‘Green Concrete Using Waste Tyre Rubber Particles’ 3MT Samaneh Pourmohammadimojaveri

‘Green Concrete Using Waste Tyre Rubber Particles’ 3MT Samaneh Pourmohammadimojaveri

Imagine you have a brand new car. You have driven it for three years.
Now it’s time to change the tyres. You go to mechanic, change the old tyres with
new ones, leave the old ones there and drive away happy. Have you ever thought what’s going to
happen to the old tyres. They will be a stockpiled in our outdoor environment in
huge amount. They make fire, disease and poisoning environment. Just in
Australia more than 48 million tyres reach the end of their lives every year. Recently a small amount of them have
been used in industry. They have been chopped into small sizes and they have
been used in some applications, like road pavement, road barriers and playground
surface for kids, but this is not enough. We need better ideas to get rid of all
these waste tyres in our outdoor environment. My name is Sammi and in my project I’m trying to introduce a new product
called green concrete. This concrete contains waste tyre rubber particles
instead of sand. But there’s a problem here. Concrete particles do not bond with the
rubber particles as well as they do with sand. Let me tell you how it affects the
properties of concrete. One of the most important properties of concrete is its
high strength under compression. By replacing sand with rubber particles it
decreases the strength of concrete under compression. Let me tell you why. Rubber particles is
like a person without hands. It’s physically impossible for this
person to go to a group of people and make good physical bonding and
attachment with them. To get over this problem we use some chemical solutions like
potassium permanganate to treat rubber particles. It’s like growing hands for them. Now
they can have better bonding with concrete particle. That’s how you solve the bonding problem.
Using waste tyre rubber particles in concrete, not just reducing the
environmental impact, it also has other benefits too. It’s
like vaccinating your buildings against fire, earthquake and explosion. Now, you vaccinate yourself. Will you
vaccinate your buildings too? Thank you.

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  1. How much quantity of Potassium Permaganate should be used?? I mean proportionate quantity

  2. How can I get your project report or journal

  3. How its possible for replacing rubbber for concrete rubberized concrete is still research is going all over world there is some practiacal failure in between testing specimen in load framing method is not proper placing of specimen while students had been mark some mistakes all over world but I got flexural cracks & properties in my college project done sucessfully.

    The KMn04 inorganic as a medication it is used for cleaning wounds and dermatitis. It is a strong oxidizing agent.
    Green concrete is good for pratically not has been done in construction side.Green Concrete Using Waste Tyre Rubber Particles' 3MT Samaneh !!!!!!

  4. please help me .
    my final year project of using waste tyre as a aggregate in concrete with fixed 10% to 30%.
    please guide this

  5. Plz prvide details of the same

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