Grimm – Eve’s Got a Bad Feeling About This (Episode Highlight)

Grimm – Eve’s Got a Bad Feeling About This (Episode Highlight)

♪ – Nick? – [exhales] How do you feel? – Okay, I think. How long have you been here? – Since this morning. Do you remember
what happened? – I was in the Spice Shop,
I remember that. – Rosalee and Monroe
found you unconscious this morning. You were on the floor
in the back room. [ominous music] – Yeah. There was a mirror. I looked into it. – What did you see? – Me, at first. And then the face. – The same one that
you and I saw? – Yeah, so I broke the mirror. Then I went to clean it all up, and all the pieces started
coming back together. And then…
it grabbed me. – It came through the mirror? – I think I woged. I did, and then
I bit its arm. I don’t really remember
any more. Nick, I don’t want to stay here. I have this feeling that… something is starting. – I do, too. – But whatever it is… I don’t think we have
a lot of time left… before it gets here.

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  1. I saw it it was good I liked it and I'm saddened because this may be the last Graham

  2. Darn it they should've done the highlight of Rosalee and Monroe that was something then I started laughing lol

  3. "The Cuegle", "The Seven Year Itch", "Breakfast in Bed", "Blind Love", "The Son Also Rises" were the first rubbish chapters I've seen from this series, writers lost neurons !! … where is Adalind ?? …. I hope they do not transmit more chapters trash !!!

  4. And what happened with black claw ??? The henchmen of Bonaparte ?? if this is the last season they must have added a new witch and form a triangle with Nick and Adalind. Create more jealousies and fights of lovers and more scenes of action and suspense !!!. NBC destroyed my favorite series !! .

  5. I wait the whole week for no Nadalind, Adalind in general or Nick & Kelly. Nope. Just this confused person in bed, Nick sitting there & Hank & Wu being cops. Waste of a episode.

  6. because nick and adalind forever no eve and Nick remember all the bad that happen because of her nick and adalind all the way you can do it all nite long

  7. yes but when she became evil for short time she try to kill Morne, she burn down the the trailer, and she join the royal and kill nick mom and kidnap diana, and tried to kill nick it still see that she is a bad one not adalind .adalind trying to to get a carrier and be a mom ,and to help the gang and nick ,and ND be there for kids

  8. another wasted ep. I hope not I don't necessary like BT acting skills. I'm trying of hearing about that d#[email protected]

  9. supposedly this mirror is speculated to be a huge part as the story or episodes moving forward. So lets brace ourselves for more of the same?????##!!

  10. Great show great casts. Entirely magical moments while watching it.

  11. Thank you for making this I really love ❤️Grimm and I didn't see the rest of it I love ❤️ your vids💖💜💜

  12. Can't believe this show ended 2 years ago. It feels like yesterday

  13. Can't find the show on the app

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