without further ado let’s get going let’s put these bitches away so I usually start by doing my brows and you can see they’re already like I usually do them with the NYX micro brow pencil you shade open this summer is literally a nightmare final annex and so we have to take more summer classes and you’ve gotta like study your ass off and I have to like take like a two-hour lesson per day maybe three and then go home and like study for I don’t even know or hours minimum I mean sometimes it’s pretty disturbing to see all these people hang out and then surround and go to parties and all that kind of stuff then there’s summer life and you are literally stuck in your pajamas at home because you gotta study like Latin and ancient Greek in history well you know one day if I keep doing this now my dreams will hopefully come true I mean one day I gotta make a video about the Greek educational system because bitch what I’m gonna do is take the Maybelline Color drama palate because my head they’re still like a little bit of brown a little bit of like you know doc violet or something and I’m gonna like add a little bit of darkness just like my heart [Music] right so as you can already see I started carving out eyebrows with a little bit of concealer this is the makeup revolution concealer defined when she left in shade see why because I’m a pale bitch I’m so watch this day’s like I want to sit down and watch a bunch of movies my IMDB list bitch don’t even get me started fucking loaded if you want me to make like ammo recommendations video I would be so fucking glad to do one and what are we going to do next it is a very special trick I don’t know if you would be able to afford such a luxury it’s super expensive every time I run out of it I literally sell a bunch of relatives and to use it instead of a brow gel Jeffery saw barely shaking at this point is literally an annoying very so but this bitch keeps them all fucking day it’s time to play with our eyes my skin is already clear and Prime’s Pavich September is like a month away what the fuck many people say that but all these people are literally every day on the beach on the bitch bitch today we are going to be playing around with a Kat Von D shade + light eye palette I mean I like this formula vert has a lot of Fallout to be honest so this year is my last year of high school and graduating and on the one hand I don’t want to leave but on the other I’m a bitch get lost on this fucking phone bitch I swear to god we’re going to go with the fortune favors the brave palette from makeup revolution I began to dip into this circle that I love halite defy that hair I will literally do my brows with this color and the thing is that my hair were literally bought violet and red and only the red was touring actually he had such a horrible contrast but now we could all support that was this one time last year that we had Coldplay going on and I actually asked being charged of you know makeup and all that kind of stuff it was fun I had another fight I’m not going to die but I know I did like the makeup of 50 bases in total when they finished I did not want to touch a brush and hurt again I wouldn’t cut my crease today I’m the type of person that will literally spent two hours on makeup and you know like five minutes putting on clothes and doing her hair you know when I straighten my hair it was a truly lost like a day and I have to do that again and again and again and again I was so fucking tired of this bullshit so we got a decent cut crease I think do a little shimmer I guess I’m actually starting a new thing that I’m very excited about the funny thing is that every time that I created a new thing I like this is gonna be a game changer and every time it ends up being so fuckin shitty and I’m like oh yeah bitch that was a game changer doing it aesthetic is fuckin difficult that’s the reason why I don’t post like on a daily basis because you know don’t just take a thick and change the colors and old bitch that’s an aesthetic I don’t know if you can see it really it’s stunning out we’re sitting it the reason God oh we’re going to dork in the moment you know for a fact that many people cannot actually do this with one hand back to when I was like you know going to places with like dance teams and stuff I used to get ready in cars buses and people would be like literally freaking out this site turned out pretty good we do not talk about this anymore alright I am a kata Beach I love heavy foundations and like covering my mistakes and responsibilities if I was a boy I will literally be a drag queen and bitch get ready because I’m literally using Jericho the world’s most full coverage foundation it is for professional use or TV and movies I use the shade 207 still Bayliss but now we’re concealing policy what are you doing my makeup I feel like miss fame but in fact I look like Tommy brown yeah and that wasn’t RuPaul’s Drag Race reference honestly some people actually mock me at school because I tend to use a lot of English words I’m not doing it you have to impress someone of my dad’s here it becomes a habit I read English books i watch in this movies I listen to English music actually I have a nickname in class because there’s this one time during English class there was the word scattered and I pronounced it like Scotty now we’re going to set up the face took some time come around order to contour my face because you know when you’re pale you’re going to look like a dirt fucking person jury star is coming with like primers and concealers and new palettes and new lipsticks and all this kind of stuff and I literally want to jump off a cliff because I am broke I’m huge Geoffrey start fun I’ve been watching his videos for like almost three years I’m actually he’s saving up to get some of his stuff like the thirsty palate unicorn blood I am a sucker for unicorn blood and now that we’re talking about Geoffrey it’s time to highlight this bitch I’m actually going to use this country’s palette I’m not even going to show it because it’s so fucking used that is like dead it is the cherry blossom eyeshadow palette like yo got like a little dark past but that does not mean that she’s not a human I think he’s actually very funny and he keeps it real and gives the real advice we are going to go with Maybelline’s the sea light ever light I ain’t cheap puppet look at this highlight many people I like all these videos definitely photoshopping her highlights but bitch is war and not full coverage foundation and highlighter I must be pheromone para please adopt me alright so we prior to mind our lips and we’re going to go with my favorite MAC lipstick Cosmo appla fight also here’s a quick update I have been on the fitness journey every other day I will actually go hiking and I did steps on you know like a little bench or something and my destroyed started acting up again right so now we’re going for lashes and we done we’re taking the stairs the creepiest mechanism of all time American Horror Story lush color can you imagine it and we’re using the Hudson volcano explosive Volume Mascara I got it from Germany and just literally so amazing it is waterproof as well my hashes are long but then literally and I fucking hate that the straighter than me so and less anoles way popping some lashes because there is no way that I wouldn’t do such a thing that we tell me where them and I’m like outside I literally start like picking them because I’m too insecure or fear that they gonna fall off or something I take clear it gum just under the line and then blue I just won’t winter to arrive I mean on the one hand I am afraid of all the homework and the pressure I’m gonna have to deal with but on the other hand I just want car dealers and like it the thing is that every fucking thing is so edited from the internet and you know even if you do like a mistake you can literally you know like just cover it up a little bit of Photoshop and you’re done so we’re done we’re actually done I’m like I’m looking at this I don’t know if you can see this I’m shocked I’m shocked I am shocked and yeah you know this is a look for the grocery so for class or when you pay this box so I do it cause you for like a threesome or something mm-hmm I mean which we still do not talk about this I I expected it to be like oh yeah this bitch will do her makeup on Kara and that’s it but it was actually pretty fun anyway so thank you so much for watching hope you like this video if you did please don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe new videos every Sunday and also please don’t forget to check out my it’s around Facebook Tumblr and damn bitch I’m still shocked Thunder gasps [Music] history old aged oh that’s a good day for my hair

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